Soul Collisions - Origins of Konra and Taekkyoaen

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  1. Many thing have happened in the past, things that need to be known. Konra and Taekkyoaen were once good friends, but through their friendship, power got in the way. It all began on the planet Mylon, a small and forested planet. Mylon was home of the Werian, a humanoid species that has the ability to turn into wolves. It began when Konra, who was 15 at the time, went out to the forest to hunt for his sick mother and younger sister.
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  2. Konra walked out of town, wearing pants and a vest made from deer hide, and shoes from leather. With him he carried his longbow and a few arrows. He brought Sheena, a normal wolf that was loyal to him, to help him hunt. He needed to get to his lucky hunting spot before noon, that way he could hunt for while and hopefully get a deer or two for his mother Mabel, who was sick, and his younger sister Kanora. His lucky hunting spot was a small meadow in the middle of the forest. In the middle of the meadow was a pond that many animals used, as there wasn't much water in the area that wasn't near civilization. Konra walked along the path towards this spot, which was a little ground blind made from leaves so that animals wouldn't be able to spot him easily, and thought about his father Dennis, who had died in a battle against two towns while he was just a baby. A tear ran down Konras face as he crawled into his blind and sat on the chair that was inside, and Sheena crawled in behind him and laid down on a small pile of grass. Konra relaxed and leaned back on the chair and looked at the sky. His eyes opened wide as something big was falling out of the sky...
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  3. Taekkyoaen was floating high above the floating islands of Tempest when he was testing his new gravitational potion as he was reaching the end of the stratosphere when a low flying comet clipped him fast and hard making him flip and disabling the potion making a split second decision he grabbed on for his dear life as the comet sent him flying into space he grabbed his water breathing potion from his potion belt as he knew it gave him air out of nothingness thus counteracting the fact that hes in well.... space, yet there was a strange anomaly as he flew through a dimension vortex which looked an awful lot like a white hole. this accidental dimension traveling left him hurtling at the Werian planet of Mylon to land at just the right place to make a huge SPLASH! in the deep pond and being knocked unconscious in front of the hunters view.......
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  4. Konra was startled as water covered him and Sheena. He knocked an arrow and slowly approached the crash site, with Sheena right behind him. As he approached through the small flames and diamond covered rocks from the comet, he saw an unconscious man. "Sheena, go home. now" He said. Sheena quickly ran back towards the town, and Konra went to see if the man was alive. "Hes alive, but barley" Konra said to himself. He put his bow on his back and picked the man up and walked back to the town, and into his house. "Who is that man Konra?" Asked Kanora. "He fell from the sky and is hurt badly, i will keep him here and help him get better, where is mom? said Konra. "I don't know, she left a while ago. I think she went to the market. Replied Kanora. "She shouldn't be wandering around town if she is sick, but i will be in my room helping this man get better. Tell mom to come and talk to me if she gets home before I'm done" Konra said as he carried the man into his room and laid him on his bed. Sheena ran into the bedroom and hoped onto the bed next to the man and laid down next to him. Konra noticed the mans eyes start to open and asked "Are you okay?"
  5. Taekkyo opened his eyes to see a young mans face with piercing blue eyes, he felt like he was crushed by a tank "No, How in the fuck am i even alive though?" he said in a pained voice groaning.....
  6. Konra looked at the man and replied "Hell if I know, I figured you were dead at first. But when I checked where you crashed, i felt a pulse. You did ruin my hunting though. Its getting dark and you should rest. Here, drink this, it will take the pain away." As he said that, he pulled a flask from his pocket and set it down on the table next to te bed. "Konra! two men are at the door, they don't look too happy!" yelled Kanora from the other room. "You get some rest, I will be back in a while" Konra said as he walked out of the room and closed the door. Sheena stayed in the room with the man. "Do you know these men? have you seen them before? asked Konra "No, I swear" said Kanora. Konra walked over to the door and opened it, glancing at the two men. "Are you Konra?" asked the first man. "Who wants to know?" Konra replied with a angry look. "Don't fucking play games with us boy, are you Konra?" asked the second man. "Ya, I am. now what do you want?" answered Konra. "You and your sister need to come with us now, there is something we need to tell you" said the first man. "I'm not going anywhere with two people I don't even know" Then Konra slammed the door. "Kanora, go into my room and lock the door" said Konra "Why?" asked Kanora "Just do it!" Konra yelled. Kanora ran into Konras room and locked the door, and looked at the man on the bed, and then started to cry
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  7. Taekkyoaen took the flask from the table and looked over at Kanora and masked his pain to say "Where are my manners!, pardon me I am Taekkyoaen Krolis of house Valmora...well to be more specific planet Valmora but nevertheless Who are you my fair lady?" he said bowing his head...
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  8. Kanora sniffed and looked at the man with tears in her eyes and said "I'm Kanora, that's my older brother Konra" From outside the room, the front door could be heard squeak open, and then Konra and the two men started yelling at each other. Then one of the men's voices stopped, and the other one started yelling for help, but then his voice stopped with a grunt and a thud on the floor. Kanora put her head on Taekkyo's shoulder and started to cry loudly. She then said "I wish Konra wasn't so violent!"
