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  1. This is the OOC for Soul Command: WOTFI.

    This OOC is a haven for character sheets, and is also the place to discuss RP matters- battles, upcoming conflicts, etc.

    Remember, before you read, you MUST be an accepted member of this RP; here's the link of the SC RP interest check - which contains the vacant character slots and the many steps you need to take before you join in the fun.
  2. THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED TO DO... I'll finish this very soon bare with

    Name: Wulf Vulbrac the Lionheart

    Age: 54

    Shiro'ken: Goshamaur

    Shiro'ken Appearance (Optional).

    Affiliation(s): Lion Korp

    Ranking(s): Lionheart

    Demeanor: Wulf has a rather jaded but jovial character. He is grumpy alot and sighs and grumbles about tasks he has to do. He grumbles about a lot of things, incompetence, the hotheadedness of youth, society in general. However he is in fact a laughing and loving person, big and gruff but cuddly like a teddy bear. He is burdened with an incredibly fatherly mentality which makes him want to defend and protect any and all people around him. He will curse about it and shrug off sympathy or understanding but he will have moments of gentleness and caring. Generally he is bright and loud, though he can be soft.

    Shiro'ken's Demeanor and History:


    Powers and Skills (ratings 1-10):

    (The skills are varied by a number between 1-10. Your character cannot be a perfect 10 or 9 in all sections, so there needs to be one strength point and one weak point).

    • Shiro'Human Skills: (The bondship of both human and Shiro'ken).
    • Defense:
    • Strength:
    • Intelligence:
    • Speed:

    (Powers are also available, but please, no god-like abilities. Go crazy on these powers, which need to be both Shiro'ken and also Oniki).

    History: Wulf was a middle child to a family of twelve sons and daughters, never likely to inherit anything and expected to get a good job and a nice wife and raise a respectable family. He enlisted in the army at the average age, not having any particular wishes for grandeur but knowing that a soldiers life was an honourable sort of way to spend your time. Lacadasically he had risen in the ranks, his acts of astounding herosim coming pretty naturally and instinctually to him, so much that he was always surprised to be commended or promoted. People claimed him a hero, a great defender, a grand warrior! He never really noticed the difference between that and soldier and usually dismissed idolisation. However he greatfully accepted compliments on his skill, these he definately enjoyed.
  3. Artei (open)
    Insane Electromage.jpg The markings on his chest, aside from the handprint, are Oniki Writing. Oniki Writing is also tattooed on his fingers, allowing him to channel Oniki through them.

    Name: Artei
    Age: 46
    Shiro'ken: Luun Atic
    Shiro'ken Appearance:
    Luun Atic (open)

    Affiliation(s): Elder of Destruction, Aeire
    Ranking(s): Elder Of Destruction

    Demeanor: He's Insanity for a reason, you know. He talks to himself more than people, and often blurts the most inappropriate stuff at the worst possible times. His behavior and voice change often, often including a change in his stance. He is one person physically with many people in him, one body with many 'soul-fractions'. He has a fascination with blood.

    Shiro'ken's Demeanor and History: Luun is, essentially, the embodiment of the innocence of Artei twisted and warped. It takes the form of his last childhood drawing, the last signal he gave before his mind shattered. Luun is very quiet, but quick to anger, it's only goal being the spread of fear and madness, to shatter the minds of (eventually) everyone. Luun has no allegiance to any but Artei.

    Weapons (open)
    Artei's Combat sword, which he usually only uses when he's in a fight that calls for the use of one.
    Combat Sword.jpg
    His dagger, made from antler with a human leather sheathe, used in his 'rituals'.
    Antler Dagger.jpg
    Artei's Battle Daggers, which he almost constantly has in his hands or within easy reach. Lacking the physical strength and mental coherence to wield a sword all the time, he prefers to use these alongside his Oniki abilities. The guards and back sides of the base (that look like part of the guards) have Oniki Writing on them.
    Artei's Daggers.jpg

    Powers and Skills (ratings 1-10):
    Shiro'Human Skills: 8
    Defense: 4
    Strength: 4, 5.5 when angry or in the heat of battle
    Intelligence: 6, 2, 9, 5 (varies with whoever is in control of his body at the moment)
    Speed: 7
    Oniki Bolts: blasts of purple-black lightening that shoot rapidly and randomly from Artei's fingers or daggers, electrocuting an opponent

    Mind Corrupt: Artei can use his Oniki to search the mind of a target and find their deepest, darkest fears, then cause them to hallucinate the fears have come true, driving them to madness, and on occasion to death via shock or suicide.

