Soul Command: War of the Floating Islands.

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  1. First of all, before I place my scenario, I must let you know that this RP is for accepted members only. Those accepted few have already applied for a character slot, and posted their character into the SC: WOTFI's OOC thread.

    But for those whom are interested to partake in this adventure, here is the link to the SC's Interest Check( which includes the scenario, the character slots, and what to do to become an accepted member of the Soul Command enterprise.

    After I review and accept your character(s), they will be placed in the OOC board- which is in this link:

    I hope more are interested to be added up in the adventure. Since this is my first RP in this site, it would be awesome if this is a success!

    Now... let's get this party started!

    Aeriepostolica - a massive floating island that was uninhabited of living beings. But it all changed when human skypilots Raizen and Nero discovered this phenomenon and built their own settlement by hand. With the families and peers of the two founders of Aeriepostolica - the creation of their city became great and harmonious; until one fateful day...

    Harsh debates yo-yo'ed back and forth towards how they should run this phenomena -- which is Aeriepostolica. One side supported the dictatorship of Nero Amadeus, while the other side supported the imperialism of Raizen Ruhesburg. The debates sprang for days on end, and worsened when all of Aeriepostolica discovered a strange demonic manifestation that lived inside them; which were called Shiro'ken. After all have discovered these Shiro'ken, the debate of words became debates of war.

    But before the bloodshed even started, Raizen withdrew his sword and struck it inside the ground. The ground collapsed and separated the massive floating island into two. Raizen claimed his island and called it Apostolica; and Nero claimed his island and named it Aerie. These two islands have waged war on each other, even unto this day.

    Ten years later...

    Apostolica: Floating Island I.

    Everything quite changed during the course of Apostolica's history: Raizen, who was the first emperor of his own island, went mad and fled from sight - and the oldest son of Raizen's - who is sixteen years old is taking over their family business (if you would call it that). 1To protect the citizens from future onslaught of the pawns of Aerie, the young emperor summoned thirteen of the strongest warriors who equip impressive knowledge of their Shiro'ken -- they were called the Phantom XIII. With the Phantom XIII, the emperor also created another group of warriors called the Lion Korps - commanded by their leader: the Lionheart. They both are trained to fight against the hordes of evil, for the sake of Apostolica.

    Aerie: Floating Island II.

    Ruled by the iron fist of Nero Amadeus, Aerie is like the Babylon of floating islands -all things that the citizens of Aerie does is pure sin. Nero dwells in hatred and world domination, and seeks for more destructive power to crush the Apostolican bugs under his boot. With his citizens, he accepts any man or woman who will love to kill things to serve in his army - and sheds no tears on casualties. He appointed four of his powerful mages - the Elders of Destruction - to carry on with Nero's plans and destroy anyone who gets in their way. No one knows what Nero's true purpose is, but his citizens are devoted to carry on his tasks like he is something divine: a god.

    Will this war ever cease? Which side would one partake? And what will the story of each person play great significance towards making the history of both Apostolica and Aerie? It depends on the blade and the soul.


    Before I end this, let me explain to you what Shiro'ken and Oniki energy is...

    Shiro'ken are demons whom were awakened from their small, claustrophobic prison - and inhabit the soul of their chosen human masters. They are allies in combat, and aid them with their magical and physical super-abilities. Some Shiro'ken work and fight for the betterment of good; but some have a different agenda they attend to. Some work for evil, or even work to their own purposes; such as controlling their human master, seeking world domimation, etc.

    Oniki Energy is the energy of both human and Shiro'ken, which is formed into power. The Oniki only omits from ancient letterings called the Oniki language -which is an ancient language of all Shiro'ken. The ancient lettering can be etched from weapons or be 'tattooed' somewhere on the human body. With these markings, they can omit the Oniki Energy as an attack force - though it drains a person's Soul Energy.

    While I am at it, lemme explain Soul Energy as well. Afterwards, I promise to shut up and not be a strain in your eyes.

    Soul Energy is the energy of which both Shiro'ken and human have to develop powers and abilities. Both Shiro'ken and human have interconnected souls, which activates more abilities and more powers than a mere mortal. If an Oniki Energy-related power, or a powerful attack from human and Shiro'ken is released, the human's Soul Energy can slowly fade - and can lead to fatique, weakness, and possibly the inability of summoning his/her Shiro'ken for more than a fraction of a time. Soul Energy is what needs to be watched during battle, for it can be your nightmare if you pull it off absentmindedly.


    So, there you have it! The scenario of Soul Command: War of The Floating Islands, and some skippets of definition words of some key terms within the RP. If you're interested, then please PM me when necessary. I will have the multiple character slots for those whom are interested to fill. If you have ANY questions or advice to help make this RP a lot epic-er, I'll appreciate the PMs.

    Thank you for reading! :awesome:


    Here are the vacant slots for some whom are still interest to partake in the thread. Some have been filled by those who've applied, but there are still many more slots that are needed to be filled.

    Phantom XIII:
    Member 1:
    Josephine Cross (Sylvette Banebridge).
    Member 2:
    Member 3:
    Member 4:
    Member 5:
    Member 6: Lady Marie (Mistress)
    Member 7:
    Member 8:
    Member 9:
    Member 10:
    Member 11:
    Member 12:
    Member 13:
    Malachi "Requiem" Ruari (Requiem).

    Lion Korps - mercenary warriors, not skilled as the Phantom XIII, who fights alongside them under their leader: the Lionheart.

