Sorta odd? But meh. (Rick and Morty. MxM. Fast paced romance)

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Romance, fluff, yaoi, slice-of-life.
Ok so I know this is odd - but whatever! I love Rick and Morty, and I'd love to do an rp with someone who's friendly and can reply quickly. It's also a romance rather than a smut (there might not even be any smut!) I simply prefer roleplaying with someone my age.

I need someone to play Rick for my male character. My male character is human-looking, although he's from another planet. He's hundreds of years old, but his lifespan runs for thousands of years (so he's technically around 19 or so). It seems odd, but it isn't unlike Dr.Who. He becomes Rick's companion - a little like Doctor Who in that sense.

So yeah. Drama and fluff and whatever.

Only reply if you're interested please xxx

Oh, and I prefer to rp through PM if that's ok!
Not open for further replies.