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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Pirogeth, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. [align=center]Sophismata[/align]

    In downtown Tokyo, on a street mildly populated by high school kids back on their way home and adults coming home from jobs, there exists a three story building. On the first floor of this building are many windows looking straight into an presumably empty room. If one were to take a closer look many boxes are laying around the place as the employees start putting things up. It is the coming of a new café and with it many stories to tell.

    The place is called Café Sententia and things are about to get started.

    Chapter 1: Welcoming Tea

    Well the café is just moving in and getting things ready. Hopefully their big day will be a blast but only participants will be able to decide that. Here is the cast list we will require. You of course can add your own quirks to your characters.

    Manager: Somni (Pirogeth)

    Cashier/Assistant Manager: Kaoru (Megane)

    Chef: Rantsuki Tusbame (Kitti)

    Waiter/Waitress 1: Umaino, Ame (Diana)

    Waiter/Waitress 2: Jun Wakahisa (Inky Poet)

    I will be taking whatever is left over. Now for the character sheets.






  2. "I get lost in time... And gain time in the process. I don't understand how that works but that's kinda it.. I gue
  3. Name: Rantsuki (Orchid moon), Tsubame (Swallow, as in th bird.)

    Show Spoiler


    Tends towards wearing light colored clothing, often dresses with darker trim matched with white boots. Her favorite outfit is a pale pink dress with emerald green trim. Her hair is incredibly long, having never received a major haircut. Black with a strange pink tint in certain lightings, she considers it her best feature. Her eyes are a hazel mixture of green and brown, reflecting her mixed parentage. Still, with a short mother, Tsubame stands at five feet six inches in height.


    Light-hearted and sweet, Tsubame is gentle to a fault and Umaino-chan has already made her cry once or twice. Despite her own weak character, Tsubame is very determined when someone asks something of her and will go to any means to achieve her objective.

    Tsubame's father was a businessman in Yokohama, the Kanagawa prefecture, when he met he mother. A kind man with large heart, he made money in his company by treating everyone with open-minded fairness. When he met the lovely English actress, with her jade green eyes and pointed features, he thought her stunningly beautiful and was nervous to speak to her despite her being a client. The woman was fiery, nice only in a tempermental fashion but he loved her.

    The pair began a liason, which was frowned upon since she was a client. It ended badly when Miss Lillia discovered she was pregnant. Rantsuki took her to the best doctors, exhausting much money on her care but in the end she left him to go back to England, lamenting her figure.

    Since then, Tsubame has never seen her mother and stayed with her warm and pleasant father her entire life. He encouraged her to pursue her dreams, never failing to support her.

    Tsubame left home at eighteen to get a job in the culinary field and was lucky enough to find that the cafe here was hiring.
  4. "I guess."
  5. You still open for people to join
  6. Actually I believe all the spots are now in reserved mode...if anyone drops out or we introduce new jobs in the future then I can pm you.
  7. Name: Jun "obidiant" Wakahisa :Means "forever young" from the Japanese waka "young" and hisa "longevity, ancient

    Age: 19

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Job: Waitress

    Personality: Very shy and very loyal. She never talks back, she takes oders and is willing to work very hard no matter what. She loved to make others like by being willing to do even horrible meaningless tasks that no one else will do.

    History: She is from a family that had enough money when their father was alive but since he died her older brothers have moved back home with their wives and snotty kids, to take care of their aging mother. Jun has been forced to sleeping in the families living room, lossing her bed to her brothers kids. They show her little to no respect and cant wait for her to get married and move out.

    Jun didnt get to go to school since the family spent all the money on her two older brothers. They treathed her like a slave and to his day ask more of her then is really should. Jun loves to work and sometimes sleeps in the backroom hoping she wont be found.

    She is very kind and only wants to please people, its the only way that see feels she is worth something.
  8. "You love your dagger."
  9. "It's what I can do right."
  10. Alright let me straighten things out.

    This has always been a public OOC I just invited the people who I thought would most enjoy it. Inky Poet was invited by Diana/me. I sent a pm not knowing if Diana sent one as well. Finally Megane you can join in the only thing I ask is that the character is a guy. I believe three girl characters is enough for the cast. Nothing against you girls I just don't want my character being the lone guy in the story.

    Continuing on, the IC will be set up later today. Hopefully Megane will have a character in by then. I'll be working on my character throughout the day as well. If you have anymore questions about this particular RP and how it will be run please drop me a PM or visitor message.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

  11. Melissa tap Ichiru's shoulder, "Melody.." she point to the baby still in his arms.

    Harmony went into the kitchen and pull out champagne from the cabinet.
  12. Alright the IC is up. Now I know a lot of you may be confused about what to do for the first post. Well pretty much, as you seen from the post, there is a lot of cleaning that has to be done yet. Pretty much it is a pick your task thing, first come first serve.

    We will need these done:

    -Floor swept and mopped
    -Tables cleaned (all of it)
    -Windows Cleaned
    -Kitchen Cleaned (sweep, mop, steralize cooking equipment in boxes)
    -Set up the supplies on the tables as well as supplies behind the counter
    -Grand opening is tomorrow so make sure everything is working. (anything automated)

    Alright there are the set amount of tasks. If you have anything else you can think of feel free to put it in your post. And you can add your own troubles in just so long as they aren't like OMGdisastermaster things. (You can pm me those and I'll think about it.) So have at it!
  13. Hells yeah. >:D Time to party! ...er... clean!
  14. Alright I have been seeing a common trend and I think it is a good point to start off on. I wanted to have something like life lessons in this RP so here is the first, loyalty.

    Find the way you want to work it into your character dialogue. As for me I think I'll do some inner monologue stuff along with talking with other characters. I'm sure each of our characters have someone who they would be loyal to as well as feel well about broadcasting their thoughts on it.

    Remember style is free flowing so work that in any way you want.
  15. Thanks for clearing that up for me Pirogeth. That means a lot since I didnt realize it would be an issue. So thanks and I hope to post soon. I can also withdraw if thats best. Just please let me know. I dont want to be in a place where Im not welcomed.
  16. Not sure exactly what I cleared up but hey I'm happy to have my current RP'rs around. When we do get to chapter two hopefully you guys will think up other positions that the cafe might need and we can invite more. (Although with the current plans I have I think the staff we have now is perfect. The only thing we need is an entertainer and that will get set up in the prologue to chapter 2.)

    If you are wondering how these chapters will work out in time scale inside the story think of it this way. The first chapter is the opening of the store, of course after it opens we aren't going to have another problem right away. Instead we will most likely have the next chapter in whatever season it is in real life. So let's say we get chapter 1 done right before December. We'll have chapter 2 be sometime around Christmas and then work in things there.

    Hope you guys like the structure I got planned and hopefully we can get through chapter 1 by December.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

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