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  1. ~Welcome to Kinsley Prep~
    This is a picture heavy page, mobile users beware

    • "Welcome dearest student! It seems that you have enrolled yourself in Kinsley Prep, a College for the generally confused. And if you haven't, this is our own little advertisement! Someone must have recommended you for a letter! It's almost like a second high school. Confused on what you want to study? This is the prefect place for you. Have your future planned out? Great! You can come here too. Our programs have a little bit of everything, and you can transfer at any time you need too!

      This is your formal invitation to our school! Can't pay tuition? No problem! Visit our financial department for more information. So come peruse your dreams and complete your path of destiny!"

      Kinsley Prep isn't like most colleges. At other places, schools are generally laid back about their students, but at Kinsley you case is taken very personally. Not only that, this college is no normal school. Each person has a entrance ceremony where they are chosen by a specific piece of jewelry that is charmed to fit you. Consider it a beacon to your soul mate. Even if they have never been to Kinsley, it will burn hot when you get close to your soul mate. Every necklace guarantees a match with one person, and hardly makes any mistakes.

      A lot of the students figure out new things, like maybe they were interested in people of the same gender even though they didn't know. Or even, that maybe not all the people at this school were entirely human. This school was not only created to bridge the gap between the mortal world and the supernatural, but to make it easier for them to integrate into society.

    • Rules of the School
      1. All students must keep their chosen item on them at all times. It does not come off your body until you have found your soul mate.
      2. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are all served on campus, but you are permitted to leave campus at any time. Campus closes at 11 pm, and opens at 6:20 am.
      3. Kinsley is a dry campus, which means no alcohol is permitted on campus. You may drink outside of campus, but on campus it is prohibited. You may be expelled if found with alcohol on campus.
      4. Kinsley is a drug free campus, and no form of drugs, besides prescription are allowed on campus. If you do not have a prescription to go along with your medication, you will be expelled.
      5. Small pets are allowed inside the dorms, but only one per person. Pets are the responsibility of the owner, and must be registered before the start of the quarter, and re registered every quarter they continue to live in the dorm.
      6. No Fighting will be tolerate on campus, and both participants will receive only one notice before expulsion.

      Sign Up Rules
      1. Make sure you read all the rules before we start, otherwise we are going to have problems later on.
      2. I have a skeleton for a reason, please follow it. All sections that are labeled as optional are optional, and you can add more if you would like. It looks like a lot, but a lot of the stuff is straightforward. Don't be shy to ask for help if you need it!
      3. You can use whatever type of picture you want, though I want this rp to lean a little more towards anime, but you can use realistic pictures as well.
      4. Make sure to keep in mind what characters have already been made so we don't have all super loner females or a bunch of girls and a singular gay guy. If you have read this, make sure to put what your characters favorite outfit is in the cs, in a different color. Also make sure to have equal humans to other species.
      5. Avoid making perfect characters, Ex a mary Sue/Garry Sue. Every character should have a flaw or two.
      6. Adding some detailing as simple as aligning the cs in the center, or adding color boosts up the appearance of it and makes it feel a little more professional, and easier for my bad eyes to read it.

      IC Rules
      1. Keep your posts above one paragraph. The more writing the better, it gives it depth. If you post less, you will be warned. If it continues, you will be removed.
      2. Keep all OOC talk out of the IC. It clutters it up.
      3.I am not going to keep a posting order, but I will if I have too. I don't want to restrict people from acting on an event, but having a bunch of 1x1 for pages and pages gets a little annoying. It's undoubtedly going to happen, but please try and control yourselves.
      4. It's fine to do collaboration posts, but it's best if you consult the person on the post before you post it. Saves drama. Don't forget to mention all the people who participated in the mass post.
      5. A small section should be put above your post, just stating which character you are playing, a color if you would like, where they are, who they interacted through, who was mentioned in passing conversation or in thought, and their current location. Other things like outfit, mood, and other details are optional. If you include a picture, please scale it down.
      6. God Moding is absolutely not allowed in any of my roleplays, and you will be kicked if you don't figure out a way to amend your post. I have a feeling there will be some fighting in this rp.

    • Name:
      Gender Identification:
      Mental Illnesses?:

      Appearance (Picture preferred)
      Short Description:
      Dress Style:
      Body Markings(natural):
      Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings:
      Eye Color:
      Other Form; (Optional)

      Bio: (Semi optional, put at the least a little something, doesn't have to be long.)
      Personality Trait-

      Jewelry Piece:

    • TBU After Poll

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  2. tumblr_o33w6lTMCz1v7dnkqo1_1280.jpg Name: Zarek "Zar" Clairtone
    Age: 22
    Birthday: December 18th
    Species: Werewolf
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Sex: Male
    Gender Identification: Male
    Mental Illnesses?: Feral instincts|PTSD|Claustrophobic
    Allergies?: Silver, Light sensitivity, Acetaminophen, Strong perfumes.


    Short Description: Zarek stands at a rather daunting 6'6ft with a muscular build but not quite buff. His silky black hair reaches about 4 inches in length and is usually kept straight with the occasional unruly spike. A couple scarlet streaks stand out on the front tips if his hair. Silvery blue eyes are set into a lightly tanned complexion.
    Dress Style: Outside of his school uniform Zarek often wears casual loose fitting clothes like the ones in the pic above. He also has a tendency to wear earphones.
    Body Markings(natural): N/A
    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings: Zar has scars scattered throughout his body. Most are faded, the ones on his arms, upper chest, and one slicing through his left eyebrow are the most visible unless hes shirtless for some reason. He also has a neon tattoo that glows in the dark on his right inner wrist b29cb944286fc0e25f6099acbaa9b1b2.jpg
    Piercings: His upper left ear.

    Scent: Silverpine and Warm Amber
    Eye Color: A silvery cerulean
    Other Form: A mix of these 2 pics.

    profile_picture_by_blackwolf_shade25-d58ewgo.jpg 0bc8ae1991739edc19eb1312b8c10066.jpg

    Personality: Zarek has a somewhat complicated personality. At first glance hes quiet, a bit intimidating, and a loner. But once you approach him you'll find hes actually pretty friendly (depending if you're a good person that is) and kind. He has a goofy streak that he uses to make others laugh and get more comfortable around him. Despite this theres still an air of mystery surrounding the werewolf. He avoids the topic of his past like the plague and even though hes loyal to a fault with his friends, he still cant seem to let himself get too close with anyone. His heart surrounded by a seemingly impenetrable wall.

    On the flip side Zar has a very colorful/creative mind, always seeming to find beauty even in the simplest things. Hes very protective and will stand up for anyone, even a complete stranger. But this can lead to him losing control of his temper. His more "feral" instincts coming to the surface until he calms down.

    Bio: Up until 6 years ago Zarek was kept in the basement of his father's home where he was abused and neglected since he could remember. The only time he was let out was on a full moon where he couldn't help but shift. His father used this as a way to make him fight in a illegal underground supernatural fighting ring. Nobody even knew of Zarek until one day the police came to the house after his father died in a car accident. They expected to find the place empty, only to find a chained up teenage boy with no social skills and more animal than man.

    They took and got him fixed up at the hospital, but it would take another 2 years of therapy before Zarek was "human" enough to be around large groups of people without lashing out or running away. Now hes quite social but he still keeps his heart under lock & key.


    Color- Sapphire blue
    Movie- Balto
    Book- Currently...Born of Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Season- Fall
    Food- Steak Tartar-Not. Pizza
    Temperature- 45-55 F
    Personality Trait- Kindness
    Animal- Baby anything
    Sport- Parkour
    Pastime- Tag
    Fears- Restraints|Confined Spaces|Pitch dark|Losing control.
    Skill- Painting or Playing instruments

    Skills: Talented Painter/Sketcher|Natural Musician|Tracking|Climbing|Reaching high things|Reading Others|MMA
    Hobbies: Painting/Sketching|Playing Music|Parkour|Running|Reading|Volunteering

    Pet: Squirrel
    Fidget (open)

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  3. Name:
    Haruna Mizushima
    20 years
    August 30th (Virgo)
    Gender Identification:
    Mental Illnesses?:
    Anxiety, panic disorder
    Mosquito bites (they'll puff up much bigger than normal bites)

    Short Description:
    Haruna has hip-length peridot green hair, red eyes, and dark skin. She has extremely large ears, sort of like a maned wolf or fennec fox. Her long tail may resemble a lion's, except it tapers out into three fur tufts instead of one. Her feet are long and thin like a rabbit's back legs. She is roughly 5'1".
    Dress Style:
    She dresses in comfortable materials for the most part and usually wears solid colors. She doesn't wear shoes due to her rabbit-like feet, mostly because it would be inconvenient but also because it'd look quite odd. Her favorite outfit would be a high-waisted skirt flowing slightly past her knees with some sort of nice top tucked into it (or not tucked). She would also enjoy something more casual like #3 (see spoiler).
    Outfit Examples (open)
    [​IMG]<<<#3 (minus the shoes, because of her big ass feet ._. Okay honestly, just ignore the shoes in literally every outfit picture I ever post for Haruna. >\\\<)

    Body Markings(natural):
    Her toes are very dark, and as you go up to her shin it continues to get lighter, but remains darker than the rest of her skin. She has darker dots between her eyebrows and under both eyes (closer to the corners). There are two dots per complete marking, one being larger than the other. There is also a large ruby on her forehead, which she was born with.
    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings:
    Double-pierced left ear
    Eye Color:
    Other Form:

    Clever, successful, logical/practical, creative, caring, modest/shy, hopelessly romantic (she tries to hide it), worldly, open-minded, meticulous, reserved|| Haruna is usually very successful due to her wit and creativity, but also because she is extremely caring and open-minded. She believes that you can't get very far unless you demonstrate some act of kindness, whether it be small or large. She is definitely a romantic person, but her shyness usually prevents her from showing this to most people. Haruna does, however, enjoy trying to push people together when she thinks that they have chemistry. She tries to control this, but it isn't always easy. Of course she does have mood swings and goes from being optimistic and squealing over love to being more reserved, quiet, and seemingly emotionless. While she is creative, she is extremely meticulous and fusses over every imperfection she finds. Luckily, she focuses her perfectionism on herself and her own work, making it slightly less annoying to those around her.

