Soooo! I edited my introduction, since no one said hello. *cries in her lonely corner*

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  1. Sooo, I'm new here, but not new to role-play. I've been doing it for almost ten years now. ^^ I just set up my profile annnnd my request thread, which I've linked in my siggy. Bam! Hoping I don't give of that newb user smell.... @.@

    Am I supposed to say something else here? Introductions are always so excruciating...

    So upon further inspection of the site, I'm apparently supposed to say these things, I guess in case you guys don't venture to look into my profile or anything else I spent loads of time filling out. *rolls eyes at the repetitiveness* But maybeeee I'll actually get a welcome now? We'll see. *eyes you all judgmentally*

    You can call me anything, so long as you keep it pretty consistent or similar, so I know you're talking to me, lol. Puppet or Poppet is fine. I use those names on most of my sites. Poppy is also super common. I probably wouldn't like Pop or Pops all that much, since I'm not a dad or a boy. :D

    I'm a girl, if it wasn't obvious from my choice of photo oooorrr by saying I wasn't a boy. ^^

    New to the site, but not to role-play. Already said that one. Just going down the newb survey question list. Bear with me.

    I enjoy both group role-plays and one on ones. Groups are fun and I like the lack of plotting and curve balls because they're a group. Always hate getting my toes stepped on though, and getting stuck with players who don't pay attention to previous posts. Or the fact that they tend to die super quickly and end up a waste of time. One on ones are great because you can use as many characters as you want and really hammer out a plot and an idea. They tend to be more in depth and detailed, which I addooree. ♥

    Also love both sunshine and beaches and shade and air-conditioning, lol. Nothing like getting a tan on the beach and retreating to an air conditioned bar. XD It's really not hard to please me. I like most things and will try almost anything twice. Of course, I like "perfection" which in my opinion would be 70 degree F weather on a mountain, beach, meadow, etc. No one like ass sweat and heat exhaustion in any location, just saying.

    If I haven't rambled enough, I'll answer the last survey question wiiitthhh, "none". No songs are tormenting me. If you want to know what music I like on the other hand, you might be disappointed to hear that I like everything. Some songs super suck, but I'll happily get into any genre, so long as it fits my current mood. 'Course, like I said, the song can't suck either. I mean, seriously, do I even want to know what a 'stanky leg' is??
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  2. Hi Puppet I'm pretty new myself but your introduction caught my eye and it would be a shame not to give you the hello you deserve. Welcome to Iwaku.
    I'm more of a one x one role player myself but I could probably do groups, eventually. What are some of your favorite genres?

    Your music tastes match my own. If it has a beat I'm interested. I hope you enjoy it around here.
  3. D: You weren't welcomed?


    Welcome to the family!

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  4. I am new here as well so I won't say welcome but hello nice to meet you.
  5. Thank you, Hope! I do prefer one on one's, but also enjoy groups. ^^ I'm more into fantasy and sci fi and things along those lines.

    Lol and thank you, Winter! I blame myself. I'm weird, or something. And awkward. Annndd I'm a notorious thread killer. I really don't know how I do it. It's just my presence. Everyone can be chatting all willy nilly and the moment I pop in with a simple, "Hey how's it going? :D" Dead silence. So the no welcomes weren't exactly surprising. x.x I adore Adventure Time. ♥

    Thanks, War! ♥ I love your icon.
  6. Thanks most of the stuff I am using is going to be a theme for one of the rps I am hoping to do.
  7. Is it about, War? :pirate:
  8. Sort of lol I am working on posting for it now.
  9. Well good luck! I hope you're able to have a really great story. ^^
  10. Puppet,

    I like fantasy and sci-fi too, among others: modern, romance, horror. I think fantasy is my favorite because there's so much you can do with it.

    Like she said, good luck with your roleplay!
  11. That's exactly why I like fantasy. ^^ It's hard for me sometimes to just choose a round about genre. I pretty much like everything. I just prefer "fantasy" over trying to explain that I do like modern, but with fictional twists, or that I like alt-history with supernatural elements, etc. Horror is the one thing I do really do. I'd love a Friday the 13th style story, or I Know What You Did Last Summer kind of thriller, but I don't like anything gory, which I tend to associate with horror. I also don't do creepy ghost, poltergeisty things. *shudders* Gives me the heeby jeebies. XD
  12. Love your intro edit and all. Wel ome to Iwaku... I only do one on ones... and I access Iwaku via a phone so I post generally quick couple paragraphs is all... so getting to the point... Id offer to attempt a sci fi fantasy twisted story but youd hate my post length.
  13. Actually, Tobias, I prefer quality over quantity any day. ^^ I've known a lot of people who could pull 10+ paragraphs about nothing out of thin air. I'm not really about that. Of course, you'd have to forgive me for my longer posts. I can't generally write much under four or five paragraphs. But sometimes that's also me just matching my partner. I'm currently only looking for one particular story though. It's in my request thread if you want to check it out, in my siggy. Once I've filled that I may be up for something else, I just don't know yet. I'm looking for a partner though who's character doesn't really talk a whole lot, so it may be right up your alley. XD Let me know if you're interested. ♥ Glad you liked my intro, lol. I'm usually horrible at them.
  14. with the few newbie posts ive already answered, i see you on them. and it makes me so happy to see a newbie answering newbie posts. so good shit girl. and if i wasnt tormented with a busy schedule lately, i would have said hi to you lol. now heres the post i give all the newbies xP

    Welcome to Iwaku, I hope u enjoy your stay, and sorry about such a late post. ive been gone for a while, but i like to post on new arrivals if im not in mid rp. so, here i am ^_^ if you ever have any questions or would like to just chat or possibly discuss and rp, please feel free to message me anytime!

    btw please dont be offended by my copy and paste post here. I literally do this with almost EVERY newbie we have, and being usually pressed for time, i found that this works best so that i can get to as many people as possible.
  15. Lol thanks! I'm not offended at all. It takes a lot to offend me, unlike most people these days. ^^ Thanks for the welcome. I welcome others because it took like three days to get a welcome here myself, and it made me feel pretty uncertain, lol. I don't want other people to feel like the site isn't active, or that they're weird or anything. XD
  16. @Puppet, I can certainly say that its a shame no one welcomed you. We are happy to have you in the Iwaku family. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask~
  17. Thank you so much! ♥ I think I'm finally settling in pretty well, lol.
  18. That's awesome!
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  19. Yeah, it only took ages. XD
  20. Things take time. I'm still finding my way around. I'm trying to compile some ideas for threads but I don't want to put them up too soon to where they are terrible so it's a slow process lol.
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