    Lionheart (Lion Korp Leader):

    Members of the Lion Korps:

    Elders of Destruction - mages who serve under the right hand of Nero, leader of Aerie.

    "Chaos" - "Chaos" Bastiƶn Leoncrux (Sylvette Banebridge).
    "Insanity" - "Insanity" Artei (Thomas McTavish).
    "Despair" - "Despair" Panthis Ardemain (NecroPhysics).
    "Masochist" -

    These slots have a first come, first serve basis - so hurry and get your slot before someone else does!
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  2. Paperwork after paperwork, training after training, battle after battle- Josephine wishes that she could lie into eternal relaxation- but that will never happen since she is the first member of Apostolica's Phantom Thirteen. The only relaxation she has now was to go into her quarters, sit in an slightly uncomfortable chair, and review the Phantom Thirteen handbook- as instructed by Emperor Raizen Ruhesburg. Book after book, she fixes the misprints of an dyslexic writer- which is a downright irriating chore.

    Slowly, something materializes beside the sitting Josephine: her Shiro'ken, Kill Audio. His small, stocky posture takes a glimpse of her messy quarters, peers at the stacks of paper on poor Josephine's desk, and looks at the weary-eyed human.

    "Damn, Josie." Kill Audio said with a slight concern on his stony face, "If the emperor dude orders you to do more ridiculous time-consuming things, you'll eventually turn into some kind of a zombie."

    Josie was Josephine's short little nickname invented by Kill Audio, which has taken time for her to succumb to acceptance. Josephine has tried to develop a nickname for Kill Audio for some time now, and some of the nicknames, like Midget Murder or Killian, she proposed to Kill Audio were one of the worst nicknames he has ever heard of. But now, Josephine had a metaphoric bright lightbulb hovering over her head; well, it wasn't bright, it was slightly dim because of her weariness.

    "Klaudio," Josephine replied calmly, turning her desk chair towards him, "this is my job, I'm afraid. And if my weariness turns into something of the unliving dead, then I guess so be it." With a slight smile upon Klaudio, she turned her desk back and proceeded with the latter. Klaudio twitched his lips slightly afterwards, revealing a slight smile in response.

    Damn you smiling, Kill Audio thought with a brisk chuckle, Why must you be contagious?

    Minutes later, after twenty books revised, there was a knock on the door. Josephine groaned at the interruption, because, obviously, there are more things to supposively attend to. She peered at Klaudio, whom instructed the knocker to come in- and the door opened. It was one of Raizen's messengers, whom patrol and remind the Phantom XIII on any upcoming events.

    "Member Josephine," said the messenger boy, "in thirty minutes, you are to be training in the training battlefield. I advise-"

    The boy halted as soon as he saw Klaudio from below. He had never seen the Shiro'ken before, but the funny thing is... is that it's a midget! The boy was consumed with the urge to laugh, but Klaudio clenched his axe out of his head and waved it around. The boy shuddered with fear, but his face was turning red as he still supresses his laughter.

    "Nah-uh, I wouldn't do that if I was you, boy." The Shiro'ken said, his axe still waving in his right hand, "If you want to pick on somebody your own size," He positioned the blade to the boy's kness, "then I can cut your legs, and we'll be in the exact height range."

    The boy began to shiver, and Klaudio was loving it.

    "I-I advise y-you t-to rest un-until the time of y-your tr-training!" The boy stuttered, and ran from the quarters with the door slammed shut.

    "That boy," Klaudio mumbled under his breath, "I swore he was about to wet himself." He walked to Josephine, who slammed her head into the desk table and passed-out in sleep. He chuckled, he and Josephine have something quite in common, they just want freedom. So in generous thought, he hoisted himself up on Josephine's desk and laid her hands on her head. With his eyes closed, a red aura appeared around his hands and coursed to Josephine's body. Slowly, as it normally takes for this process to complete, he made her well-rested, healed from the weariness of her hard work. After the process was done, he smiled at the sleeping human and disappeared- sleeping inside his haven: her soul.


    The mission was simple: slaughter all Apostolican fiends and reclaim Aeriepostolica for his lord, but it came into a slow-footed stride. Chaos was annoyed upon the inactivity of violence in the land of Apostolica; he could change that, but would Nero allow that? Nero was a patient, wise man whom seem to know a thing or two on the words "good things will happen for those who wait." Because, during Nero's wait, he appointed four elders as his right-handed men- four elders who are powerful enough to possibly overthrow Apostolica- and Chaos was one of them.

    With a book in one hand, he strode inside a deserted mausoleum in which he discovered the first Oniki writings ever existed. Today, with his exceeding knowledge of Oniki translation, he was willing to decode the first Oniki code he saw while embarking through Aeriepostolica. With his finger, he slide to the concrete rock and translated each character one by one. Then, he later wrote it down on his log.

    As the ... commandeth, ... Shiro'ken ... ... are one.

    He opened his cloak and slide his book in his inside pocket. He turned around and exited the mausoleum, and with his Shiro'ken, wings of fire were summoned from his back. He jumped and flew to the downtown streets of Aerie, landing on a roof; observing. Aerie was like the sinful town of Babylon, consumed with sex, violence, jealousy, and darkness. Aerie was darkness, and Chaos was glad in it.

    "My city is beautiful," said a man with a husky tone, "a city stained with sin- what is even more beautiful than that?"

    Chaos turned around, and he saw his lord: Nero Amadeus. Quickly, he bend his knee and bowed down to him in loyalty. Nero smiled upon Chaos's devotation unto his leader.