    Haruna grew up in Mahis, Jordan, on a farm of sorts. She was kept away from society, besides family doctors and such. Her mother's side of the family were kemonomimis, while her father's side was full of mostly humans and a few magic users. Her father himself didn't use magic, though he was familiar with it, especially with things involving gemstones. When he saw his newborn daughter with a ruby on her forehead, he knew that she would be blessed with health, riches, wisdom, and amazing success in love (of course all of these assumptions were based on legends of the ruby). So far, Haruna hasn't been very wealthy and has yet to experience real love outside of her family, but she is quite healthy and definitely intelligent.

    Although it was rare in the family, some of her mother's relatives would be born with some sort of gem on their body. The type of gem would go on to signify what traits they may possess and what will happen to them. For example, Haruna's mother Azumi had an opal between her collar bones. The opal symbolizes love, hope, purity, and health. Azumi, much like her daughter, was a very romantic being. She was also very hopeful and innocent, and was fairly healthy.

    Since Haruna was kept away from society, she didn't go to school. Her parents, not being very good at schooling her, gave up with it after her first three years of homeschooling. Now, Haruna would have to find ways to learn on her own if she really wanted to. She did, occasionally deciding to steal in order to do so. She only stole books, writing utensils, and paper, but she became so good at this that no one noticed their missing belongings after a while. She studied life around her, copied weather patterns, and did her own experiments when she wasn't doing farm or house work. Haruna enjoyed reading very much, and at this point will read anything without questioning the subject. She taught herself languages as she got older, thinking of moving away from home. Haruna did move away when she was seventeen, wearing things to cover her "abnormalities" and boarding a plane to Arizona, USA, to fulfill her dreams of learning and traveling.

    Of course she did have bad experiences, and luckily found something like a gateway to a more supernatural place. She stayed there for a year before heading to Kingsley Prep. She didn't know very much English at first, only enough to get by, but has since become fluent in the language (she does occasionally slip into moments where she'll speak Arabic, mostly when she experiences extreme bouts of emotion).

    Color- Peach/baby pink
    Movie- Requiem for a Dream
    Book- The Girl On The Train (by Paula Hawkins)
    Season- Late summer/mid. fall
    Food- Anything spicy
    Temperature- Warm, between 67 degrees F.- 83 degrees F.
    Personality Trait- Honesty
    Animal- Rabbits
    Sport- Baseball
    Music- Indie, rock, classical
    Pastime- Playing the harp+ukelele, singing

    Playing the harp+ukelele, singing, learns quickly, speaks a few languages (Italian, French, English- which may not seem to be a big deal, but it isn't her native tongue while Arabic is, and Vietnamese), high stamina
    Studying history (from basically any place/time period), reading, writing music (at least attempting to), sketching
    Jewelry Item:
    [​IMG] (on a short chain, making it sort of like a choker)

    Haruna the Hopeless Romantic (open)
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  4. [​IMG]
    Marianne Clarise Rose Silverbane
    She usually just goes by Ann, and on other days, Andrew


    November 15th

    Fox Shifter-Princess



    Gender Identification

    Mental Illnesses?
    Depression, anxiety


    ~Appearance ~

    Short Description
    Ann is nothing but legs. She has a very flat chest, and short and messy kept hair.
    She stands at about 5'8", which is relatively tall, but still short enough to look sort of female.
    Ann is usually boyish in both style, and temperament, and usually never wears makeup.
    But sometimes, she will do a 180 and get very girly, wearing makeup and fussing about her stuff

    Dress Style
    Varries on gender atm, can be between comfortable to girly

    Body Markings(natural)
    A mole on her back, just to the right of her spine

    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings
    A few scars, one on the left of her neck, the other on her left leg.
    She also has a single tattoo on her right thigh






    Rain, the forest, and lavender. Sometimes with a hint of cinnamon

    Eye Color
    Blue eyes, amber when transformed

    Other Form

    Ann is most often seen being alone, since that just seems to be in her nature. She can be a bit
    prickly at first, because she doesn't like forcing people with her existence. She considers herself quite a burden
    on people since her mind changes a lot. One day she could be the biggest bro on the street, and the next
    she could be in a skirt and tights, with a fancy little lacy bra on and mascara. She can't really explain
    why some days she just wants to feel masculine, and the other feminine.

    If you somehow get Ann, who is very introverted, to trust you, she is a little ball of energy. She is persistent
    with wanting to know everything about you. She doesn't like having secrets between her and her friends, but
    at the same time understands that not all things are meant to be said at the same time. Curious, and driven
    by her love for music and dancing and drawing, she tends to be a little ball of lovable and loyal energy.
    But being an introvert, she has to crash at some point, and when she does, she doesn't want to
    do a lot of talking. Her brain is either on or off. When it's on, she can't stop talking, or working,
    when it's not she is most likely watching videos, listening to music, or snuggling up to a good book.

    Ann was born into a very rare and royal family, one that was often looked upon in her kind. She was the first daughter,
    so she was supposed to be the heir to their throne. She was supposed to be a lady, refined, and completely
    straight. But of course, Ann would have none of that. She felt like a man, would steal suits to wear instead of
    dresses, would wear men's clothing, and slouch at the table. She was constantly put back in her place, time
    and time again, scolded, trained, and ignored. She hated her life there. She plunged into a fit, until she
    couldn't take it anymore. She ran, away from her family and into the forest. She didn't care how much
    they searched for her, she will never forget what happened inside those sealed walls.

    Temperature-Mildly Warm
    Personality Trait-Loyalty
    Animal-A Tiger, Ironically
    Pastime-Drawing, Dancing
    Skill-Drawing, Dancing

    Arealism, Dance, Drawing, Manners

    Reading, Drawing, Arealism, Dancing, Cooking, Skating, Parkour

    Jewelry Item
    A Owl Named Echo


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  5. [​IMG]
    Name Kamon Demore
    Age 18
    Birthday February 25th
    Species Merman
    Orientation Homosexual
    Sex Male
    Gender Identification Male
    Mental Illnesses? Absence seizures- He sort of drifts off inside his head randomly and is unaware of what is happening around him. The seizures normally last up between two minutes to five. They happen randomly and after the seizure is over Kamon will continue doing whatever it was he had been doing before the seizure started. The dangerous part of this however is that while in the seizure he might move. Be it simply moving his hand or getting up and walking away maybe towards a staircase. He has no control over what he does nor does he remember any of it when he comes out of the seizure.

    Allergies? Ironically, he is allergic to shell fish/fish
    Short Description Standing at 5'0", Kamon is considered quite short for a male of his age and is often pointed out on this fact. However, Kamon is proud of his height. He refuses to allow people taller than him assist him if he is unable to reach something. He will climb if he has too. Though he does get put out when people constantly point out the fact that he is short. Kamon's hair seems to have a mind of its own, preferring to rest atop his head in messy, white curls. He does try to tame it but it resists his every effort and so he eventually just gives up and lets it do what it will. Kamon's physique could be described as slender and even so far as calling it petite. He has some muscles but they are lean and compliment his small body. He weighs around 100lbs and doesn't seem to gain weight no matter what he eats due to his fast metabolism.

    Dress Style Kamon tends to become cold rather easily so his wardrobe consists of sweaters and collared shirts as well as t-shirts, both short and long sleeve and jeans. However, he abhors shorts and refuses to even consider putting them in his closet. Swimming trunks are a different matter in his eyes as he has quite a few pairs of those trunks neatly into his closet. He mostly wears converse though he has a few pairs of slip-on shoes when he doesn't feel up to tying laces that day. Though admittedly, his favorite outfit of all time is a pair of leggings, a long-sleeve shirt and some socks. By far his favorite thing to sleep in.

    Body Markings N/A

    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings Due to his merman heritage, he has a blue-green ombre scale pattern that spirals down both of his legs from his hips. When he turns his legs back into fins, these scale patterns glow.

