Soul Command: War of the Floating Islands

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  1. Here's the link for the RP's OOC thread! If you are new, READ the scenario and conditions below! Thank you.

    First of all, before I place my scenario, I want you to know that this RP is Accept-Only; which means I will accept people who are interested in the RP by showing me two things via PM: a decent character sheet and the position you are wanting to partake in.


    Aeriepostolica - a massive floating island that was uninhabited of living beings. But it all changed when human skypilots Raizen and Nero discovered this phenomenon and built their own settlement by hand. With the families and peers of the two founders of Aeriepostolica - the creation of their city became great and harmonious; until one fateful day...

    Harsh debates yo-yo'ed back and forth towards how they should run this phenomena -- which is Aeriepostolica. One side supported the dictatorship of Nero Amadeus, while the other side supported the imperialism of Raizen Ruhesburg. The debates sprang for days on end, and worsened when all of Aeriepostolica discovered a strange demonic manifestation that lived inside them; which were called Shiro'ken. After all have discovered these Shiro'ken, the debate of words became debates of war.

    But before the bloodshed even started, Raizen withdrew his sword and struck it inside the ground. The ground collapsed and separated the massive floating island into two. Raizen claimed his island and called it Apostolica; and Nero claimed his island and named it Aerie. These two islands have waged war on each other, even unto this day.

    Ten years later...

    Apostolica: Floating Island I.

    Everything quite changed during the course of Apostolica's history: Raizen, who was the first emperor of his own island, went mad and fled from sight - and the oldest son of Raizen's - who is sixteen years old is taking over their family business (if you would call it that). 1To protect the citizens from future onslaught of the pawns of Aerie, the young emperor summoned thirteen of the strongest warriors who equip impressive knowledge of their Shiro'ken -- they were called the Phantom XIII. With the Phantom XIII, the emperor also created another group of warriors called the Lion Korps - commanded by their leader: the Lionheart. They both are trained to fight against the hordes of evil, for the sake of Apostolica.

    Aerie: Floating Island II.

    Ruled by the iron fist of Nero Amadeus, Aerie is like the Babylon of floating islands -all things that the citizens of Aerie does is pure sin. Nero dwells in hatred and world domination, and seeks for more destructive power to crush the Apostolican bugs under his boot. With his citizens, he accepts any man or woman who will love to kill things to serve in his army - and sheds no tears on casualties. He appointed four of his powerful mages - the Elders of Destruction - to carry on with Nero's plans and destroy anyone who gets in their way. No one knows what Nero's true purpose is, but his citizens are devoted to carry on his tasks like he is something divine: a god.

    Will this war ever cease? Which side would one partake? And what will the story of each person play great significance towards making the history of both Apostolica and Aerie? It depends on the blade and the soul.


    Before I end this, let me explain to you what Shiro'ken and Oniki energy is...

    Shiro'ken are demons whom were awakened from their small, claustrophobic prison - and inhabit the soul of their chosen human masters. They are allies in combat, and aid them with their magical and physical super-abilities. Some Shiro'ken work and fight for the betterment of good; but some have a different agenda they attend to. Some work for evil, or even work to their own purposes; such as controlling their human master, seeking world domimation, etc.

    Oniki Energy is the energy of both human and Shiro'ken, which is formed into power. The Oniki only omits from ancient letterings called the Oniki language -which is an ancient language of all Shiro'ken. The ancient lettering can be etched from weapons or be 'tattooed' somewhere on the human body. With these markings, they can omit the Oniki Energy as an attack force - though it drains a person's Soul Energy.

    While I am at it, lemme explain Soul Energy as well. Afterwards, I promise to shut up and not be a strain in your eyes.

    Soul Energy is the energy of which both Shiro'ken and human have to develop powers and abilities. Both Shiro'ken and human have interconnected souls, which activates more abilities and more powers than a mere mortal. If an Oniki Energy-related power, or a powerful attack from human and Shiro'ken is released, the human's Soul Energy can slowly fade - and can lead to fatique, weakness, and possibly the inability of summoning his/her Shiro'ken for more than a fraction of a time. Soul Energy is what needs to be watched during battle, for it can be your nightmare if you pull it off absentmindedly.


    So, there you have it! The scenario of Soul Command: War of The Floating Islands, and some skippets of definition words of some key terms within the RP. If you're interested, then please PM me when necessary. I will have the multiple character slots for those whom are interested to fill. If you have ANY questions or advice to help make this RP a lot epic-er, I'll appreciate the PMs.

    Thank you for reading!