    "Chaos," Nero said, "I know that we have not succeeded much in the past number of days reclaiming Apostolica- but today's a new day! So, I proposed upon you and the other Elders on a proposition: the proposition to start a bloodshed war against those Apostolican scum. With you, Despair, Insanity, and Masochist together- the pure definition of hell will break loose. And, I have your blessings." Nero placed his left arm on Chaos's right shoulder, his head looking up to the skies of infinite.

    "We will reclaim what is ours, my friend. And even if it means the sacrifice of our brothers," Nero proclaimed- slowly banishing into mid-air, "then shall be it!"

    When Nero disappeared, Chaos hoisted himself back up. He looked at Aerie once more, and sunk into thinking. After the four Elders of Destruction reclaim Aereiepostolica, how great will it be when destruction and ruin conjoined once more. He pictured a beautiful world, a beautiful world filled with darkness and sin... and chaos.

    He pulled the hood's strings for tightening, and jumped out of the five-story building. He landed gracefully to the broken beer bottles and the remnants of blood, and proceeded to take a patrol walk amongst the city. Chaos assumes, also, that his brethren of destruction, would be following their purposes of their own titles. For Chaos, he thrives in destruction- and every good deed someone does consenquences in an harsh, usual punishment: death.
  3. "We need to meet up with Chaos. I'm not quite sure where he is, though. It is most likely our friend is out exploring the beautiful cacophony of Aeire. Want punch things. Yes, yes, we know you wish to acquaint your fist with the face of another person. Now shut up, you blabbering imbecile."

    Insanity sprinted about the city, taking in the sights and making note of the people he could slaughter in his free time, which he would likely forget anyway. He enjoyed the chaos of the city almost as much as Chaos himself, except that instead of reveling in it, he was fond of causing it, spreading madness through the streets, across the roofs, wherever he set foot for more than an instant. Aeire would consume Apostolica, take it back.

    Not that he cared about that. It was the new opportunity to twist minds he was most interested in. It made him shiver with glee every time he watched someone snap, saw as their soul broke into several, like a beautiful vase that broke into several sharp, deadly pieces of glass. It was funny.

    "Why need Chaos? Why not just slaughter? Because we need to see when we strike next, and of the four of the Elders, he is the most likely to know. Oh. Meet Chaos, see when get to slaughter Apostolicans? Yes you idiot, now, for the sake of the Gods stop talking!"

    He almost ran into Chaos as he sped through the streets, just barely stopping in time. "What says Nero? When do we make our next- HUNGRY! FOR THE GOD'S SAKES, LUUN, SHUT HIM UP!"

    The eyes of the blue-cloaked Elder glowed brightly a moment, and faded back to normal as the Shiro'ken locked the strong idiot Fraction deeper in their mind, where he could not speak.

    "Thank you ever so kindly. We were saying? *sigh* Chaos, when do we strike next at Apostolica? We're getting bored." he asked, spinning his daggers in his hands.
  4. Silence.

    The room stayed silent as Despair sat, reading a book, his eyes scanning the pages and hovering briefly over each word. He was, of course, reading up on magic. Not that he needed to, but one could never surround themselves with too much knowledge. Who knew what tactics the Apostolicans could resort to, after all? As Despair turned the page he became aware of the sound of footsteps, gradually increasing in volume. His eyes returned back to the book, taking in as much as possible.

    His thoughts turned, instead, to the Apostolicans. They were sorry people, just trying to fight to keep their country. There was no emotion behind the thought, just simple fact. How many lives had they lost? Despair pondered, wondering who would win the war. If the weak could not fight, they had no place to live. But on which side resided the weak? He was not the type to boldly state that Aerie would win. To do so would be foolish. Despair saw the war as a game. They could win, or they could lose. Then again, Aerie had the Elders which put the opposition at a major disadvantage.

    The thought amused him. "Good" and "Evil". Which side would fate choose?

    It would be interesting.

    The sound of footsteps stopped and instead, a voice filled the void.

    "Despair," the voice said. It was Nero Amadeus. Despair was sitting and unable to bow, but he lowered his head in a sort of nod, his eyes still fixated on the book. Nero continued. "It is starting." "We shall crush our enemies, and take back the land which belongs to us. The gears of fate are turning in our favour!" Despair closed the book, and turned to face the man. "I presume I'm needed?" He nonchalantly said. "Of course." Nero replied. "Chaos and Insanity are already on their way." Despair stood. "Ah, good. I was getting bored." Nero chuckled at the man's response and turned to leave. "Do what you do best," He said, walking towards the doorway. "Always." Replied Despair, leaving as well, a faint trace of a smile appearing on his lips.

    He walked down the hallway, thinking once again. What he did best? Drive despair into the weak, of course. It was no meagre task. To drive despair, true despair, into the enemy. To win was good. To crush the enemy and force them to beat themselves, left with no hope - that was to truly win.

    Despair strolled through the large set of double doors and into the world. "The gears of fate are turning in our favour"? Perhaps.

    He set off to find the two other Elders.

    Things would certainly be.... entertaining.
  5. Insanity, what a coincidence. Chaos caught an slight annoyance at Insanity, due to his multiple branches of soul- which makes him have an schizophrenic effect. It was usual that Insanity would meet Chaos in the streets, because he would be out slaughtering people- to satisfy his multiple souls.

    As Insanity asked the question about what Nero had said, Chaos only reply with a few words. Words that sum everything up.

