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  1. It's been a really long time since I've been part of a forum roleplay, and I'm still pretty unfamiliar with Iwaku in general. So I'm looking for a group that's willing to teach/correct me along the way. I've spent the past 5-ish years tabletop roleplaying, however, so I'm not completely inexperienced, I'm just a little less used to written roleplays.

    I'd prefer a GM'd game, or at least a group with people more willing to guide the story, with a mid-to-small sized group of players (4-6, maybe 8 max).

    I'm interested in Fantasy settings mostly. Anything "system based" on D&D for character creation or rules is a major plus since I'm more comfortable with rules-based things. I'm also really interested in a Pokemon game, possibly a Digimon game, though non-canon (no protagonists as characters, but minor appearances of gym leaders or team leaders are fine) is preferred. I won't do anything related to school/university or other "mundane life and people" things; I want adventure with characters that can do amazing things (within reason).
  2. There should be a burst of Pokemon RPs when Sun&Moon comes out on 18th November, including mine. Me and many others have agreed to reboot our Pokemon RPs on that very day. That's when all the new Pokemon and Alolan Forms come out. Think you'll still be there to join?

    I can't gurantee a small group though.
  3. Group size isn't the biggest issue, I just have known GMs to have trouble focusing on large groups so passive players get kind of ignored so I wanted to avoid the risk of it.

    I was hoping for a RP before Gen 7 dropped since it'll be chaos learning all the new stuff, but so far no luck so I'll probably definitely try to join something in November.
  4. How much of a feel do you have for Pathfinder?
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