    Piercings None

    Scent Seawater. But a pleasant seawater smell

    Eye Color Deep sky blue

    Other Form
    Ena is what Kamon uses to breath outside of the water in his human form. Ena out of the water is like normal skin except it will glitter and shimmer lightly in the sun. Those with Ena are extremely sensitive to UV light/sun rays when out of water. If they're out of water for a long period of time, they can faint and the Ena will slowly chip away like glass. Karmon's ena generally lasts a few hours and he is able to replenish it by drinking salt water. However, if he exerts himself too much or is exposed to too much UV light/sun rays, his ena dries out at a fast rate. If his ena chips too much then drinking water will do nothing and his full body much be submerged into salt water. If he doesn't reach salt water when it reaches this point, he will soon be unable to breathe until he passes out and if he still is unable to reach salt water he will die.
    Personality Kamon is normally described as a kind and caring individual. He tends to put others needs before his own and won't hesitate to help someone if he feels they are in need of assistance. He also has his shy moments where he tends to look at the ground and not really talk to anyone. He gets nervous when meeting new people and doesn't speak much until he gets to know them better. Despite all of this, Kamon has a stubborn streak and will not budge if he sets his mind to something. He's not one to anger easily but once he is watch out because he can have quite the temper and is not afraid to give you a piece of his mind. Of course, afterwards he will be completely mortified by what he said and will apologize profusely to the person he grew angered at. If he thinks they deserve it that is. If he feels you completely had what was coming to you, not one word of apology will leave his lips though secretly he will still feel rather bad about it. Another trait of Kamon's is that he has a bad habit of bottling up his problems so the people around him will not worry. Even if he is having the worst day imaginable he will still put on a smile and say everything is fine.

    Bio When Kamon was little, he lived in the ocean with his parents and two older brothers. However, his parents wanted their children to experience the human world. And so, his parents took them to land where they spend countless hours telling their children how important it is to keep hydrated. Kamon was a curious child and loved exploring the land. However, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Kamon lost track of time whilst exploring and before he knew it, his ena was dried out and he couldnt breath. He tried to get back to his house but it was simply to far. As he lay on the ground gasping for air, he suddenly felt hand under his arms and felt himself being dragged someone. His first thought was that something bad was going to happen but after a bit he felt blessed water wash over his body. He had been dragged to a small lagoon that was being fed water from the ocean. His ena regrew and he turned to thank his savior but all he caught was a glimpse of hair before the person disappeared. He was still too weak to follow immediately after and it took a bit before he could stand. He made his way back to his house slowly, his parents in a panic because he had been out so late. To this day, he still does not know who rescued him.

    Color Sea green

    Movie The Little Mermaid

    Book He has read too many to pick a favorite

    Season Winter

    Food Sweet things

    Temperature 40 °F | 4.44 °C

    Personality Trait Sweet ♦ Kind ♦ Shy ♦ Stubborn ♦ Caring

    Animal Dolphin

    Sport None

    Pastime Reading or listening to music

    Skills In the water his tail is very powerful and can knock someone unconscious if he hits them hard enough with. He is very quick in his merman form and very agile in the water. He is even still able to breath underwater in his human form though he is not a very good swimmer when he has legs.

    Hobbies Reading and watching nature

    Pet None at the moment

    Jewelry Piece


    He doesn't really like confined spaces. In fact it causes him to go into a panicked state.
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  6. Name: Helena Malarke
    Age: 21
    Birthday: October 23rd
    Species: Cambion
    Orientation: Straighter than the straight line you run to the pool on a hot day
    Sex: Female
    Gender Identification: Female
    Mental Illnesses?: Demonic instincts & tendencies
    Allergies?: None

    Short Description: Helena stands at 5'3" which is midsized in her opinion. She's a bit of a lightweight for her size being only 112 pounds. Her hair is rose gold, more on the pink side, and very smooth. She prefers it to be out and flowing or in tight braids. She has a thin frame with a nearly flat chest but her large hips fill out the back. Her body is well taken care of resulting in her beautiful hair and pretty face. As far as unhuman characteristics go, Helena has peach red eyes, horns sharp enough to break skin, and razor blade fangs that she can retract at her own will.
    Dress Style: Some days it's girly with dresses and pretty colors, other days it's skimpy with a crop top or rompers. Depends on her mood in the morning. Her, by far, favorite outfit would have to be a romper of any kind (preferably shorts) and a pair of nice sandals.

    >Outfit 1< >Outfit 2< >Outfit 3< >Outfit 4< >Outfit 5< >Outfit 6<
    Body Markings(natural): None
    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings: None
    Piercings: Earlobes
    Scent: Cranberry, Mango & Hibiscus, or Passion Fruit
    Eye Color: Peachy red
    Other Form: None

    Personality: Helena has a very 'unique' personality. Some might say she is borderline insane, others might say she's just a doll to be around. Her general personality really depends on her mood of the day. Being the offspring of an Incubus and a human causes her personalities to be a tad extreme. One moment she could be bursting out laughing with happiness, the next she could be highly agitated and want to strangle a bear. She often loses track of what she was doing or trails off into different thoughts if she gets distracted. Although this may make her seem rather ditsy, Helena is very intelligent and calculating. She is also the type to get very bored very quickly, be it relationships or conversations. She has been known to be a bit of a mischievous flirt more often than not. To sum it all up she may look, act, and sound like a crazy chic but she really knows how to play the game.
    Bio: A child born from a demon and a human creates a special creature called a cambion. Helena is just such a creature since her birth father is an Incubus and her birth mother is a human. Her mother, regrettably, died a few weeks after giving birth so she was raised by her father where she learned how to control her abilities and urges. At times she has the sudden urge to bite things so she tends to chew on random objects to avoid sinking her fangs into humans. It's like how adults have stress balls when their kids are delinquents. Back to the story, her powers manifested in the form of weather patterns and dreamscaping. Meaning she could control the forces of weather directly around her and she can enter the dreams of others. She can't alter the dream in any way but she can speak with and observe the person who's dream she entered. While she does that her body is very vulnerable to anyone outside of the dream. Her father, very pleased with the development of her abilities kept her happy so she wouldn't turn on him one day. Even with human blood coursing through her veins she was still stronger than the real deal.

    Color- Magenta
    Movie- The Incredibles
    Book- Divergent
    Season- Winter aka Christmas
    Food- Plums, Pasta & Pastries
    Temperature- Anything above 20 degrees but below 100 degrees
    Personality Trait- Flirtatiously creative
    Animal- Elephant
    Sport- Soccer
    Pastime- Hiking, Exploring, and the like

    Skills: Seducing people, acrobatic movement, getting out of things
    Hobbies: Shopping, cooking, exploring
    Jewelry: Chrysoprase necklace
    Pet: None
    Other: She tends to be unstable when it comes to how she acts.
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  7. Name: Elroy Ronson
    Age: 20
    Birthday: May 1st
    Species: Human
    Orientation: Not picky
    Sex: Male
    Gender Identification: Male
    Mental Illnesses?: None
    Allergies?: Chocolate & Peanuts

    Short Description: Standing at a lengthy 5'7" and weighing a whopping 135 pounds, this young man was quite the average guy. Elroy has a very slim build with very slight, almost unnoticeable, muscularity despite how often he exercises. He has soft black hair that he usually puts no effort into making it look nicer. However he rolls out of bed in the morning is how his hair will look, but the style works fine for him. His skin is more on the pale side but it is lightly tanned, the boy tans like butter on bread.
    Dress Style: Elroy prefers to go for the more unplanned look. He usually will just grab a clean tshirt with some jeans or wear something he could work out in.
    His favorite outfit would be his red sweater with a pair of skinny sweatpants and a pair of vans.
    >Outfit 1< >Outfit 2< >Outfit 3< >Outfit 4< >Outfit 5< >Outfit 6<

    Body Markings(natural): Small birthmark on the back of his right shoulder
    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings: Tattoo of the solar system on his left forearm

    Piercings: None
    Scent: Magnolia, Orchid, or Jasmine
    Eye Color: Teal
    Other Form: None

    Personality: Elroy is the type of person to not particularly take an interest in things. He usually goes with the flow of things around him and submits to other's wishes. It's very easy to get him to do things especially if there is food involved. Even though he doesn't act interested in things he's very realistic with people. Most find this is most defining trait since the other half of him is complete indifference. In other words, it's hard to get him actually excited about something not related to plants, space, or clouds.
    Bio: Being the fabled son of socialites has it's ups and downs. His parents loved him and wished only the best for him but he wasn't part of their crowd. They were very high class and only wore the classiest things while he was just a casual kid. Obviously, they didn't want people to know they had a son who doesn't take after them so no one knows of his existence outside of his family and a few close friends. In all honesty, Elroy didn't care either way. He got whatever he needed as long as he behaved and he could do whatever he wanted. He had a home tutor so he never went to normal school so his social skills are sort of lacking in that department but he was always just a good guy.