    "Bring our brethren, and Apostolica will fall."

    With no proper goodbye, nor any gesture, he proceeded to walk past Insanity, his hands held behind his back.
    "Josie! Wake up!" Shouted Klaudio, shaking Josephine softly to wake her up. Josephine's eyes slowly rose open, and she stood up and stretched her body. Klaudio looked at the clock and warned Josie that she has five minutes to rush to the training arena; so she tightened up her cloak, laced up her boots, and rushed out her quarters.

    The training arena was practically an huge wasteland with a shatterproof dome. And it also contained several terrain changes, so instead of wasteland, it can change into a snowy terrain, a forest, whenever comes in mind.

    She stepped into the dome battlefield and summoned out Heaven's Fence- her trusty claymore sword constructed out of diamonds.

    Three minutes.

    Josephine was wondering what her challenge was. Klaudio was pumped, with his axe equipped in his hands, ready to chop away. She took a little trail in the dome, seeing her surroundings and let Klaudio develop ideas for his strategies. As Klaudio was pumped for his challenge, Josephine was beginning to get fired up as well.
  6. Insanity stared at the space that but a moment ago was occupied by his fellow, Chaos.
    It was finally time. Years of waiting and small strikes, lurking around in Aeirie, waiting for the day they would make their final strike.

    He stood in shock, the simple utterance having hit him in the face. He stood there, staring at the empty air, and a crowd gathered around him. The crowd knew him. They knew a few of his quirks, when he was fine, and when to run for their lives. A sense of impending doom swept over the small gathering. Insanity's eyebrow twitched as dark bolts of his signature Oniki Lightening began sparking around him as tension built up, his mind fully processing what he had just been delivered.

    The crowd turned and sprinted in all directions, anything to escape the impending bloodshed. Only one phrase was uttered by the man, all his Fractions screaming in unison:

    "Soon, Apostolica Shall FALL!"

    The outburst was followed by the drawing of his sword, sprinting through the streets and cutting down any and all who got in his way, his other hand grabbing onto wherever he could on other people, Luun frantically corrupting their minds at the touch.

    He stopped suddenly after a minute or two.

    "Wee need to find Despair? Exactly. Find sad guy later. More blood!" he screamed, sheathing his swords and drawing his daggers, slicing flesh as he ran towards the underground gladiatorial arena he had started. Much blood would be spilled. And then he would spill more.
  7. Despair turned the corner and saw Chaos walking. He quickened his pace and caught up to the man.

    "It appears we are needed." He said. "Have you seen Insanity?" He rolled his eyes. The man was probably already killing people. Not that killing was bad, he just lacked.... tact. Subtlety. Another thought came to mind. "And what of Masochist?" He inquired, the slight smile returning to his face. "I'm sure he wouldn't like to miss out on the... fun."

    "Either way, we should begin." "Let's see who prevails."
  8. After meeting up with Insanity, his short walk eventually met up with Despair. Despair, who seemed intrigued with Nero's proposal of war, gave Chaos an emotion of sympathy- he is intrigued to promote war as well. He looked at the direction of which Insanity is causing his fill of bloodshed, Chaos suggested not to be of disturbance- for the many minds of the elder could run amok. And Masochist... Well, where is he? Probably enjoying the pleasure of pain, and inflicting his love to others.

    They both can find their way to their destination: a cliff of which overlooks Apostolica- the clean, innocent city. With his finger gestured to Despair, he summoned out his Shiro'ken, Phoenix Inferna, and hopped on top to it. Chaos was blessed with the element of fire, and, with the element to never burn when associated with it; so Phoenix Inferna never singes his clothes, his skin, anything. The Phoenix hovered its wings and began to fly, and with a feeling to cause destruction, Chaos opened his hand and summoned down blasts of fire- pouring down on parts of Aerie. Many would probably burn, but it served a sign for Apostolica's demise. A chuckled escaped his unchanging lips through the ruin he made, the ruin that was to come.

    Chaos and the Phoenix landed onto the cliff, the highest peak in Aerie. The Phoenix disappeared within the depths of Chaos's soul, and Chaos overlooked the opposition carefully. The end of Apostolica is here, and the resurrection of the New Aeriepostolica will rise with blood and brute force. What a glorious day that will be.
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  9. Despair supposed it would be best to leave Insanity to his own devices for now.

    He and Chaos wandered to the edge of the cliff overlooking Apostolica. He watched Chaos jump onto his Shiro'ken and torch the city. That was one way to get the job done, he thought, watching the people running and screaming as an experimenter might watch lab rats, running around with nowhere to go. He saw this as a suitable time to get involved too.

    Throwing himself off the cliff, he opened his palms and spread them out, preparing to use his magic. As he approached the ground, a cushion of air appeared below him, slowing his fall. He stepped forwards as his feet touched the ground, towards the recently created wreckage, the air dissipating into a small breeze. Clicking his fingers, his Shiro'ken, Termos, taking the form of a white eagle, appeared before him.

    "Hey, Panthis." The man blinked irritably at the use of his real name. "Wow! That's quite a number Chaos did on the town." "Quite." He replied. "I believe it is time we get to work too."

    Despair scanned the area, looking for anyone to... use, whilst Termos circled above him. He spotted a small group of scattered survivors, some distance to the west. He smirked and began to walk towards them. As he approached, his gaze fixed on one man, most likely around 30, who looked in very bad shape. His wounds were being tended to by a younger man but it didn't look like he would last long. The younger man walked away, neither of them noticing Despair.

