Sore Throat Remedies? :(

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  1. I seem to be coming down with both a fever and sore throat, and while the first is manageable with some cool clothes and a blanket to throw on and off, the second one seems relentless at the moment. A natural throat drop failed, as did hot or cold fluids to sip on. Are there any fellow Iwakuians who may have other ideas or remedies my ill brain may like?
  2. I tend to drink an obnoxious amount of water when I have a sore throat. Eating lots of hard candies (mints, life savers, jolly ranchers, ect) also help a ton. It creates a nice soothing layer of something or other that just eases your throat. I know it's a little gross, but sore throats are also caused by a mucus build up on the back of your throat. It hurts a little, but spit out the mucus in the back of your throat like a loogie when you go to blow your nose or something, or when you're sitting by the sink washing your hands.

    That's what I do at least
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  3. I use green tea with honey. Try it out, might work for you as well.
  4. Yogi's Throat Coat helps me!
  5. Basically anything to warm with some honey helps.

    Wife likes it with English breakfast tea.
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