    Here are the vacant slots for some whom are interested. I will like to have a few to participate before I post the actual RP in the Fantasy forums.

    Phantom XIII:

    Member 1: Josephine Cross (Sylvette Banebridge).
    Member 2:
    Member 3:
    Member 4:
    Member 5:
    Member 6:
    Member 7:
    Member 8:
    Member 9:
    Member 10:
    Member 11:
    Member 12:
    Member 13: Malachi "Requiem" Ruari (Requiem).

    Lion Korps - mercenary warriors, not skilled as the Phantom XIII, who fights alongside them under their leader: the Lionheart.

    Lionheart (Lion Korp Leader):

    Members of the Lion Korps:

    Elders of Destruction - mages who serve under the right hand of Nero, leader of Aerie.

    "Chaos" - "Chaos" Bastiön Leoncrux (Sylvette Banebridge).
    "Insanity" - "Insanity" Artei (Thomas McTavish).
    "Despair" - "Despair" Panthis Ardemain (NecroPhysics)
    "Masochist" -

    These slots have a first come, first serve basis - so hurry and get your slot before someone else does!


    Now for the character sheets, I have composed a character skeleton for each of you accepted members. Hopefully it will not be a hassle.


    Age: (Your characters are not immortal, so a appropriate age please).


    Shiro'ken Appearance (Optional).

    Affiliation(s): (Aerie or Apostolica, Elder of Destruction or Lion Korp, Phantom XIII or a stray-away).



    Shiro'ken's Demeanor and History: (Optional, but would be fun).


    Powers and Skills (ratings 1-10):

    (The skills are varied by a number between 1-10. Your character cannot be a perfect 10 or 9 in all sections, so there needs to be one strength point and one weak point).

    • Shiro'Human Skills: (The bondship of both human and Shiro'ken).
    • Defense:
    • Strength:
    • Intelligence:
    • Speed:

    (Powers are also available, but please, no god-like abilities. Go crazy on these powers, which need to be both Shiro'ken and also Oniki).


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  2. Well this looks amazing! I assume the citizens of Aerie don't actually view their actions as evil though. Also can I claim Despair? As soon as i find an acceptable image then i'll make the CS.
  3. Could I claim the lionheart? :D

    I really like this idea XD
  4. WIP

    Name: Wulf Vulbrac the Lionheart

    Age: 54

    Shiro'ken: Goshamaur

    Shiro'ken Appearance (Optional).

    Affiliation(s): Lion Korp

    Ranking(s): Lionheart

    Demeanor: Wulf has a rather jaded but jovial character. He is grumpy alot and sighs and grumbles about tasks he has to do. He grumbles about a lot of things, incompetence, the hotheadedness of youth, society in general. However he is in fact a laughing and loving person, big and gruff but cuddly like a teddy bear. He is burdened with an incredibly fatherly mentality which makes him want to defend and protect any and all people around him. He will curse about it and shrug off sympathy or understanding but he will have moments of gentleness and caring. Generally he is bright and loud, though he can be soft.

    Shiro'ken's Demeanor and History:


    Powers and Skills (ratings 1-10):

    (The skills are varied by a number between 1-10. Your character cannot be a perfect 10 or 9 in all sections, so there needs to be one strength point and one weak point).

    • Shiro'Human Skills: (The bondship of both human and Shiro'ken).
    • Defense:
    • Strength:
    • Intelligence:
    • Speed:

    (Powers are also available, but please, no god-like abilities. Go crazy on these powers, which need to be both Shiro'ken and also Oniki).

    History: Wulf was a middle child to a family of twelve sons and daughters, never likely to inherit anything and expected to get a good job and a nice wife and raise a respectable family. He enlisted in the army at the average age, not having any particular wishes for grandeur but knowing that a soldiers life was an honourable sort of way to spend your time. Lacadasically he had risen in the ranks, his acts of astounding herosim coming pretty naturally and instinctually to him, so much that he was always surprised to be commended or promoted. People claimed him a hero, a great defender, a grand warrior! He never really noticed the difference between that and soldier and usually dismissed idolisation. However he greatfully accepted compliments on his skill, these he definately enjoyed.
  5. The OOC will be posted soon.

    Due to school life, please be patient.

    Thank you, and cheerio! :)
  6. Oh! Is this still active? If so, I'll be sure to save a spot to make a character sheet, as soon as I get home!!!
  7. Well, Mr. Dip, the Soul Command RP is still running for openings! :)

    Before you get carried away, please find a spot in the character slots, pick one, and PM me a character skeleton of your character to me. Then, I will review it and so on and so far. :)
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