    He called to Termos and the Shiro'Ken flew towards him, merging with his body. Time to use his powers.

    Despair approached the dying man. The man looked up and, seeing who was standing before him, widened his eyes in terror. Despair narrowed his, his eyes turning a deep shade of purple as he entered the man's mind. Images and words flashed past. Experiences, friends, family... ah, family. always fun to toy with. The corner of Despair's mouth curled into a small smile. "How is she?" He mocked. "W-wha..." "Your wife. Anna I believe her name is?" "What!? Wh-what have you done to her!?" Despair liked the man's reaction and did not grace his question with an answer. Tapping into the man's mind again, he saw another name, the man's daughter. Walking away, he replied "It's good to stick together in these hard times. I'm sure Sarah would agree." He began walking away, pleased with the doubt and despair he had placed into the man's mind. He now approached the younger man. They were presumably friends, he had deduced. This time, as Despair approached, his disguised his figure, taking that of the 30 year old from before.

    The younger man turned around and, seeing who he thought was his friend, grinned. "You're feeling better? Man, I really thought you were a goner back the...!!" Despair conjured a long, sharp shard of ice into his hand and stabbed the man as he spoke, relishing in the look of despair as the man believed that his friend had just stabbed him. He turned and, having had enough fun, swung his arm around in an arc, sending a series of sharp ice shards flying, killing the remaining survivors.

    Despair walked through more of the wreckage, seeking out any more survivors and moving on to the next location.
  10. *pant pant pant*

    "Was fun. That it was. Agreed. Sick bastards. Oh, shut up you arrogant prick. Just because you're the smartest of us here doesn't mean you aren't us. He has a point. Anyway, let's go see what Despair is up to. We need to Ooooooh, pretty blazes. Chaos musta flew up. Likely."

    The crazy elder of destruction sprinted off in the direction the flames were coming from, the roar of the fires mixed with the agony and screams of the dying. Masochist would love the scene, and probably run through a few of the flames, he figured. He popped around the corner just as a man stabbed another with an icicle. Then in place of the man was Despair, slaughtering more people.

    "Despair! Ready to SLAUGHTER APOSTOLICA?!?!" he asked the Elder of Destruction renowned for his cold demeanor. "You all make me sick. Shut up. Now is the time for battle slaughter, not your weird rituals with the antler knife. Dagger. Smart one need SHUT UP. AHEM. You were saying, brother?" he continued, returning his multiple focuses to Despair. "And where is Masochist?"
  11. Despair had just finished up when the voice of Insanity reached his ears. His Shiro'ken came back out of his body and sat atop his shoulder, listening to the conversation. When the man finished his sentence, Despair blinked slowly and tilted his head back slightly. He was always mildly perturbed when the man suddenly shouted like that, but he continued nontheless.

    "Slaughter," he said bluntly. "Slaughtering is fine, but I prefer to play with my... prey... first," He said, thinking carefully about which word to use to describe the Apostolicans. He had hoped the people would have put up more of a fight. Perhaps it would get more interesting later, after all a game is only fair if both sides have an equal chance of winning. Termos butted in. "Stop being so arrogant, master!" he cawed. Demise gritted his teeth. "Arrogance is a hinderance. Hinderance means death," he simply stated, brushing off the comment. Termos rolled his eyes and merged back into the man. Demise's thoughts turned towards their end goal.

    "But yes," he said, continuing where he left off before the
    interruption. "A swift, destructive blow to Apostolica would be fitting." "Perhaps they will fight back? All this killing gets... boring... very quickly" He said, once again mulling over his choice of words.

    "Masochist?" "Who can tell with that one?" Demise paused for a moment. "On second thought, perhaps it would be in our interest to wait for him." "It may give the opposition a chance to put up a fair fight, too." To Despair, this was a good thing. "In the meantime, we should finish off the ones still here. I'm getting bored."
  12. Josephine landed gracefully after slaying some decoy intruders, panting slightly through all the acrobatic exercise. Kill Audio wasn't done though, as he was still stabbing the already dead decoys into oblivion- laughing like he enjoys it so well.

    "Klaudio," Josephine yelled to him from afar, "I think the decoy can't be dead enough!" But Klaudio didn't listen, as he still continue to butcher the torn decoys until all of the hay inside were scattered amongst the battleground.

    Shiro'Insanity was something that Josie and Klaudio take conflicting measures of. This ability enables Klaudio to be released from Josie's soul restraints, and he is allowed to roam free and slaughter. But there was a drawback, Klaudio loves to slaughter- and he can't stop. Which is a slap in the face for Josephine to even place this idea.

    "You leave me with no choice!" Josie exclaimed. She ran to Klaudio and placed her hands on his shoulders. Klaudio looked back, knowing that the soul restraints were back on him.

    "Sorry, Josie," said Klaudio, "You know I love to stab things. That's my freakin' hobby."

    Screaming. Josephine suddenly heard screams coming from outside the dome, and Klaudio, too. With her sword equipped on her hands, she rushed out of the battleground, and out of the Phantom XIII headquarters. Outside, to Apostolica, she froze in surprising fear.

    Fire crackled and blazed on parts of the city. Innocent men and women felt tormented about some sort of mind overseer. And one died with a large stab to the chest. She knew one thing, and one thing only, that is happening.

    Aerie is striking back.