    Color- Vermillion Red
    Movie- Finding Nemo
    Book- I Am Number Four
    Season- Spring
    Food- Waffles & Crispy Chicken Wraps
    Temperature- Anything around 60 degrees
    Personality Trait- Nonchalance
    Animal- Lemur
    Sport- Karate & MMA
    Pastime- Cloud watching, Stargazing, & Napping

    Skills: Self-defense, keeping secrets, fixing things
    Hobbies: Studying cloud formations, charting constellations, charting maps, taking care of little plants
    Jewelry: Turquoise bracelet
    Pet: None
    Other: He likes to keep small potted plants around his room or house and he has an irrational fear of large animals.
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  8. Esdeath_to_an_imprisoned_Liver.jpg
    Name: Teara "Tear" Hunt
    Age: 21
    Birthday: April 13th
    Species: Human/Demon Host
    Orientation: Bi-Curious
    Sex: Female
    Gender Identification: Female
    Mental Illnesses?: Does having a demon's voice in your head count? (Similar to split-personality disorder)
    Allergies?: Bee's|Tide Detergent|Annoyance
    Short Description: Teara has long sky blue hair that falls past her waist in thick waves. Standing at 5'6 shes pretty average but she likes to wear heeled boots that gives her another 2-3 inches. She has an hourglass figure with a rather well endowed chest area. Shes athletic and tone but not enough to be slender. Her most noticeable feature (aside from the goods) is her thick sky blue eyelashes that give her an almost supernatural appearance.
    Dress Style: Teara's style is rather peculiar to most. But i guess you could categorize it as "punk". She likes to wear uniform-like attire but with tweaks such as chains, purposeful rips, multicolors. Sometimes she'll wear just an average tank and camo pants if shes feeling lazy.

    Her favorite varies but she particularly enjoys her white and black uniform complete with combat boots and hat (in pics above).
    Body Markings(natural): Just a few small scars.
    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings: A tattoo located in the center of her chest (pic below).
    Piercings: Earlobes & Belly button.
    Scent: Floral musk & Exotic spices
    Eye Color: Sapphire blue
    Other Form: But the tattoos are violet instead of red, her iris goes aqua, and her sclera turns black. Demon Takeover
    Amira_transformed.png tumblr_nd0uuhsK4c1rbrys3o1_500.gif

    Teara is the kind of girl you can see yourself hanging out with even if you just met. Shes kind, outgoing, and witty. She loves to inspire others and always seems to be full of energy. She considers just about anyone she meets a insta-friend. Though there is the rare case of being a intsa-enemy but these are reserved for people with no heart or morals. Despite this Tear has a hard time actually fully trusting someone. Since she's been betrayed in the past and hasn't had the opportunity since. Shes insanely protective over those she cares for (which is next to everyone) but in the end is usually the one that needs protection since shes a magnet for trouble.

    When Elektra merges with Teara the Demoness' personality takes over while Teara is essentially "put in the backseat". Elektra's personality is....Exhausting. The little imp can be as icy as the river Styxx one minute and as curious as a little girl the next. Outside of combat her personality is a mix of curious (sometimes too), blunt, carefree, and impatient. This can often put others off but she does have the occasional rare spark of wisdom and/or kindness.
    In combat Elektra is as icy and ruthless as her magic. Taking no mercy she dispatches her enemy without a second glance. She has a hard time holding back when she gets serious. On rare occasions (often at the prompting of Teara) she'll protect others, but only if she considers them worth saving.

    Bio: To say Teara's life has been unique is an understatement. She grew up out in the middle of nowhere with her parents and older sister. Until one evening her and her sister (Vina) were playing out in the woods. Before they knew it they became caught in a sudden blizzard. While trying to find their way home they became lost. The cold was starting to numb their limbs. Finally they collapsed, thats when a shadow fell over them. It was a Mountain Yeti, they had heard of them but never actually came across one. Until now. Frozen in fear all Teara could do was watch as the giant prepared to strike them down. Right before the blow would of torn her asunder, her sister shielded Tear's body with her own. She fell on top of her covered in blood. Even so Vina smiled and whispered "I'll always protect you...Tear..a..." Before she expelled her last breath. Teara was only 8.

    Screaming and crying the Yeti prepared to strike again. That was when she heard a voice in her head. "Do you want to live?" She couldn't see anyone else around but Teara managed to answer. "Y-yes...." Suddenly there was a woman-wait-a demon in front of her. The Demoness smiled and held out her hand for Teara. "Then lets make a deal.." Everything went black after she grapsed the demons hand. When she came to she was collapsed against a tree and the Yeti was in pieces beside her. That was the day she became the host of the frost demon, Elektra. She didn't return home afterward not wanting to let her parents see what she had become. From then on Elektra stayed with her in a chibi sized form until the 2 merged. She stayed out in the wild until she was 12 when she decided to move to civilization. Shes been living a relatively normal, although solitary, life since.


    Color- Turquoise
    Movie- Spirit of the Cimarron
    Book- Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind
    Season- Summer (Elektra Winter)
    Food- Sweets/Icecream
    Temperature- 65-75 F
    Personality Trait- Bravery
    Animal- White tiger
    Sport- Swimming & Basketball
    Pastime- Laughing
    Skill- Baking
    Skills: Swordplay|Baking|Ice/Cold Magic immunity|IFrostfire Manipulation (Demon)|Natural Athlete|Good Singer|Gaming
    Hobbies: Singing (alone)|Kendo/Fencing|Baking|Playing Sports|Chess|Gaming.
    Pet: If a mini Demoness counts as a pet.
    This is Elektra. She stands at about 8 inches tall and usually stays hidden in Teara's pocket/bag but sometimes sits on her shoulder.

    Jewelry: Sears-Opal-Rings.jpg
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  9. Name || Seth Maynard

    Age || 25
    Birthday || March 9th
    Species || Human
    Orientation || Heterosexual
    Sex || Male
    Gender Identification || Male
    Mental Illnesses || None
    Allergies || Unknown - EpiPen Required

    Short Description || Seth is tall and lanky, standing at 6'0" and weighing 130lbs. He doesn't carry a lot of muscle or fat. With dark hair, blue eye, and a clear complexion, Seth sees himself as fairly attractive but hasn't been actively looking for any relationships. His smiles are rare and if RBF existed for men, he would be a walking definition.
    Dress Style || Seth prefers the style of "comfortable-casual". He can be seen in t-shirts or button-ups, provided that they are light. He is almost always wearing jeans, regardless of the weather. His absolute favorite outfit though is completely opposite of what he wears normally and that is a thick hoodie and shorts. He mostly wears this around his dorm.
    Natural Body Markings || A dark birthmark covers the inside of his left wrist.
    Tattoos/Unnatural Markings || Various scars cover his body from boyhood antics. No tattoos.
    Piercings || None.
    Scent || He's partial to Old Spice's Timber so that is what he is constantly wearing.
    Eye Color || Dark Blue

    Personality || Seth is a typical ISTJ. He enjoys taking responsibility for his actions and his proud of the work he does. He doesn't make many assumptions, believing that he should instead understand and consume the facts and he quickly loses patients with those who are indecisive and impractical. Seth is honest and direct, often ignoring others feelings. He personally believes it's best to bite the bullet and handle the truth no matter how hard it may be. He also doesn't become upset easily, maintaining a cool and calm composure. Seth can also be considered stubborn, insensitive, and judgemental.
    Bio ||
    Seth grew up an only child to a single mother. Rarely were they able to spend time together because she was working two jobs, which would increase to three every summer. He knew that she only did this to provide him with the very best, as he never went without; therefore, Seth devoted most of his time to his studies and his own job which he found at the age of 15. The job was a small one, helping the local computer repair shop, but he was eventually able to earn enough money to allow his mom to quit one of her jobs. Right now he is working toward getting a degree in Computer Science with his main goal being to allow his mother to quit working entirely.

    Favorite Color || Forest Green
    Movie || Drive
    Book || A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
    Season || Fall
    Food || Tacos
    Temperature || Not too hot, not too cold. Preferably with the wind or fan blowing.
    Personality Trait || Humor
    Animal || Badger
    Sport || Is Magic the Gathering a sport?
    Pastime || Reading
    Skills || Excellent at math and science. Skilled with technology. Good at time management.
    Hobbies || Reading, Building computers, Playing PC Games
    Pet || A small pug named Pugsley
    Other || A black ring with a stone that looks almost like the earth. [Picture]

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  10. [​IMG]
    Julian Carmichael
    |[AGE]| 23
    |[BIRTHDAY]| September 18th
    |[SPECIES]| Human
    |[ORIENTATION]| Pansexual(but he definitely has a preference for dudes ;D)
    |[MENTAL ILLNESSES]| Dysthymia/Persistent Depressive Disorder

    |[SHORT DESCRIPTION]| 6'2, a little lean from not eating as often as he should, otherwise average build with a bit of muscle in his biceps.
    The standard T-shirt, hoodie jacket and jeans are a staple in his wardrobe. Try as he might to achieve a sense of fashion, the fact of the matter is, he is simply too lazy to waste his time with things like style and accessories. He likes his clothes to be comfortable foremost, and picking plain colors means everything always matches, afterall one can never go wrong with classics such as "Washed Laundry White", "Bottomless Abyss Black", and quite literally fifty shades of grey.
    |[TATTOOS]| N/A
    |[SCENT]| Newspaper & Old Books, reminiscent of a library.
    |[EYE COLOR]| Warm Honey Hazel
    |[OTHER FORM]| None, but boy does he wish he had one.
    *wistful sigh*

    |[PERSONALITY]| A barren field of fucks to give. Too apathetic to even eat sometimes; it frustrates him to look at the things he once enjoyed and wonder why he has no feelings for them now. A lot of people have called him depressed or just plain lazy because of his attitude, and it doesn't help that he can't care enough to disagree. It's been an ongoing internal struggle to keep convincing himself that there are things worth doing in the world. He isn't suicidal in the least (it would take too much effort in his opinion), but he can't be bothered to take care of his health or emotions either. From time to time, he does regain his love for life when something new and exciting comes his way -- video games being his biggest vice. Although mildly annoyed at most times, he will always engage in interacting with another person if they attempt to initiate contact; in a way, this makes him an easily approachable, albeit crabby, kind of person. When in the presence of friends, he can become quite silly with awkward, self-depreciating jokes and dark humor. At his deepest layer, however, he has been known to act embarrassingly lovesick when there is someone he is attracted to.