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  9. Taekkyo tried to comfort Kanora by putting one hand on her shoulder and the other stroking her hair he quietly said "Its okay, its okay, don't worry now it will all be fine, its all alright, its all alright" he tried to comfort her as best he could...
  10. Kanora continued to cry as she wrapped her hands around Taekkyo. From outside the bedroom door, Konra said "I will be back in an hour, im going to go find mom" He then walked out the front door and looked at the blood stains in the dirt. He kicked the dirt a little so that it wasn't noticeable and walked down the street. He decided a good place to start would be at uncles tavern. He continued down the street towards the center of town
  11. "A question to you my fair lady, what is this planet i have landed on and who are you and your seeming brother"
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  12. Kanora sniffled once more and said "I think the name of this planet is Mylon, and we are Werians." Kanora then laid her head on Taekkyo's chest and hugged him. Konra walked through the front doors of his uncles tavern. His uncle was sitting behind the bar with a look of pain in his eyes "Mike, whats wrong, and have you seen my mother? she wondered out of the house while i was hunting and i haven't seen here. "Mabel, sh-shes..." Mike's eyes opened wide, and then he fell to the floor. "Mike!" Konra yelled as he ran over to Mike, Konra saw a small pool of blood next to Mike, then saw a small scorpion looking thing scurry away

    The scorpion creature
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  13. Taekkyo embraced her back and thought maybe a game would help "Hey Milady Kanora, what do you do for fun around here!" He stood up and held her hand motioning outside for the thoughts that a game might cheer her up...
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  14. Kanora looked at Taekkyo and said "All I do for fun is draw and help my mother, but shes not here. Konra doesn't let me go outside without him. He would get mad if he knew I went out with you" She then walked out of Konras bedroom and into hers, which was a mess, and sat down at her coloring table. Small tapping could barley be heard in the roof...
  15. Taekkyoaen painfully got up and walked after her"Hey Wait,Wait, Im sorry if I was being too Flirty I wasn't meaning to imply anything I was just trying to be Polite, Also you draw?" Taekkyo said in a curious way...
  16. Kanora looked at Taekkyo and said "I don't mind, it's Konra who wouldn't like it. Hes really protective of me and doesn't want anything to happen to me." She then looked at some of her drawings and picked one out, which portrayed a strange dark being "I draw some, but mostly about the things I see in my nightmares" She said as she began drawing more. She drew of a plant, nothing like hers, one with beautiful floating islands and bright blue oceans. She then showed it to Taekkyo, who was shocked by the drawing, as he knows the planet all too well.
  17. "Holy crap, sorry for the language but that looks exactly like an area of my home planet! that's amazing!" the aforementioned shock that Taekkyo was experiencing was immense, almost overwhelming yet it gave him a feeling of homely warmth and euphoria that helped him with his feelings of homesickness and confusion of what is happening...
  18. Konra had followed the strange creature throughout the cellar of the tavern, never seeming to know exactly where it is. "I will find that thing and avenge my uncle" Konra said as he came up to a tunnel that was dug into the wall. He saw the creature crawling down into the depths of the tunnel and ran after it. After what seemed like an hour, he came into a cavern filled with strange creatures, one that he has never seen before."What the hell are those things? They definitely aren't friendly" Konra said. When he said that, one of the creatures looked at him and made a screech sound, alerting the rest. Konras eyes opened wide and he turned around and ran back into the taverns cellar, where there was a barrel of dynamite, he quickly lit one of the fuse's and pushed it down the tunnel, and continued to run back towards his house. The dynamite had blown up, therefore sealing the tunnel. "Your planet looks beautiful, i saw this place in my dream last night. i wish that one day I could visit it in real life" Kanora said as tapping could barley be heard in the wall. One of the small scorpion creatures, then came through a small hole in the room and crawled towards Kanora. Kanora looked down and saw the creature and screamed at the top of her lungs. Time in the room began to slow down and small tears in time could be seen, revealing past memories of what happened in the room. Konra had heard the scream and time sped up as he closed his eyes. When he opened them they were glowing red with rage and Konra turned into a huge wolf and sprinted towards the house and busted through the front door and ran into Kanoras room and ripped the scorpion into two pieces and then reverted back into his normal self and ran over and hugged Kanora, who had stopped screaming
  19. "Holy Shit What the fucking hell!" Taekkyo yelled at the top of his lungs as he reeled back for through his perception a demonic wolf looking creature appeared and ripped the scorpion creature in half just as he was about to throw a bottle of acid at the thing afterward the demonic wolf had suddenly changed into a Konra much to his complete shock and disbelief "What in the fuck is this, Konra!"...
  20. Konra drew his bow and pointed it at Taekkyo. "Calm down, we are Werian, that's what Werian do" Konra said as he looked at Kanora. "She is not full Werian, her dad was from a different planet, I never met him and neither has she. but since she isn't pure, she cant turn into a wolf, but she must have gotten the ability to open time rifts from her dad." Konra explained as he looked back to Taekkyo and said "It isn't safe here, we have to go to Maren City. Before my dad died, he left the keys for his space ship with me, and its at the Maren city space port."
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