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  1. so before i spend time makeing a profile or any thing, i want to see if the ppl around here is worth the trouble. apoligys before hand for the bitter comments that is going to follow.. but i have been hurt enough times by enough ppl that its some thing i have to ask before hand.. like some of u probebly can tell by now, i cant spell for shit and i have no grammar... and the way i wright here is pretty muchs how i allways wright, yes i have dislexia and yes i have been in theripsy for the bigest part of my life to try and get me to spell like a normal person... that ant going to happen.. the only reasion i can spell at all is coz of the yahoo chatrooms where i have learnd to touch type. no thus is not my first rp site, i have been around sins the yrs when flat earth was still going, and before maxumis rider closed down, never rped there but i was on megaglomp.forms that followed MR and been there ever sins, i have been on other sites to and been on RPC for the last 7 yrs, so im by no means a newbie rper, got closet o 12yrs under the belt... but aparetnly if u cant spell u considerd stuped and incompetend, im studying mechanical engineering, im my no means ether of that... sooooo.. lets see if there are ppl here worth talking to.. or will it just be another grammar nazi site not willing to accept that thos who allso love rp but daz not have the lingistic skills that thy have...
  2. Well hello there, Silent Jelly! o__o Perhaps we are related? I'm a rather Hostile Pudding at times. ;)

    Welcome (sorta?) to Iwaku!
  3. hostile puddings works for me, muchs more fun than the boring ones, ever pudding needs some fight in it would be like food with out tasted...
  4. Hi, Silent Jelly! Welcome to Iwaku. I'm also a new member, hope we both have fun here. :)
  5. i hope so to memento, hope u well to
  6. You can call me Rie. It's nice to meet you, Silent Jelly. :)

    What genres do you like to rp? I'm on a horror-binge right now x) Must be because of this month haha
  7. Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy roleplaying and making new friends!
  8. *bows* Greetings and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
  9. hi rie, to be honest i play pretty muchs all genres.. tho i tend to avoide romances and sappy slice of life things, kind of bores me to fast, but other than that, i play pretty much ever thing.. hi arcadia.. hi c92cool
  10. Hallo jellyjelly! :D Welcome to the community!
  11. You mispelled about thirt-
    I'm kidding. Hey there friend! Welcome to Iwaku!
    Grammar Nazis are so unfair, ya?
    I mean I like grammar and all, but they're butt-hats.
    Enjoy playing roles, and try your best!
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  12. hi, sorry i have been MIA... exames have been a bitchs and its not yet over, ill get back to thus after thus week is pass, have fun ever one