    |[BIO]| He doesn't like to talk about regular life; having submitted such trivial events to short term memory, if it wasn't something worth mentioning he won't remember it, therefore he has a hard time recalling anything important about his past. When an event does surface in his mind, however, the details of the time or place or even the people that were there will sometimes blend together, giving birth to unreliable accounts of things that may or may not have happened in a specific fashion. For instance, he is certain that he's been kidnapped or abducted by supernatural forces when he was a teenager, but he can't be sure precisely how it happened, for what reason they wanted him, or why they let him go. It still haunts him to this day, and it is part of the reason he became so depressed. He wishes he could go back to that place. Now he works as as a sales assistant at a shop that sells enchanted items, because it's as close as he can get to crossing the border between his own boring world and the one where the spirits dwell.

    |[COLOR]| Chrome Silver
    |[MOVIE]| Metal Gear Solid directed by Hideo Kojima (gamer humor, sry)
    |[BOOK]| The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey
    |[SEASON]| Autumn
    |[FOOD]| Pasta, preferably drenched in some sort of cheese sauce.
    |[TEMPERATURE]| He doesn't know, nor does he care.
    |[PERSONALITY TRAIT]| Hopelessly Romantic
    |[ANIMAL]| Cats
    |[SPORT]| Motorsport (not professionally, just for fun)
    |[PASTIME]| Youtube, Video Games, Looking for Erotic Fan Art/Fiction, Daydreaming
    |[SKILLS]| He has no idea what he's good for, which is why he's coming to this college!
    |[HOBBIES]| Video Games, Daydreaming, ?Ghost Hunting?
    |[PET]| A fat orange cat called Memers.
    |[JEWELRY]| A simple ring he tends to wear on his thumb.

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  11. [​IMG]

    "It would serve you well to know your place..."


    October 28th, ????




    Gender Identification

    Mental Illnesses
    Delusions of Grandeur
    "What are you talking about?! I really was thrown through time!"


    Short Description
    A very thin frame, not fit for physical activities. His hair is a blank white, completely devoid of color. He stands about 5'9" and weighs only 120.
    Dress Style
    The modern world has forced upon him, more... normal ways of dress. They have him more often wearing a button-up with a vest and necktie. He ususally wears rather bland colors, such as blacks and whites, though his tie is usually purple. That said, he still holds onto his favorite Black Armor. Modern technology has stated that he does indeed require glasses, though he often dislikes wearing them.(All those years reading in the dark)

    Body Markings(natural)

    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings


    Eye Color

    Carmine always seems annoyed and exasperated. But, well what else would you expect when you suddenly find yourself thousands of years into the future after a failed experiment. He tries his best to keep up a stand-offish attitude, though, despite what many seem to believe, he would never intentionally harm anyone. It was like that even in his old time. He figured that if people wanted to fear him, he'd let them. Of course in this far more accepting world, he finds it harder and harder to keep up this facade of evil. All he really wants is to make it back to his own time.
    "Time is riddled with mistakes and missteps. Most of them are none of my concern... But some I regret..."

    Three friends, the best anyone could ever wish for. There was Louis, Joan, and of course Carmine Richelieu. Joan was always sort of a mediator for Louis and Carmine's many competitive matches. Of course this resulted in a few cold-shoulders from time to time, but in the end they always made up and continued on their way.

    Well one day, Joan just... Disappeared.

    Louis, angry about the ordeal, blamed Carmine, claiming he had done something to her. And thus the rift began to form. Louis was always the one to take action and use his fists rather than his words, though Carmine... Carmine was more likely to use his knowledge. And in a way, Louis was right, Carmine was at fault. But it wasn't on purpose. He began studying what had cause her to disappear.

    A few years had passed, and Carmine had taken Residency within a small tower out in the forest. The people had begun to fear him, and while he didn't want to be a monster, he did want the privacy, so he did nothing to make them think otherwise. And Louis was not helping. He had become a hero to the town. A man of great credit and notoriety. They had since become to believe his story that Carmine was at fault. Though they figured it was better to leave him be, lest he use his terrible magic.

    Well that day soon came, when Carmine had given up trying to bring her back with the use of his current magical skills. But if he fixed his mistake before it happened, maybe it would be alright. However, upon seeing the strange activity occurring, the townsfolk grew restless. And of course, Louis came to confront him. He ruined everything, causing the spell to backfire, sending Carmine eons into the future.

    Now in a world that was far different from his own, he looks for a way to fix his mistakes. People have directed him to Kinsely, whether they believe his story or not. He can use all the help he can get, be it mental or magical.

    Movie- "Those are the... moving pictures yes?"
    Book- "In my time here, I happened to stumble across a book I thought would help me out. Turns out, it wasn't what I expected. That said, this 'Lovecraft' certainly knows how to make me shiver."
    Food- "I can survive on merely bread and water, should I need to... But I have come to enjoy whatever, these things are... Tacos I believe."
    Temperature- "Warm enough."
    Personality Trait- "I enjoy it when people let me work in peace. But... I guess perhaps if I must... Someone who understands."

    Animal- "The Swan. What do you mean, 'not edgy enough? Birds don't have blades!... Er, they don't right?"
    Sport- "I am not interested in literally butting heads like a bunch of baboons."
    Pastime- "Studying. Now leave me be"
    Skill- "If you can be silent or helpful, that is always appreciated."

    "Yes, I am a "Kick-Ass Sorcerer," if you must know. No I will not summon the dead."

    "Studying. Now leave me be"

    "If you refuse to let me study in peace, I suppose, I have no choice but to be hospitable..."
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  12. Play my Theme Song!---->

    • [​IMG]
      Name: Alexis Akima
      Age: 21 years old
      Birthday: September 28, 1994
      Species: Human
      Orientation: Heterosexual
      Sex: Male
      Gender Identification: Male
      Mental Illnesses?: Somnambulist
      Allergies?: None

    • [​IMG]
      Short Description: Overall, Alexis proudly stands at 6'.2", which makes him a really tall guy and kind of attractive to a lot of girls. He weighs exactly 150 pounds and always does exercises to keep it that way. His short and straight hair is red and his eyes have a bicolor tone due to a strange mutation in his DNA. His body is pretty muscular, having enough muscle to show off. Strangely, Alexis' skin is well taken.

      Dress Style: Alexis prefers to wear something simple, typically the Cool Guy style. Most of the time, he wears a plain T-shirt with a opened coat, some skinny blue jeans, and colorful Vans shoes.

      Body Markings(natural): None
      Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings: A tribal Dragon Tattoo on his back [​IMG]
      Piercings: None
      Scent: Silverpine
      Eye Color: Bicolor (Right Eye = Bright Red/Left Eye = Hazel)
      Other Form: None

    • [​IMG]
      Personality: Haruto always acts like a jokester with everyone, even with those he doesn't know at all. He has a solemn, yet serene expression on his face, which always dress with a side smile or a small smile. He can tag along with anyone, but that doesn't mean he trust them at all. He has been living in the delinquent world for a couple of time, so he knows well to be careful with whom he's dealing with. Sometimes, an emotionless face could be seen on him. He's always like that every time he looks straight into someone's eyes to examine it deeply, like if trying to see right inside of their souls.
      Backstory (open)
      Bio: Let's get to the point: Haruto's life have been a shit. Haruto's family was totally poor, so they live in a very small house of a small town. Her mother wanted him to have a great future and life, so she enlisted him in a good public school. She helped him on everything she could and tried to buy him everything he needed even when their money was so little.
      His father, on the other hand, was a heartless motherfucker. Every night, he always spent a lot of money on bars in alcohol and prostitutes he found on his way, even when married with Haruto's mother. She knew that, but she didn't care at all, caring just for Haruto. But one day, this man got way too drunk and when he arrived at the house, he abused physically from her and Haruto. He hit her so hard that he almost killed her. Haruto, having only 10 years old, grabbed a knife and stabbed it repeatedly times on his chest, killing him. His mother, not wanting him to get into trouble, told him to ran away. He hesitantly did, just in time, because some cops arrived at the scene. She blamed herself for killing her husband and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
      In the past 7 years, learn by himself how to survive in the streets, his home now. He met some other people just like him and lived with them for a while. He also looked desperately for his mother in nearby jails, discovering that she had died quite a time ago. That was a hard hit for him, building more rage and guilt on his heart. After that, he turned from a newbie slumdog to a heartless renegade, wanted by the justice. He had suffered lots of times, but also got up and keep going, learning on the way.
      When he turned 21 years old, he got tired of doing nothing with his life. That's when a stranger suddenly appeared in front of him and offered him to enlist to Kinsley Prep, a college that would change his whole life. As the man gave Haruto a letter, he disappeared when Haruto was busy reading the letter. With so little options and having enough money to enlist, Haruto packed his stuff and head toward the college, wondering if this was a good idea.

