SOPA Has Returned From the Grave

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  1. *EDIT* Go here for for info!

    They're at it again. -_-

    This time, its a new one called SOPA. But still, same idea as PIPA.

    I don't get why they're doing this again. I mean, come on, a couple million (if not billion) people are going to be rather P.O.ed about this AGAIN!

    I'm not sure how this affects me as an artist who draws fan-art and a writer who writes fan-fictions, but from my understanding, I could possibly go to jail for using copy-righted material, even if I give credit (I think, I could be wrong, but I think you get the idea though).

    So below is a petition and then some news article so give you an idea about all this. And please, share this with everyone; repost this on any site you're one, make a video, I DON'T CARE, We ALL need to know about this.


    - News Articles -
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  2. I can't believe that people would want to put streaming copyrighted things on the same level as rape, murder, and other various hostile crimes.
  3. Me either, it's crazy. >.<
  4. Cash rules still nothing move but the money :(

  5. I don't see why SOPA and PIPA even try any more though, they know that most internet lovers will sign petitions against them...
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  7. How about the government just lay off the internet and focus on actual /important/ things for once.

    You the economy, our society, ending our unneeded wars....................................
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  8. Exactly! That's what it's all about, they don't care what we think so long as they're making money . . .
  9. Me either, it makes no sense when a good million or billion people don't like the idea of it and yet they're still trying to pass this law. Let me tell ya, it's all about the money.
  10. Agreed.
  11. Maybe somebody with some common sense should be in charge. I know it's a crazy idea, but it might just work.
  12. Perhaps, but keep in mind, money may also go to their head as well.
  13. All this would do is drive up sales in VPN subscriptions.

    ...unless they own stock in VPN providers. IT'S BRILLIANT.