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  1. first off i am just barely into the series and don't know a lot of details about it but i'm really enjoying it so id like to give this a try.

    so id really like to be able to do a slightly fan based role play i have two female characters i will be using i will post them shortly but for now i will put this up as a request there are very few wants for this id really like to just try to start building a story for a partner you could either make an OC as i have done or use one of the original characters note my characters are both currently members of the Akatsuki i know that in the actual series that may be highly unlikely but again this is fan based id really prefer a partner to play someone who at first isn't a friend and is actually viewed as an enemy if you'd like to play someone who is also an Akatsuki member and someone who is not that's fine as well but please keep in mind that id like a slight bit of romance to the story if not a lot of it and id really rather keep sexual stuff as fade to black mainly just a personal preference i really hope this wasn't to long of a post ^.^...
  2. You have caught my interest here.
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  3. oh wonderful i was so worried no one would be interested! ^.^ would you mind messaging me for questions and details and things like that? i'm a bit shy and prefer to keep to my inbox as much as i can when it comes to talking -^.^-
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  4. oky so i had a tiny problem but its fixed now so here are my characters ^.^

    First Name: lilly
    Last Name: unknown
    Past: all that is know about her is that before she joined up with the Akatsuki she was owned as a concubine



    First Name: Yuki
    Last Name: Akemi
    Past: unknown


  5. Still interested in trying different story's out with this of anyone is interested ^.^
  6. realllllllllllllly want partners for this one
  7. This can work with a lot of different plot twists and this isn't limited to anything in the actual story this is just losely based off the universe and some of the stuff that takes place in Naruto I'm very open to any kind of characters
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