    But with an obvious vengeance. Josephine, with Klaudio alongside, rushed through the flaming buildings- and halted as soon as she saw a mother with a baby. She looked at them with wide eyes, and turned to Klaudio.

    "Please take them to safety." She quickly ordered him, he nodded and went to the two and leaded them towards safer grounds.

    Josephine proceeded on, trying to find the epicenter of all this destruction. As more and more are engulfed in flames, and more men and women are insane because some mind reader knows their life in exact, she knew that this will be a challenge- a challenge that she just might lose to.

    Where are the other members? Probably patrolling in and about the streets as well. Some don't care for collaboration, but only for the sole purpose of being a warrior who rides solo. But they shouldn't isolate themselves now.

    She suddenly caught a glimpse of something unusual: a man flying on a Phoenix. And the man caught her gaze and jumped out of the Phoenix's back- landing closely in front of her.

    All Josephine could ever do, was to hold on to her sword, ask who the hell he is, and prepare herself for war.
    Chaos was slightly fond of the scared Phantom XIII member. The look on her face when she saw the Phoenix, and when she encountered him was a priceless picture in the back of his mind. It was sad that she has to fight, because he would've made good company by imprisoning her into the Babylonian confines of Aerie- but death was absolute now.

    He observed her looks from top to bottom, knowing that she is skilled in strength; but what about her Shiro'ken? Where was it? Them demonic beasts should be doing what they belong to do, to destroy and be weapons of war. Friendships with the demons was like joining a tea party with the devil- entirely a laughable clause to imagine.

    "Warrior," Chaos whispered with his voice on the husky side, "see the beauty as it is. Chaos orchestrates destruction, but its finale ends with creation."
    Josephine was speechless. Orchestrates destruction? Creation as its finale? She nodded those thought away; they are a meaningless tool for instant manipulation.


    Klaudio leapt with his battle cry and headed straight to Chaos, his axe ready to chop. But as soon as the axe landed on his skin, he blocked the attack with his finger- his finger bleeding in consequence- but Chaos showed no pain.

    Klaudio stood motionless, trying to say something, but ended up into an unrecognizable stutter. And, with another finger, Chaos summoned fireballs on Klaudio's feet- trying to make him dance in pain.

    "Feeble warrior," he mocked with a chuckle, "feeble demon. You are not worth the time at Death's door." He pushed Klaudio away from Chaos's hindsight and summoned wings of fire from his back, he turned around and flew away. Leaving Josephine and Klaudio with no words to say.
    He went past Insanity and Despair, giving them a disapproving nod. The warriors, well, just Josephine, did not provide any challenge. So he headed back to Aerie for more time-consuming research.
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  13. Overhead, Despair saw the figure of Chaos fly by. He nodded at them.

    Turning around again, he saw a girl close by, also watching Chaos leave with a look of astonishment. He put two and two together and figured that they must have been talking. He walked towards her and stopped. If they were to continue, they may well need the power of Masochist as well. He had had his fun with the Apostoclians but to rush into battle would be... unwise. He made up his mind.

    "Until the next time we meet..." He paused, reaching into her mind. She seemed more... resiliant... than the other survivors, but finding the information he was looking for, he exited and continued. "...Josephine." Satisfied, he turned and walked past Insanity, deep in thought about the fight she had put up when he entered her mind. Very... interesting. Perhaps the scales of fate were beginning to balance themselves?

    "I'm going back to wait for Masochist," he said to Insanity. "Do what you will."

    As he walked away, Termos reformed and sailed around his head. "You always do that, master!" "What." "Use your powers for cheap parlour tricks!" "I do not." "You do! You always try to show off using them, like with that girl's name!" "Showing off is for the weak," Demise concluded.

    Termos chucked as Demise thought. He didn't show off, did he?

    Of course not...
  14. Insanity had his hands wrapped around the head of an Apostolican, watching him writhe in terror and agony as Luun worked through the mind of the poor chap, shattering it into as many fragments as possible. He barely noticed as Chaos returned home, removing his antler dagger and thrusting it into the chest of the broken man, removing it is a spinning motion to slash the throat of a foolishly brave woman who was about to crack him over the head with a wooden plank. He looked up from the woman drowning in her own blood as Despair passed by.

    "Three more kills and go home? I can agree to that. I've had my sacrifice. Do as you will. I am content. Three more it is."

    Grabbing the plank from a dead woman, he cracked the skull of a passing man with a solid thwack that broke the board, finishing him with a square kick in the chest, forcing him back, his head whipping against a sharp stone edge, breaking a hole through the bone and splattering blood all behind him as it began to pool. A knife was removed from a corpse and thrown expertly into the spine of a fleeing man. Insanity drew his sword and rushed a man wielding a sword, engaging in a fight.

    The poor man was an excellent swordsman, very skilled, able to parry almost all of Insanity's wild, unpredictable attacks. But a feigned overhead swing and a quick thrust to the chest ended the fight. As the man stood, eyes wide in disbelief, his killer leaned in and whispered something into his ear.

    "We are Artei, Elder of Destruction, avatar of Insanity. We are pleased with your swordsmanship. But on this day, you fall."