      Colors: Red
      Movies: The Hunger Games Trilogy
      Book: The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
      Season: Winter
      Food: Meats, chickens, and sweets
      Temperature: Anything above 30 degrees but bellow 90
      Personality Trait: Reserved and cold person until he knows you better
      Animal: Dogs
      Sport: Soccer
      Pastime: Read books
      Skill: Can know if a person has evil intentions or not with him

    • [​IMG]
      Skills: Alexis a human, so he hasn't any supernatural skills. Still, he's pretty good in guessing how's a person by simply looking at them right into the eyes.
      Hobbies: Exercise and playing soccer
      Pet: Husky puppy named Shinku [​IMG]
      Other: Alexis always has a hard time expressing out his true feelings. So, he prefers to simply avoid those moments.

    • How do I have to change?
      Do you think it’s not enough? I gave it all
      What have I got to do to make myself be chosen?
      No second thoughts for me
      Just wanna be a man or a hero
      Unconsciously I wonder how to be The Special

      Dive into the depth of my heart
      Find myself feeling childish fears
      The invisible hand of God
      Had made us burst their ancient locks
      And now, the world I trusted breaks apart at the seams

      Gotta burn my pride
      We’ll take a chance to make them crystalize
      No one knows our beasts inside will be the demons or the saints
      Never doubt myself
      Show me your justice, cuz you realize
      So long now, my friend
      Have a brighter day tomorrow

      How do I have to change?
      Small things will bring and begin big impacts
      His paper castle’s gone
      Entire ground’s still been frozen
      Slipped into evil’s sway, he kept on building the lies and fictions
      We all got lost within ourselves what we should believe in

      Dive into the depth of my heart
      Find myself feeling childish fears
      The invisible hand of God
      Had made us burst their ancient locks
      And now, the world I trusted breaks apart at the seams

      Gotta light my pride
      We’ll take a chance to make them crystalize
      No one knows our beasts inside will be the demons or the saints
      Never doubt myself
      Show me your justice, cuz you realize
      So long now, my friend
      Have a brighter day tomorrow

      Thousand tears call the shadow of the nightmare
      Thousand years past, longing for the future
      Thousand grief shed cruelty and their blood but
      Thousand beliefs will salvage our souls

      Gotta light my pride
      We’ll take a chance to make them crystalize
      No one knows our beasts inside will be the demons or the saints
      Never doubt myself
      Show me your justice, cuz you realize
      So long now, my friend
      Have a brighter day tomorrow
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  13. click me, I'm special--

    - - - General - - -
    Payton Alexis Montague


    Preferred Name:
    Payton, Monty


    August 9th





    Manager at Montague Charms

    Peyton has a pet hamster named Pepper.

    - - - Appearance - - -
    Facial Structure:

    Body Structure:

    Eye Color:
    Heterogeneous mix of Amber and Blue

    Hair Color:
    Light Green


    123 lb

    Skin Tone:
    Pale Ivory




    Beauty Marks
    - Right side
    - Upper left shoulder
    - Small of back near right side

    Family Ring

    Payton greatly enjoys an old fashioned attire from petticoats, twin tailed vests, top hats, and classy shoes. His outfits are generally very simple in color but in design they have quite a bit of flair. This is normally due to the fact that her frequently performs magic tricks on the street as a hobby. While not performing, his fashion choices tend to depend on the weather. He normally sticks to very soft colors. He normally wears button up shirts made with a thin material (like a blouse), a wife beater underneath, with Bermuda shorts or Capri pants, and sneakers. Sometimes he will wear tank tops with mid-thigh length shorts, and sandals. He's often been mistaken for a girl due to his color coordination and feminine attire such as bows, bracelets, or necklaces. In his dorm room he has a bad habit of wearing nothing but boxer briefs and a tank or loose shirt.

    - - - Personality - - -
    Five Bad Traits:
    Emotional, Unpractical, Unfocused, Insecure, Impatient

    Five Good Traits:
    Observant, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Sociable, Friendly

    Five Neutral Traits:
    Curious, Assertive, Independent, Innocent, Intuitive


    - Plays with mundane items.
    - Yes, he does wear light make up.
    - Plays with his hair when embarrassed or uncomfortable.
    - Likes to hum when listening to music, walking, or bored.
    - Often taps his fingers on surfaces (like his thighs or a desk).

    - Like to collect bow ties.
    - Performs magic at parties/magician for hire.
    - Performs street magic for side money, among other things.

    - Magic
    - Parties
    - Sweets
    - Dancing
    - Animals
    - Dragons
    - Exploring
    - Smoothies
    - Meeting new people
    - Making people smile
    - Entertaining/Performing

    - Coffee
    - His job
    - Routine
    - Boredom
    - Bland foods
    - Creepy crawlies
    - The color yellow
    - Micromanagement
    - Doesn't really get along with his father

    Season - All
    Color - Soft Colors
    Movie - Spirited Away
    Sport - He doesn't do sports.
    Temperature - 65 to 75 degrees F
    Pastime - MAGIC *waggles fingers*
    Skill - MAGIC *waggles fingers intensely*
    Book - Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland
    Food - Mashed Potatoes and Peas, with gravy
    Animal - He loves ALL de animals. (cept creepy crawlies)
    Personality Trait - Humor, Loyalty, Honesty, or Kindness

    - - - Ailments - - -
    Mental Illnesses:
    Mild Depression

    Seasonal Allergies

    None really, but he is kind of scared of his dad and his expectations.
    He doesn't seem to like bugs and spiders that much. The usual creepy crawlies.

    - - - Bio - - -

    Peyton has always lived a semi-charmed kinda life due to his family background. His dad is a respectable and esteemed CEO of a major magic corporation known as Montague Charms. His mother a famous novelist whose book has been adapted into a television show. His family are no strangers to wealth and adoration, but alas he didn't really want much part of it. In his youth, his parents didn't really have much to complain about. Peyton was a good kid, with some good talents, and made good grades. There was only one rule, no magic outside the estate. Magic and monsters were something the general public was still touchy about. Their kind had been met with a wide range of reactions and interactions since their kind had gone public. While they were happy that they no longer had to hide who they were, it could still be dangerous to flaunt something human's didn't understand. They were scared their son would be bullied or attacked if he tried doing magic outside the estate. Yet Peyton never really showed much mind to these kinds of worries or the possibility of danger. So like most children, Peyton decided to start doing small tricks at school.

    Everything was fine at first, in fact his tricks made a lot of people happy! Especially when he was still in elementary school. The other kids just ate up his real magic tricks. He was invited to all the birthday parties, and everyone wanted to sit with him. Sure, they didn't really like him for him but at the time he was still to young to understand that concept. He just really enjoyed making the people he thought were his friends smile, and that was good enough. Parents like to talk though, and it wasn't long before Peyton's parents found out he was doing these things at school. Fortunately for him, the positive feedback his parents got was enough for them to be really lax on him for breaking one of their rules. Although, for some reason his father didn't seem to happy about the way his son was using his magic. At the time Peyton just didn't understand, but he certainly did once he was older. Middle School came around, and this became a hard time for him. The children were not as easy to please, and Peyton found himself the target of bullying over his appearance. To make matters worse, it was around this time that Peyton realized he liked men. This just gave those bullying him even more to work with. Peyton, being his naive self, thought confiding in the nurse would help him with his problem. Though she did the one thing he dreaded the most. The nurse told his parents everything that was going on, and now not only was he having problems at school but at home too. This went on until he finally graduated and moved into high school.

    High school was like a breath of fresh air for Peyton. He was bullied less and made some real friends, but things at home were still looking pretty bleak. Peyton was being pressured by his father to act and behave a certain way, as he would someday become the new CEO to the family corporation. This was something he didn't want to do, and became the center of all their arguments up until current day. It was around these years when Peyton was diagnosed with depression, but at the same time he became assertive enough to stand up for himself and to not sweat the small stuff. He knew he would be going away to college some day soon, and that encouraged him to keep a smile on his face. He remembered what exactly it was that made him happy, and turned it into his side profession. He became a street performer. After going through with this decision, Peyton found that he was enjoying life a lot more. Making other people smile made him feel good, even if it was only for a small while. Graduation came again, and Peyton was accepted to attend many universities. His parents had other intentions for him though, and they pressured him into attending Kinsly Prep. Kinsly Prep and Montague Charms were partnered, so it only made since that the heir would attend the school and earn his degree in business. There he would manage one of their newer stores, while also studying to become the next CEO of his father's company. Though, things haven't been going to plan for any of them, and maybe that's a good thing.

    - - - Notes - - -

    Click this to go to youtube for the theme song!

    Color : #4a3312

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  14. Name:
    Raaksha Hatyaara
    "It means Demon Assassin, or Demon Killer. You can guess what I am then."

    "I don't know when I was born. The orphanage never even tried to figure it out."

    "Demons don't celebrate birthdays."

    "I knew what I was from a very young age. There was no mistaking it."