    Touch of Insanity: During physical contact with a target, Luun Atic can use the body-to-body connection to reach into the mind of the target and plant the seed of existential doubt, which causes a person to begin to question the existence and purpose of themselves and the world around them, slowly but surely driving them insane. This is Luun's favorite thing to do.

    History: Artei was once just a regular boy, having grown up primarily on Aeire. About the age of Seven he began hearing voices in his head, telling him to do certain things, say certain things, draw certain pictures. Then there were more voices. By the age of 10 he couldn't hold together any longer. His Shiro'ken awakened, and Artei drew what he saw in his mind just before it shattered. Since then he has been honing his abilities in driving things insane via his Oniki and teamwork with his Shiro'ken, eventually having such a reputation at it that he was chosen as one of the Elders of Destruction: Insanity.
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  4. Name: Josephine Cross

    Josephine (open)

    Age: 20

    Shiro'ken: Kill Audio.

    Kill Audio (open)

    Affiliation(s): Apostolica, Phantom XIII.

    Ranking(s): Shiro'Warrior (possible potential for Kommadent).

    Demeanor: Josephine's mood can vary based on schedule. If her schedule is booked, she is rushy and will try to avoid any conversation so she can get the job done. If she has no mess in schedule, however, she takes her time gracefully and feels free to communicate. When it comes to the battlefield, Josephine is serious about her profession- a great strategist with Kill Audio by her side. But in times that she is down, weak to stand up, she relies on her Shiro'ken or her fellow Phantom XIII members for aid.

    Shiro'ken's Demeanor and History: Kill Audio, despite being small in size, can put up a hell of a fight. As a small midget bound with immortality, he takes pain in pleasure, and can exclaim a choice word or two whenever he feels like it. Around his opponents, allies, and even Josephine, Kill Audio is professional with sarcasm; but Kill Audio cooperates kindly with Josephine, since Josephine made Kill Audio lose in a sarcasm face-off years before she joined the Phantom XIII.

    Weaponry: "Heaven's Fence": a claymore made from diamonds. The sword is summoned by Kill Audio, which appears in Josephine's hand for combat. On Heaven Fence, there are ancient Oniki lettering that are etched up and down one side of the blade- which triggers the powerful Oniki energy of both Kill Audio and Josephine.

    Heaven's Fence (open)

    Powers and Skills (ratings 1-10):
    • Shiro'Human Skills: 10.
    • Defense: 7
    • Strength: 8.5
    • Intelligence: 9.5
    • Speed: 8

    • Oniki Blast --> With the power of both human and Shiro'ken, dark energy, or Oniki, is formed and released in a wave-like blast from the ancient markings embedded from a weapon, body part, etc. • Shiro'Recover --> With the power of the Shiro'ken, in permission of the human, it enables the Shiro'ken to heal the human at times of need. One drawback, however, is that this process takes minutes to fully complete; so it's best be not used on the battlefield. • Shiro'Insanity --> If permitted with the human, the Shiro'ken is free to slaughter whatever enemy that comes in its way. It can be used in prevalence; however, the Shiro'ken, if not on its right-mind, could attack innocent people- so deep supervision is advised. Like a mother watching some sugar-coated fat boy bouncing at a bouncy house with a bunch of scrawny six year-olds. Imagery... • Shiro'Blast --> With the power of the Shiro'ken, it omits a burst of its power. Its power depends on time and suppression; from little projectile shots to a big bang attack. ... and many more!

