Soooo - this person is searching for partners again.

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  1. Okayy.... I'm such a flexible person. But I'll try to write out what I usually like to do.

    - I dont care if it's mxm, fxm or fxf or if I'm the "man" or the "woman" of the relationship, seeing as I am pretty flexible of nature, haha.
    - I love the studentxteacher pairing if there's not a too large age difference, with the teacher on bottom usually
    - I also do like hatelove relationships
    - I'm fine with threesomes including whatever genders
    - if interested, I've done my share of incest as well
    - I like the coworkers falling in love against the rules pairing
    - I prefer modern settings but if you have an awesome idea, throw it at me
    - I am best in either Victorian Era or modern, but recently I've been interested in the 20s and 60s, but I've had no chance to rp it yet!
    - I like the forbidden/against the rules romance
    - And the childhood friends in love setting (usually with a lot of denial and cuteness)

    .. I guess I just love the love!

    But there's some cons, things I just WON'T do:

    - Rape (and I'm talking actual rape in the sense that this victim isn't just saying "nooo" for fun. Real, actual rape with the characters ending up crying in an alleyway)
    - Violent bondage (I do enjoy the part about tying up and dirty talk, but I set my limit there. No whips or blood)
    - Parent/child incest (I don't know why but it's something I feel bad about)
    - Too large age gaps

    ... yeah that sounds like about it.
  2. I have an idea for something Victorian. Perhaps someone rich and someone poor fall in love? I'd like to be the poor person though, heh.
  3. I'll do a student x teacher pairing with you. MxM preferred. I would also like the submissive/bottom character. Message me if your interested.
  4. Solid Lynx: I like that setting a lot! And I'd be totally fine with being the rich person, as long as I don't have to be an asshole. So what kind of pairing are we talking about?

    Wolveswillkeepyouwarm: I almost always do the teacher x student with two guys, so that's alright! And if you want to be submissive it would mean you would have to be the teacher. Is that ok?
  5. Well, I was thinking a lower class person (whom he is a renown thief) takes the invitation and costume of a person and acts like them, gaining access into a food filled party and riches that would make him a higher class kind of person.

    While at the party, he meets your character and they sort of.. hit it off. But after the party she finds out his true identity but.. I'd like to come with the rest with you, eh?
  6. Okay... so an fxm, that was what I was fishing for xD and I understand, he gets into the party and they frickfrack and then she figures out that he's not a rich man?
  7. Mhm! :3

    Maybe late teens or early adult for ages?
  8. Late teens, because then my girl is supposed to be looking for her husband-to-be and stuff.
  9. Alright.

    So would you like for us to post small character sheets right now, or the looks of our characters and during the roleplay we find out everything and such?
  10. I would really just like short things, yeah, like, I only need personality, age, height, name and gender to be honest. And then a picture.
  11. Could you go first?
  12. I will as soon as I find a fitting picture :3
  13. Okay then. :P
  14. I need to find a picture of a proper lady around the age of 18.
  15. I have no leads. xD
  16. Haha. I'm going on pixiv and searching either "女の子" or "ドレス" I think.
  17. image.jpg
    Name: Saki Kingston (of half Asian, half English origins)
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Height: 160cm
    Personality: Saki is a quiet and graceful girl, and has been taught only to speak when someone talks to her. She is the princess of the house and wears traditional Japanese clothing because of her mother being Japanese. It is quite an attraction to young men that she looks so different from other women.
  18. I'd prefer the play the student. Id be horrible at playing the teacher.
  19. Oh... it's just that I was thinking the teacher could be submissive. You could be a health teacher or the school nurse, for example?
  20. I'd only be good playing the student honestly. But if not we can do something else.
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