    "Why would I turn away someone who wants to be with me simply because of their gender?"

    "As far as I am aware, demons have no set gender. However, I am the one who bears the young, so in that sense I am the closest to female that there is."

    Gender Identification:
    Gender Fluid
    "I do not care what others call me. I am what I am."

    Mental Illnesses?:
    Depression, among other related issues. Amoral, with no justifications.
    "I'm not suicidal. Not really. Well... But no, I'm fine."

    None so far.
    "Nothing seems to have an effect. And trust me, the orphanage tried."

    Short Description:
    Raaksha has long straight hair that shifts from dark purple to deep black, while her eyes are a bright red that leave trails behind in the darkness. Her form is slight, lithe, with wiry muscles that give her surprising strength. She's short - shorter, slightly, than the female average height.
    "I'm not the epitome of beauty, that's for sure."

    Dress Style:
    Raaksha wears her skintight leotard all the tight, along with her signature cape and hood. She almost always has her hood up to keep her face in the shadows.
    "People don't want to see me. This helps."

    Body Markings(natural):
    Whenever Raaksha uses a great deal of her power, or feels intense anger or rage, runic lettering lights up in bright red over her arms and legs.
    "They're in the language of my demon kin. You don't want to know what it says."

    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings:
    Raaksha has a tattoo of a bird in flight on her upper chest area (above her breasts).
    "I'm not telling you what it means. There is something called privacy."

    "I don't like the idea of putting metal into my body as some sort of art.'

    Cold and dry.
    "Why are you sniffing me? Hey, stop that!"

    Eye Color:
    "Like blood in candlelight."

    Raaksha is cold and aloof at the best of times. She only knows the basic social skills and doesn't even use those half the time. As much as Raaksha tries to be unfeeling, she is actually a caring individual, but denies this part of her. When stressed, she responds violently and lashes out at others when hurt herself.
    "Don't talk to me."

    Raaksha never knew her parents. She was raised in an orphanage for as long as she can remember. Her demon heritage was discovered at a young age, and so her childhood growing up was not happy. The orphanage did everything short of dumping her on the street in order to get rid of the demon 'inside' of her, but nothing worked. In the end, they just neglected and abused her, having given up on saving her 'immortal soul'.
    "You don't need to know that. Don't ask again."

    Raaksha is highly trained in self-defense, using both her magic and her body. She is also fairly well-versed in the violin, and does above average in scholarly pursuits.
    "I've had to be better than the others in order to get the same things. That has not changed."

    Playing her violin, although only in private, and reading are Raaksha's main hobbies. She also has a soft spot for animals, although she doesn't interact with them often for fear of hurting them somehow, either herself or through others seeking to hurt her.
    "What I do in my free time is no concern of yours."

    A raven named Nevermore is her only pet.
    "Nevermore is actually a fairly good conversant, though whenever someone else is around, the only word he seems to know is his own name."
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  15. Nova Primrose Walker

    Nova Primrose Walker


    Around December 4

    DreamWalker/Supernaturally Connected



    Gender Identification
    Gender Fluid

    Mental Illnesses?
    Visions, and voices, which causes her to be a bit of a selective mute
    Nightmare Disorder-Severe or continuous nightmares


    Short Description
    Standing taller than normal at 6'0", Nova is a stark contrast to most people around her. She loves
    wearing long and loose things, sometimes girly and sometimes not. It really depends. She has a smooth
    complextion, and short cropped black hair that perfectly frames her dreamy features

    Dress Style
    Long, flowing, natural, all ranges of colors. She usually matches her makeup with her
    outfit. Her favorite outfit is a long black dress, her choker on, and jewelry hanging from her wrists, and from
    her ears.

    Body Markings(natural)

    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings


    Three in each ear

    Lavender, Flowers, Chalk, and rain

    Eye Color
    A blue ish milky white. Seems to change color at times

    Other Form
    Nova can take on many forms, but these are her favorites


    Nova could be considered a little bit of a ditz. She tends to have her head in the clouds more often
    than not, and doesn't really talk much. Yet even though she doesn't, she seems to bring a calm aura to
    any room. She always seems to understand without saying a word what someone is feeling.

    However, when she does open up, Nova is an eccentric teddy bear. She cares deeply for those around her,
    and tries her best to keep bad news from them and make sure they are always happy. And if she has to,
    she will unleash her wrath on those who hurt her friends.

    Nova was born from thought, much like the goddess Athena. Well, sort of. She was born of pure thoughts
    of two dream walkers, who in turn gave up half of them, the dream half, to create Nova. She was considered
    the first child of dreams that was born for a long time, and there still has not been another. As a child,
    she floated in and out of dreams, and her powers would often run wild around her. She caused many
    problems and moved many times before she finally got ahold of her power. The way she got to
    Kinsley Academy was simply through a vision, which she followed there.

    Color-Teal Blue
    Movie-Rise of the Guardians
    Book-Carry On
    Temperature-Mildly Warm
    Personality Trait-Weirdness

    Dreamweaving, Sensing auras, painting, sculpting, building, baking, illusions
    Painting, sculpting, building, baking, reading, watching movies, self defense

    A little cat named Luna




    Nova can weave illusions, and can enter dreams and alter them. She often uses it for good,
    but try not to piss her off, because since she can see your dreams, she can see your
    fears, and bring them to life as illusions

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  16. "Soulmates? That's just a myth. Besides, why settle for one when you can have all of them?"

    B A S I C S

    Lavender Rose Richmond


    May 15

    forest nymph



    Gender Identification:

    Mental Illness:
    Mild depression and nymphomania


    A P P E A R A N C E

    Short Description:
    Standing at the height of five feet and eleven inches, Lavender is someone who's beautiful and sensual at the same time. She has long red wavy hair and green eyes, slender built and weighs 120
    pounds. She's well endowed around the chest area.

    Dress Style:
    Lavender often wears classy yet provocative clothes that show off her wealth or enhance her assets. She likes to wear couture and expensive clothes, especially those with lace, floral prints or embroidery.

    Some of her favorite dresses are:

    Her most favorite look of all is a green one piece with ivy leaves stuck all over it and matching gloves, making it look like its stuck on her skin. She gets a lot of look from her outfit but she shrugs it off. Fo her its avant garde and the outfit really makes her feel who she really is: a nymph.
    Body Markings:


    Ear piercings

    pomegranate and strawberry, fresh cut grass

    Eye Color

    P E R S O N A L I T Y

    Lavender is extremely confident and sure of herself. She knows her talents and knows her weaknesses, and uses both to her advantage. She can be extremely flirty - though there is often an ulterior motive behind it. She’s got some serious emotional walls and rarely lets anyone get past them. She also is extremely manipulative and cunning, an attention seeker and a perfectionist.

    Being rich and relatively pretty, Lavender feels entitled. She's used to having things in just a snap of her fingers so she'll get really upset when she doesn't get what she wants. She'll throw a tantrum, be incredibly bitchy and start chaos on her surroundings.

    She can be mean and abrasive at times but that's just because she's insecure about herself. She doesn't like it when someone steals the spotlight from her, or if someone's attention was taken away from her. She can be incredibly bitchy so better watch out.

    B I O

    Lavender didn't have the normal and happy childhood.

    She grew up cut off from the world and locked up inside Richmond Mansion where only a few people can see her. Her father who was a Marquis, wanted her to be perfect that she was homeschooled. She was taught about etiquette and style, the arts, and how to be a proper lady. She was tutored by the finest dance instructors, musicians and study tutors that turn out to be a terrible mistake.

    At age 14, her father began to become a workaholic and started to work away from home. He would be gone for months and would rarely come home to see her. She was just so used to her father's love and attention that she was starting to crave it! She became bratty and bitchy just so her father would see her but it didn't work. One of her tutors saw this as an opportunity and decided to manipulate her by making her believe that he fell in love with her. At age 15, Lavender lost her purity and innocence. She also lost her heart.

    When her father learned about what happened, it was already too late. The tutor was already long gone and Lavender had changed. She was not the sweet, innocent girl anymore. She became manipulative, cunning and extremely bitchy. Her father then decided to fix her up and maybe bring back the sweet Lavender. He became stricter, adding more time to her studies and keeping her busy but it didn't work. Sure, she would still attend classes and had the skills of a proper lady but she didn't act like one. In fact, she would do unladylike things! Lavender would torment the maids, seduce the guards and throw away her father's money just so she can prove that she's never going back. She was tired of being naive and innocent.

    At age 21, her father became so desperate that he decided to send her to Kingsley Prep for help as he hopes for the best.

    F A V O R I T E S


    Helen of Troy. She likes how a beautiful girl like Helen can launch a thousand ships.

    The Catastrophic History of You and Me. The book made her cry...twice.

    Spring. She loves nature, especially flowers.

    Blackberry pie

    not above 40C

    Personality Trait
    Cool and calm. She wanted someone that could contrast her personality.

    Snake. Lavender is fascinated by snakes.

    Gymnastics. She loves to watch how graceful gymnasts are. She dreams of being a gymnast someday.

    Past time
    painting and playing music. She's still a lady of class even though she doesn't act like one.

    Baking. Lavender is a great baker but she hides it from the world. She's also great at embroidery, fencing and other ladylike things such as playing the piano or violin, ballet, horticulture, dressage and doing household chores.

