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  1. I don't know if i'm one of the only ones but I play steam games a lot, love them. So...Tell me about your favorites. Give me a suggestion or two on what games would be fun to play too? It's just a general question since I play games on Steam all the time now a days.
  2. Give one of the Tropico games a shot. Go for Tropico 4, as it's only 20$ USD for the base game and all it's extra content. Any of the Valve created games such as Half Life, Portal and Team Fortress are excellent, solid and have immense replay value. Civilization is available as well, go for Civilization IV, as it's only 20$ USD as well, 30$ USD for the base game plus all extra content. Those are the games I have the most time put into in my Steam library, aside from The Elder Scrolls games of course.

    But Tropico is a great game which mimics the Sim City franchise on a much smaller scale with quite a bit more micro-managing attached.

    Another game which didn't get as much credit as it deserved, Spec Ops: The Line. Though it's still a solid 30$ USD, it always gets a price drop during the glorious Steam sales. Come Spring and Summer, I guarantee you can get that gem of a shooter for ten bucks.

    Oh and to note, the Homeworld games were recently remastered and are available for 35$ USD. Trust me, they're worth every penny if you love a good story driven RTS with one of the best soundtracks you'll ever hear for a game. (especially from the late 1990's)
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  3. I was recently bought Don't Starve by a friend. I haven't had much time to play with it, but it looks promising, and I love the aesthetic. It's a survival game where you find yourself stranded in a bizarre new world and need to gather the supplies and build the items you need to last against the monsters that appear. Most importantly, you need to make sure you don't starve.

    Bastion and Transistor are definitely great buys. The gameplay is clean, the art styles are charming, and the music is fantastic. I could listen to the OSTs of both for hours. They're both completely different games, in story and in gameplay, but both are action games set from an isometric viewpoint, and I love 'em a great deal.

    FTL is a great little rougelike where you manage the crew of a spaceship as you race across the stars, away from a fleet of rebel ships. You jump from system to system, investigating them for supplies and equipment to help you get back quickly and to fight off the various pirates and rebel ships that stand in the way. Rather than control the ship, you specifically control the crew from a top-down perspective, guiding them towards parts of the ship to manage systems and repair damage.
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  4. I have Don't Starve and it's pretty entertaining! However, I say you instead grab "Don't Starve Together" which is the multiplayer version of Don't Starve. Don't Starve is kinda boring if you try to do it by yourself. With friends it can get pretty hilarious though.

    I fucking LOVE Bastion and Transistor. Ugh.

    For games I have, I recommend Town of Salem. If you've ever played any party games like Mafia or Werewolf, this takes the concept of that game and then makes it digital. It can get pretty funny, and it's more fun not knowing who is friend or foe.

    Team Fortress 2 is a free to play fucking hilarious First Person Shooter.

    Awesomenauts is a 2D side scrolling MOBA. Think DotA/League of Legends meets Megaman/Castlevania and then they throw in some cheeky nerd humor.
  5. Yay! someone knows what Town of Salem is! ^w^ I love that game, got it and I've been playing it for awhile now. >w<
  6. Oh, I have both. A good friend bought me them as a present!

    My first experience with Don't Starve Together was accidentally setting fire to a small forest the players were using to farm for wood.

    Good times.
  7. I think you get Don't Starve Together if you already owned the single player version.
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  8. I play the good ol' Garry's mod. It's a game that is collection of gamemodes people made with the source engine (My favorite being Trouble in Terrorist Town)... but it's more well known for all the shitty Gmod vids people used to put out a lot. >_>

    Rayman Legends is great if you really like platformers (Pretty platformers at that). I also really liked the Steam version of Skullgirls. And Planetary Annihilation is great for the RTS fans.
  9. My little sister was telling me about that.
    You don't happen to be friends with a Miss Mei on Steam do you?
  10. My Steam profile is Kiarrn.

    Look it up and see how much I like steam.

    A little too much.

  11. Gonna stalk you megahard.
  12. Haha jokes on you!
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    I like the attention.
  13. So many interesting game suggestions... ^w^ I personally have very few games; started playing cuz so many people play games through steam and most of the games I WANTED to play were for steam alone. >w<
  14. No, but I did join a game with five or six people. I only knew one of them beforehand, so it's entirely possible I joined the same game. o.o
  15. Ah, here we go.

    Don't laugh. It's mostly sales.
    My Steam Profile (from SteamDB)

    • Worth: $2642 ($686 with sales)
    • Games owned: 180
    • Games not played: 62 (34%)
    • Hours on record: 1,464.0h
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  16. SteamDB.
    • Worth: $3190 ($1011 with sales)
    • Games owned: 154
    • Games not played: 45 (29%)
    • Hours on record: 2,996.6 hours on record.
    Keep in mind, Steam only started keeping track of play time about 5-6 years ago, and I've had a steam account since 2004/2005. :ferret:

    What is sunlight? Is that a game I can play?
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  17. brb, gonna hack your accounts.
  18. Do it and the Saskatchewan river is gonna have an extra trash bag in it this Spring. :ferret:
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