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  1. On behalf of Racutio, I made an OOC thread for the current Soul Collisions thread going on (Destined Encounters)

    So, here it is for all that's involved and any who can soon be involved.


    Alright, so I think it's time we atleast toss in the character bios if you guys are inclined to put them up, so feel free to. I'll toss in a simple template for you guys to copypasta.

    Now, the mention of Soul Color.. In this RP world, Racutio and a few other beings can see souls (think Soul Eater as an example I suppose, but that's from my point of view, his may be different but it sounds similar. he can jump in and say something about this if he'd like)
    There are several different types of souls, but here are a few basic colors that represent certain beings.

    -Will edit the info in once I receive it from Racutio to make it clearer. This is his RP mostly anyways, I'm just helping-

    And here's the IC Thread:

    Currently, we are still Private
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  2. Thank you Zero. Send Vismaster and Darksnipe a link in their messages for their "communication" purposes. All personal shit still not included. And tell them to post already...
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  3. already done through Skype yesterday
  4. Make them all post while I write out responses.
  5. i was hunting all weekend, otherwise i would have posted earlier
  6. How'd that go? squirrels, deer?
  7. later on in the post, me and vis will reveal our past and why we hate eachother
  8. deer, but didnt get anything

  9. someone really needs to post
  10. We know. Have patience man, we can't post in a blink of an eye.
  11. Yo, just thought I should let you guys know im adding a new OC soon and im going to hint at him in my post his name is Aryn and his color will be green like this as it represents color A in the command prompt matrix style (hint hint hes a hacker) just thought I would let you guys know
  12. thanks for the heads up Vis, looking forward to the new addition to your RP.
  13. Racutio, Vis informed me that you were going to join the battle against Cerberus. The battle was meant to get Konra to like Taekkyo, since Taekkyo saved his life
  14. Np, also he thinks of himself kind of like a mad scientist (i.e. Rintaro Okabe from Steins;gate)
  15. Btw. I will eventually add a new character too, once the timing is right. Her name is Kanora. She is Konras sister, she is in mine and Vis's 1x1 if you haven't seen yet. Her color is yellow like this for talking. And like this for narrating
  16. Let's not jump the gun now, that's not what I heard when we were talking. but meh..
  17. I'm just saying that the battle was more ment to get Konra to like Taekkyo. That's the main reason I thought of it
  18. Well alright, I don't got an issue with it, so I doubt Racutio would either.
  19. But like if Racutio over watched the battle and saw Konras and taekkyos true power together, that I'm completely fine with. Also, I don't want Cerberus dead. I will bring him back later in Soul Collisions
  20. So, uh, first off, hi, I'm the friend Detective Zero's been thinking about introducing, kind of found this thread on my own and wasn't sure if I should post here or not, eventually kind of decided to go with it. So... Yeah... Hi... I'll be joining sometime soon.

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