    Reading and gardening. She loves flowers and since she's a nymph, she's blessed with the power to grow any plants she wants. She also do ballet when she's extremely bored.


    A smooth green snake named Cleo

    Even if Lavender got major commitment and trust issues, that doesn't mean she's not looking for love.

    The true reason behind her bitchiness and bratty personality is that she wanted someone to love her and only her. She wanted someone who'll give her the attention and love she craved., and someone who can make her forget her past.

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  17. [​IMG]

    /- - - Shay - - -\
    /-AGE-/ Unknown; appears to be about 19.
    /-BIRTHDAY-/ Unrecorded.
    /-SPECIES-/ Lilin-demon.
    /-ORIENTATION-/ Undefined.
    /-SEX-/ Sequential Hermaphrodite.
    /-GENDER IDENTIFICATION-/ Genderfluid, in the most literal sense.
    /-MENTAL ILLNESSES-/ Undiagnosed.
    /-ALLERGIES-/ Undiscovered.


    /-SHORT DESCRIPTION-/ Being able to shift between both genders at will, Shay does not maintain an exact appearance at all times; some features may adopt a more masculine or feminine severity, depending on what the demon percieves their companions to prefer. When uninfluenced by others, Shay tends to default to an androgenous, somewhat male form, simply for the fact that male pronouns are the most common in anonimity.
    /-DRESS STYLE-/ Shay won't stop wearing tank tops; a wrap sweater, black shorts or slacks, and combat boots are the typical combination to complete their signature ensemble. They only select clothes that can be comfortably worn by both genders.
    /-TATTOOS-/ Various; tattoo sleeves on both arms, and a Latin quote written in Greek letters around the neck.
    /-PIERCINGS-/ Various; left eyebrow, snakebite on right side of lower lip, and a multitude of ear piercings.
    /-SCENT-/ Petrichor.
    /-EYE COLOR-/ Red iris surrounded by black sclera.
    /-OTHER FORM-/ A generalized image of Shay's male & female forms is shown below.


    /-PERSONALITY-/ A charismatic, social butterfly. Naturally charming, especially due to Shay's demonic origin; on the other hand, they have a bad habit of being flirtatious without restraint -- it's a difficult instinct to overcome. Otherwise very friendly, kind and considerate when not trying to get into a person's pants. It may seem that every good deed Shay does is to serve their most obvious ulterior motive, but the truth is not as shallow as mere sexual desire, as Shay is still willing to accept someone as a friend even when faced with blatant romantic rejection.

    /-BIO-/ Looking for love is difficult when you're a Lilin-demon; more commonly known as an Incubus or Succubus, but in this case, it's both combined. Polyamorous by nature, Shay has a problem with picking just one partner and remaining loyal to them for long. There's just so many fish in the sea, and if variety is supposed to be the spice of life, then why not take a taste of all that life has to offer? Upon hearing the rumor that Kinsley Prep was the place to find someone's true soulmate, whether human or supernatural creature, Shay became curious to see if attending such a school could offer them a chance at a long-term, meaingful relationship that actually would last -- unlike so many others in the past.

    /-COLOR-/ Fancy shades of the violet spectrum.
    /-MOVIE-/ Rocky Horror Picture Show.
    /-BOOK-/ John Dies At The End by David Wong.
    /-SEASON-/ Summer.
    /-FOOD-/ Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
    /-TEMPERATURE-/ Loves it when the weather's boiling.
    /-PERSONALITY TRAIT-/ Easy-going.
    /-ANIMAL-/ Pigeons.
    /-SPORT-/ Manhunting. (ya know, cause demons)
    /-SKILLS-/ Smooth-talking, good-listener, massage therapy, singing.
    /-PASTIME + HOBBIES-/ Flirting, drawing/painting.
    /-PET-/ N/A
    /-JEWELRY-/ A black necklace with round, white gems hanging from it.


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  18. Name - Erica Lanly.
    Age - Eighteen.
    Birthday - December, the 16th, 1997.
    Species - Human.
    Orientation - Bisexual, though it is admittedly confusing when your fear of everyone overrides any potential sexual attraction.
    Sex - Female.
    Gender Identification- Female.
    Mental Illnesses - Has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. Cynophobia. Claustrophobia. Arachnophobia.
    Allergies - Hay fever.


    Short Description - Brown hair Slim. Pale-ish skin and finds it very difficult to tan without burning. About 5'3" tall. Weighs a little over 110 lbs.
    Dress Style - She mostly dresses very prim and proper, wearing white button shirts or blouses, cardigans, vests, pleated skirts, knee high socks and black or brown shoes. Rarely wears high heels and would likely break an ankle if she had to walk any lengthy distance in them, though she adores the look of them. Sometimes wears ballet slippers
    Tattoo's/Unnatural Markings - A series of scars on her stomach and legs.
    Scent - Uses strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner.

    Eye Color - Bright green eyes.

    Personality - Quiet. Self-contradictory. Finds it very difficult to make up her mind. Shy. Does as others say and is easily controlled. Afraid to stand up for her self. When she was younger, Erica was so full of life and wonder at the world around her. Always learning, studying, experiencing everything, however she could learn more about her world. But that changed. Now she is a terrified girl who would lock herself in her dorm room if she wasn't so afraid of being alone. Kind and caring. Apologizes a lot more than is necessary. Easily flustered or embarrassed. Quiet. Doesn't stand out much in a crowd. Still traumatized by the kidnapping from three years ago. Emotionally sensitive and easily hurt. Social awkward. Afraid of people. Despite this she is still kind and polite, though not overly friendly and always distant. She is progressing, recovering, and little by little starting to open up to others.
    Bio - Her parents are rich. Though she was never spoiled, she also never lacked for anything. Using their immeasurable wealth, Erica had the best tutors to teach her from home. Needless to say that she had the resources to aid in her academical success. And she succeeded. Excelling in her home studies and at private school, always placing at the top of her class in tests.

    Then IT happened. At thirteen years old her whole world was cruelly and brutally turned upside down. While waiting to be picked up from school, Erica was snatched away. Kidnapped. Taken and held against her will. From what she heard, her kidnappers were looking to exchange Erica for a large ransom. When her parents foolishly refused to pay (out of fear of the kidnapper demanding more money and never returning their daughter), the kidnappers decided to giver her parents a little incentive. They set about torturing the young girl. Cutting open her stomach. And slicing her legs. Her screaming over a phone quickly persuaded her parents to pay the ransom demand. Surprising to all, she was returned to her parents the next day as had been agreed. Though no one knew who snatched her, tortured her, extorted her parents, and made her family suffer. No one was punished. No one held responsible. Needless to say that Erica ended up blaming herself.

    She still has the scars. And to this day has nightmares every time she goes to sleep. In the quiet she can hear their voices like echoes in her head. In the shower she freaks out over the scars almost daily. She breaks down over a locked door if she can't get it open, instantly turning into a the debilitated and weak child she was. Erica has not recovered from her ordeal and doubts that she ever will (despite her parent's insistence that time, therapy, and a change of location would help). Erica has, at least, managed to open up to her parents a little this past year about her nightmares. That's progress, right? Obviously she feels like she isn't making any progress at all. Though she is, just one step at a time.

    Likes - The smell of strawberries. Watching other people go about their days. Sweet food. Cute animals! Hot chocolate. Her favorite color is green, specifically emerald green (the same shade as her eyes). Her favorite movie would have to be "Catch Me If You Can" as she adores the idea of escaping her life and doing anything she wants. Erica's favorite book is "The Hobbit" by J.R.R Tolkein. Her favorite line of comic books to read are the Batman comics (New 52 and on-wards). She prefers spring because she likes the balance of sunny days and rainy days! Her favorite food would be any kind of cake. Erica prefers to stay cold. Her favorite sport is swimming though she rarely swims anymore.
    Dislikes - The taste of strawberries. A lack of sound. Being alone. Groups of people. Loud people. Quiet places. People staring at her. People hearing her talk. The possibility of someone seeing the scars on her stomach.
    Hobbies - Reading. Writing. Eating. Listening to heavy metal music. Listening to classical music. Swimming. Playing computer games. Role playing online. Imaging what strangers lives are like when she watches them pass by.
    Strengths - Capable of breaking almost any problem down into a logical set of parameters to determine. Has dabbled in computer programming just a little bit, eager to learn more.
    Weakness - Lets others push her around. Freezes up when afraid. Cries easily. Low pain threshold.
    Fears - Everything. People. Her nightmares. The dark. People seeing her scars. Loud noises. Quiet places. Corners in corridors. Dogs. DOGS. DOGS! DOGS! Very big DOGS!
    Ambition -
    More like her parent's ambition to bring Erica out of her shell and return her to the loving and kind person she used to be. Erica has no idea what she wants and is very far from figuring it out.

    Jewelry Piece - Silver hair clip with a small topaz beset into the top. Replaces the yellow cross hair clip that she used to wear.

    Favorite Outfit - A simple white blouse, yellow ribbon in her hair, black skirt, black tights, and canvas shoes. A little more edgy and less prim that she usually dresses, but she adores the look. However she lacks the self confidaece to dress that way.
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