    With those words, he pulled the sword from the man's sternum, returning it to it's sheathe and dashing home, smiling psychotically as the cacophonous symphony or roaring flame, collapsing stone, and bloodcurdling death cries provided a soundtrack to his reveling in the scene. All five of them, Insanity and his Shiro'ken, had enjoyed the day. He returned home to Aeire gleefully.
  15. Across the other side of the island, Malachi had been getting himself a drink. Had been being the unfortunate tense that he was forced to use as the alarm was raised. Quickly he made his way outside, and using the wires he carried, launched himself in bursts through the air, wires catching and wrapping around things, pulling him forward. Unfortunately, by the time he'd arrived, he'd missed most of the excitement, barely catching the fading figure of a man in crimson wings. Up ahead was the first of the Phantoms. He didn't put a whole lot of stock in the rankings really. He voluntarily took the thirteenth space. He just liked the number. Beyond that, nobody expected that much out of him.

    After a moment of just standing there, he fired his wires into the ground near her and propelled himself towards them. When he arrived a heavily cloaked figure formed next to him, any expressions it held were obscured by it's mask, so Malachi Spoke. "We always miss the fun stuff. You alright?" He asked. She looked like she was about to go into shock.
  16. Josephine looked beside her and saw that one of the Phantom XIII's have shown up in late time. Malachi looked at her, seeing if she is alright after the frightening encounter with two people- one who is strong to block Klaudio's axe swing- and the other who knows her name.

    She looked back at Malachi with a face of uncertainty, "These guys are something else," said Josephine, "I've never seen so much calamity these intruders have caused- and this is just a warning." She looked back at the partly scorched Apostolica, even though people were trying to calm the flames, it continued to destroy the buildings from top to bottom.

    As those men disappeared, Josephine let out an heavy sigh and turned around.

    "Which means, I'll have to train harder. Them guys are strong, but I need to be stronger. Apostolica shall never fall into the hands of barbarians."

    Josephine then walked away, Klaudio nesting inside her soul. How much training would one need to defeat someone like those two she had encountered? The worst part is to think, when will they strike back- and deliver their devastating blow?
    The warning should be taken as an all-out preparation for those who defend this defenseless city, for when Nero sounds the trumpet of rapture- all hell will break loose. Chaos, along with his elder brethren, headed back to Aerie- and go into the castle of their lord, Nero Amadeus.

    As they landed, Chaos ordered his phoenix to return inside his soul, and knocked on the dark, wooden doors. The doors slowly open with an ear-piercing creak, and he entered forward.

    He walked up flights of stairs, busying his eyes on the scared maids and man-servants. With a chuckle of amusement, he loathed on the pleasures on seeing people scared.

    They stopped at their destination, and opened the heavy doors of Nero's quarters. And he appeared sitting in his throne, associated with a few ostentatious women serving him his every desire and want. Nero can get whatever he wants, because, of course, he is a "god" to those in Aerie.

    Chaos leaned on one knee and bowed down towards the awfully spoiled tyrant. Nero later brushed the maidens off, and they retreated out of the quarters- but not without flirting with the elders with a wink.

    "You have placed your warnings within part of our enemy lines. But soon, when I sound the alarm, we will rush in and cause pure hell upon these worms! We will slaughter, destroy, enslave, and torment all and all who are against us! For they will know the true colors of the strongholds of Aerie. But as for now, I wish that all of you can practice your relentless bloodshed on each other. Every scar and scrape, cuts and bruises, will show how strong we truly are." He then stretched his arms up high, his lips stretched in a wide smile, "Go! And make your god proud!"

    Chaos nodded before he stood up, and looked at the three elders aside from him- Masochist included. A one-on-one brawl against another of his ranks, that crept his interest to the maximum level; it never shows, however, because of his unchanging face. And the perfect place to fight was anywhere in the streets of Aerie- and it would be an interesting disaster on how much buildings will be shattered, and how many people will die if no one stands in the way.
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  17. Insanity followed closely behind Chaos into the castle, and watched as the servants shifted uncomfortably upon their entrance. They knew of the Elders well. Everyone did. They were the goddamned Elders of Destruction, the most feared Shiro'mages in all of Aerie and apostolica combined.

    Insanity looked behind him as he walked towards Nero's chambers- and found Masochist treading along, gleefully twisting an arrow that had become lodged into his flesh. The sight always made Insanity jittery. How someone could enjoy pain was beyond him.

    He was both appalled and delighted at Nero's orders. Fight each other? Until when? They say 'I give'? This could be interesting to do. YAY! GET TO BEAT UP ARROGANT ASSHAT! You mean Despair? Uh-huh. Wonderful.


    Masochist spotted the other Elders as soon as they entered the castle. He and Sadist had been entertaining themselves. An arrow had become lodged in Masochists chest while he was being used as a target, and Sadist had begun twisting it, and kept twisting while they followed the others. It hurt so good to feel the sharp metal scrape against his muscle. He followed the others to Nero's chamber room.

    A fight? Against the other Elders? Oh what a delightfully painful time this would be! "Oh how fun!" he remarked, grinning wide with an evil gleam in his eye.
  18. Insanity had an eye for Despair after Lord Nero's proposal to train in ruthless combat, so it left Chaos facing against a man who takes combat as a pleasurable rendezvous. It was certainly unfair that Masochist happens to be ineffective to squealing and begging for mercy, because that was what Chaos yearned for as a building block for a massacre. But no matter, he looked at Masochist in the eyes and gave a short nod of a challenge -- a challenge of which will have many opportunities of fun and painless torture.

    He walked out of the castle and summoned the Phoenix Inferno as a red stone illuminated from his hand. The opponent was settled, now it depends on location. What thrives on pleasure and destruction? That had an obvious answer: Aerie.