    History: Josephine is an added member of the Phantom XIII- skilled in combat with Shiro'ken and Oniki collaborations. Not much of her previous history is known, since it's mostly hidden within her heart for all these years. She and her Shiro'ken, Kill Audio, have a unbreakable alliance in battle; giving Josephine the upper hand as the most skilled of the Phantom XIII in Shiro'Human/Oniki communications.


    Name: "Chaos" Bastiön Leoncrux

    Chaos (open)

    Age: 48

    Shiro'ken: Phoenix Inferna.

    Phoenix Inferna (open)

    Affiliation(s): Aeriepostolica, Aerie- Elders of Destruction.

    Ranking(s): Shiro'Warrior.

    Demeanor: Bastiön is a man who speaks with few words; but everything he says is mostly important. His facial expressions are hard as stone; which is hard to calculate- even to his own leader. It is extremely rare to see him smile, and if a man of stone smiles, then there is a reckoning among some poor person. When it comes to battles and research, he is calculative and devoted into his time; and he is stubborn to halt his procedures, and stubborn to stop a brawl- his emotionless stature makes him unpredictable towards his opponents.

    Powers and Skills (ratings 1-10):
    • Shiro'Human Skills: 7.5
    • Defense: 9
    • Strength: 10
    • Intelligence: 8
    • Speed: 6.5

    • Oniki Blast --> With the power of both human and Shiro'ken, dark energy, or Oniki, is formed and released in a wave-like blast from the ancient markings embedded from a weapon, body part, etc. • Shiro'Force --> A very powerful move which undertakes two levels, the second as fatal as the first. The first stage lets the human take control of part of the Shiro'ken's power, and shows a glowing aura around the human. The second stage is the most fatal, since no one has ever survived unless they are trapped inside the Shiro'ken's body for eternity. The human sacrifices his/herself and obtains complete control of his/her Shiro'ken- obtaining all its power and strength; making the human the Shiro'ken itself. Obviously, Chaos uses the Shiro'Force on the level one stage. But if anything could happen, the second stage could be his last resort. • Element: Fire --> Chaos wields the power of fire, thanks to the Phoenix- the fire bird, itself. ... and many more!

    History: Bastiön was the first founder of Aeriepostolica before the arrival of Raizen and Nero- whom took the discovery towards their advantage. After the feud between Nero and Raizen, resulting to splitting apart Aeriepostolica into two floating islands, Bastïon decided to cross to Aerie before Aeriepostolica was split into two. He introduced himself as "Chaos" and impressed the leader of Aerie- Nero Amadeus. "Chaos" was elected as an Elder of Destruction, along with three other candidates: Despair, Masochist, and Insanity. Unbeknowest to Nero, during his discoveries with ancient Shiro'ken and Oniki carvings in caves and trees during his inhabitation, he discovered his findings and tested out his hypothesis with his Shiro'ken: Phoenix Inferna. With his strength and intellegence, "Chaos" was appointed as Nero's right-hand man. So he dutifully defends his leader, while continuing on with his experiments and research which would change the course of the Shiro'ken-Human-Oniki theory.
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  5. Name: Malachi "Requiem" Ruari

    Age: 23

    Appearance (open)

    Shiro'ken: Aleria

    Shiro'ken Appearance (open)

    Except Female

    Affiliation: Phantom XIII

    Ranking XIII: Member 13

    History: Malachi was not what people expected when the positions were granted. He was not a Warrior of the traditional sense. In truth, he was a gambler. However, his skills were more set in tactics. What he lacks in raw force, he makes up for in his ability to read his opponents weaknesses and focus precision attacks there.

    Demeanour: Typically easy-going, he doesn't take anything too seriously, however at the same time, he's always calculating subconsciously. He spends most of his free time drinking or gambling. When neither of those are available, he settles for reading. When he does get serious, it's often not a good sign.

    Shiro'ken's Demeanour and History: The Shiro'ken, Aleria, has another name. It is known quite simply as The Surgeon. It exists on both sides of the moral boundary lines. It both helps people, providing needed care, insight, and of course, power, and on the other side of the coin, desires and enjoys dissecting people and things, and tries to figure out why things work the way they do as a result.

    Weaponry: Monofilament Wire, Weaponized Throwing Cards, Falcata
    • Shiro'Human Skills: 8
    • Defence: 5
    • Strength: 7
    • Intelligence: 9
    • Speed: 10
    • Surgery: He possesses the capability to cut through flesh with his hands at will. That isn't the extent of his capabilities, as he can also heal cuts as well. This ability doesn't require much energy as it's merely breaking and reassembling bonds, however it puts him at risk having him so close to an enemy.
    • Steady: He can expend energy to realign himself perfectly if launched into the air, or knocked around from any sort of impact.
    • Needlework: He can duplicate and manipulate his wire at a distance with pinpoint accuracy, making wire meshes, tying enemies down, or impaling them and making them humanoid puppets.
    • Plague: He can release a toxic gas from his body, but has no control over it, and thus cannot use it safely while working in a group. It's properties change from situation to situation, and he also does not control it. It's more or less a last resort.
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  6. Just so everyone is aware, I have made a few improvements and additions to Artei's CS.
  7. @Thomas McTavish for some reason your images don't show up for me. Is anyone else having this problem?
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  10. Name: "Despair" Panthis Ardemain

    Age: 24

    Panthis' Appearance (open)


    Shiro'ken: Termos

    Shiro'ken Appearance: Termos takes the form of a white eagle

    Termos' Appearance (open)


    Affiliation(s): Aerie, Elder of Destruction

    Ranking(s): Despair - Elder of Destruction

    Demeanor: Cold and calculating, Panthis has a brisk, intelligent and icy air about him. He revels in knowledge of magic, and any knowledge in general, using cunning to get the upper hand. Waiting for his enemy to strike first. He is well spoken and tries to maintain a patient, indifferent attitude towards most things. He likes to get a job done quickly, believing in dealing swift, deadly blows rather than drawing out a battle longer than necessary. He will always choose the logical option, casting emotions aside for the most part.

    Shiro'ken's Demeanor and History: Termos, unlike Panthis, has quite a fiery, mischevious nature which irritated Panthis at first. They learned to balance each other out over time. Termos is just as calculating and merciless as his master. Despite Panthis' cold, collected personality, he considers his Shiro'ken to be the closest thing to a friend and the only time Panthis' temper may show is when he disagrees with Termos.

    Weaponry: Water, Ice and Air magic

    Powers and Skills (ratings 1-10):

    (The skills are varied by a number between 1-10. Your character cannot be a perfect 10 or 9 in all sections, so there needs to be one strength point and one weak point).

    • Shiro'Human Skills: 7
    • Defense: 5
    • Strength: 4
    • Intelligence: 10
    • Speed: 9


    Mind Read -- The ability to briefly read the mind of one person

    Deception -- The ability to change physical features

    Oniki Perceive -- The ability to look into the mind of the enemy and gather information on them


    Panthis never knew his parents. From an early age, all he can remember is growing up as an orphan. He often had low self esteem, preferring to surround himself in books and knowledge, rather than friends. As he became older, it became apparent that he was gifted with magic. He took to this new talent and began training his skills, dedicating most of his time to the art. In his teens, he was adopted by a rich and influential family, who saw his skills as a way to elevate their status in Aerie. He was far from loved and his new parents expected him to refine his magic, which he did, not knowing how to do much else. It was around this time that he became aware of his Shiro'ken. It irritated him at first, distracting him from his studies, but in time he began to realise that they weren't so different, growing rather close to him. As Panthis reached adulthood, his foster family was contacted by Nero Amadeus, who recognised and saw potential in the now-adult, wanting him to become an Elder of Destruction. His family were more than happy to give him up if it meant getting in Nero's good books, and so he left them and started his new life as an Elder, taking on the somewhat fitting name, Despair. His low esteem and lack of friends eventually turned into cold indifference as he began working for Nero.