    Motioning the Phoenix, it lifted him to his chosen battlefield- in the middle of Aerie; where people are infused with immoral pleasures of a screwed-up world. He landed on the ground, and with his summoning stone Phoenix Inferna returned back to the abyssmal depths of his soul.

    "Hit harder!" Josephine barked, "I had a grandmother that would hurt me twice as much as you, and she's still probably kicking ass in her grave!"

    Klaudio groaned in the unfortunate struggle of becoming strong like the rest of them Shiro'ken. Ever since a man in a mysterious cloak blocked his relentless attack, Klaudio wishes to train and decimate anyone who dares challenge. Josephine was his first stage for his strength to improve.

    Klaudio summoned from his hands multiple projectile Oniki blasts while in midair, and Josephine chuckled. She summoned out her sword, Heaven's Fence, and reflected all of the blasts back at Klaudio.

    "Shit, shit, shit, shit!" He cursed in horror, he decided to run away from the blasts that were still chasing him behind. After minutes of a game of cats and one mouse, Josephine decided to save him by reflecting the projectile away with the blade of Heaven's Fence and let it strike toward the indestructible dome.

    "Give me a break here," Klaudio shouted, "those blasts were almost bigger than me, how could I dodge THEM?!"

    "With practice, my midget murderer." Josephine winked, teasing poor Klaudio with the annoying nicknames again. Klaudio closed his eyes in irritation, but he sensed the humor within- leaving him with his lips curled and him chuckling in laughter.
  19. Training was something that had never suited Malachi. He was preferred his gambling and his drinking and his supposed 'slacking'. Still, the last attack had been one that had done a great deal of damage, and from what he'd heard, Kill Audio, the murderous little midget had gotten his ass handed to him on a silver platter. That wasn't a good sign. There weren't many forces out there that could take on that particular Shiro'Ken in a face to face fight, much less win. That meant that they were all at risk.

    As a result, Malachi and Aleria were out on the training field, making slow progress. The Gambler quite simply wasn't designed for combat. The Surgeon however was making great progress. The two of them worked well together, Aleria lacked Malachi's frailty, and was more comfortable in close quarters, forcing the man to pull back continuously. It worked well as agility training, mostly because Requiem knew that the plague doctor was more than willing to cut him open and dig around inside if she caught him. She'd put him back together of course, but that didn't mean that being cut up was any less painful.

    Finally, Requiem managed to outdistance the Shiro'Ken and let fly and barrage of wires in a wall of razors, devastating any of the training dummies that happened to have been in the way, and cutting up The Surgeon neatly before wrapping her up. Requiem pulled the wires holding the doctor into the air, launching her into the air, before looping back up and catching her as she made her return course back to the ground, pulling her down with more force, the wires cutting into the Shiro'Ken's flesh before slamming her into the ground, imprinting her there in nearly a perfect mould. It was at this point that Aleria gave the sign of surrender, pulling herself out of the ground, black ichor flowing from his body.

    Malachi smiled as he approached. "Almost had me there" He remarked, remembering a few minutes prior when he'd felt the flash of a scalpel cut through his clothing. One of the benefits of wearing loose clothing he'd decided, when in movement they filled with air and made it more difficult to gauge how far you had to swing to get flesh. "Here, lets get you patched up" He continued, using the Surgeon's gift to mend the wounds. The Shiro'Ken said nothing. She seemed to have a thing for being mysterious. When she did talk though, it was always like she was pretending to be who she was. There was always something at the edge of her voice that sounded like she was screwing with him and that if he managed to get her to start talking she'd probably never shut up. He didn't know though because he'd never gotten her to really open up.

    Finally he finished patching her up and turned to face the only other one on the field. "Oi! Jo! How's the training going?"
  20. Worn from hours and hours of training, Josephine decided to give her and Kill Audio a break until the next morning. Kill Audio grunted and panted in exhaustion, and with an nod of approval, the Shiro'ken disappeared into the confines of her soul and rested there for slumber.

    She suddenly heard a greeting from Malachi, and smiled softly upon his welcome. She had been observing his bloodbath-like training, and she was impressed. If her midget Shiro'ken could drink some Vitamin C and gain a couple of inches, then he can slaughter taller people in a cinch; a great disadvantage of the taller few like the Elder Chaos.

    Heaven's Fence, which she raised high for its blade to point to the sky, slowly disintegrated away- its remnants sparkling like the diamonds it is forged of.

    "The training is... well you know," Josie replied, "going to be more perilous than the last. Everything will go swell when we are ready."

    She turned around to Malachi's direction and gave a quick thumbs-up to his performance.

    "By the way, that is an excellent performance. My little midget fiend is having a hard time with combat ever since Chaos... blocked it." Josie shuddered. An elder that can deflect an Shiro'ken offense... is something impressive, something incredible, and something phenomenal.

    She shook off the impressions and paid her attention back to the Phantom Thirteen member.

    "If The Surgeon has a profession for building a prosthetic, could he possibly make legs that are five or six feet taller for Kill Audio? I think there would be a big difference in the man's performance if a miracle happens like that." Josie laughed. The hint of sarcasm about The Surgeon's ability and Josie's wish to provide taller fake legs for the unfortunate midget was priceless. And it was great that Kill Audio was snoozing around, it leaves her without an grumble of annoyance or a collection of snappy comebacks. And with no further chore around the Phantom XIII HQ, she is free from papercuts and sore legs before another messenger boy bark the order of her leader: Raizen Ruhesburg, Emperor of Apostolica.
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