    Panthis does not follow Nero's orders out of pure loyalty. He follows them as, in a sense, he respects the man and his power, seeing this as opportunity to advance his skills and knowledge more than ever. He enjoys power but does not necessarily seek it out actively, instead choosing to do what he does for the simplistic reason of seeing what will happen. Seeing which of the two forces will win, and which side he will be on.
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  11. Panthis seems to be the exact opposite of Artei.

    *smiles psychotically*
  12. *runs and hides* xD
  13. It seems like we need Masochist to complete the E.O.D reunion. If anyone thinks that it'll be big shoes to fill, could anyone take in the role as a pain-loving lunatic which is Masochist? If one is interested, that would be awesome! :)
  14. I think I will. If nobody else wants it, anyway.
  15. Alright! :)

    And it'll seem fitting to you, Masochist and Insanity could probably go in the same page.
  16. Alrighty, you got the part! :)

    And it seems easy for you, Insanity and Masochist seems like something that'll go hand-in-hand.
  17. Alright, I'll be trying to post tonight, sorry for the delay, work's a drag
  18. [​IMG]

    Name: Deleth Graekin

    Age: 32

    Shiro'ken: Sadist Stradanye

    Shiro'ken Appearance:
    Shiro'ken (open)


    Affiliation(s): Elder of Destruction, Aerie

    Ranking(s): Masochist; Bloodmage

    Demeanor: As his title implies, Deleth is a masochist, enjoying pain inflicted upon him greatly. This has made him an odd person to battle, because the pain caused by any wounds only excite him and give him strength to keep fighting on. He is very light hearted with a dark sense of humor, and is even more fascinated by blood than Insanity. He is relatively sane, if not odd. He enjoys the company of others, especially torturers and people who wish to cause him more bodily harm in battle than they do death.

    Shiro'ken's Demeanor and History: Sadist (obviously) enjoys causing pain to others. He tends to laugh a lot while he does so, and tortures Masochist on a regular basis. The two enjoy one another's company, and are nigh inseparable.

    Weaponry: His weapons are covered in blood from all the use and almost no cleaning, yet somehow remain razor sharp through all the abuse.

    Weapons (open)

    His sword, which he uses almost as often as his blood magic.

    His dagger, which he uses to bloodlet for use for his blood magic... and personal entertainment.

    Powers and Skills (ratings 1-10):
    Shiro'Human Skills: 8
    Defense: 6
    Strength: 4.3
    Intelligence: 6
    Speed: 5

    Shiro'Blood Darts: When Masochist has an open, bleeding wound, Sadist can shape his blood into arrows, spears, throwing knives or darts which can be used as mid-ranged weapons against opponents

    Oniki Voodoo: Masochist can use his Oniki to turn himself into a human voodoo doll, and whatever pain is inflicted upon him, either by himself or by others, affects everyone within a radius of ten yards (9.144 meters).

    Bloodportal: When blood is pooled in various places on the ground, Masochist can drop into them like holes and pop back up through any other blood pools nearby.

    Oniki Bloodpuppetry: With a great amount of effort, Masochist can control the blood of another person, using it to either inflict damage upon them or use them as a puppet to fight for him.

    Zenith of Suffering: When Sadist is at peak power (after enough pain has been caused) he can separate from the soulbonds of Deleth and cause suffering to any and all he can, for as long as possible, slowly and painfully slaughtering his victims.

    History: Deleth had always been different from the other children he grew up around. He never cried when he felt pain, quite the contrary. He found in his teen years that he really enjoyed pain, and every time he got hurt he enjoyed it more and more. He began to self-harm, and his parents became worried. He ran off when they tried to have him 'fixed', and decided to learn blood magic. When his Shiro'ken was awakened, he was delighted to find the demon enjoyed being the cause of pain, and together the two had wonderful times (to them, at least). When he came of age and of excellent skill in blood magic, he was selected to become an Elder of Destruction, and took the mantle of Masochist. Since then he has faithfully served Nero and Aerie.​
  19. I changed my Shiro'Ken's gender. It was confusing referring to them both as him for me, as I was losing track of who I had doing what, so yeah, he's a she now.
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