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  1. On November the 6th, 2022, a new video game was released, with just 10,000 copies going on shelves all over Japan. This game was named Sword Art Online, and was the first game of it's kind to be released: A VRMMO, a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, utilizing a device called a Nervegear. The Nervegear effectively moves the user's consciousness inside the game world, where the game then feels exactly like real life. Unfortunately, the game's developer, Kayaba Akihiko, removed the Log Out button from the game's code while all 10,000 were logged in, effectively trapping them inside this world. If they died in Sword Art Online, their real life body died. Their only way out was to beat the 100th Boss.

    2 years later, in 2024, Sword Art Online was finally cleared. Thousands had died, including Kayaba Akihiko. During these two years, a newer Nerve Gear device was created, called the Amusphere, which was unable to effect the real world body in any way. Despite the infamous SAO, Amusphere still took off, with it's first game, Alfheim Online. Unlike other RPGs, this game featured no level system, and players had to rely on skill alone. This world was being used as a testing area for a method of mind control, however the player who cleared SAO also defeated the main bad guy in ALO. Then, he uploaded a base code item to the internet, that meant that anyone was able to easily create their own virtual world.

    It is now 2026, and people have even started to forget about SAO and have delved back into the virtual world with enthusiasm. So, where do you come in, you ask?

    2 days ago, a new game was released. This looked like a very major game, and had a lot of hype about it in the media and among gamers. It was set in a fantasy world, and was described by beta testers to be the ultimate RPG experience. The game world was the size of a real world country, and filled with any number of phenomenon. There was no leveling system, and the game replicated ALO and SAO's main mechanics, making it a duplication of real life, in terms of realism. In fact, if you didn't have magic and GUIs, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two. The name and development group of the game was never revealed; only aliases were used.

    It was a free to play game, and also had no apparent Pay to Win features, leaving many people very confused. It was however limited to only 12,000 players, and once those positions were filled, then no new accounts could be created. In addition, the game was limited to Japan, to maximise language compatibility between players. Today, at 7PM, a server-wide event is scheduled, in which new characters will be "finalised" and all players will be granted with the essentials to survive in the world. Anyone who doesn't turn up will have their character and account deleted, so it is expected that at least 98% will show. (After that event, y'all will be trapped in the world, and get to play an awesome game with no need to return to the real world.)

    Some Rules:
    1. No Power/meta gaming. This means you may not control other people's characters without their permission, and you may not use information in the IC that your character wouldn't know.

    2. I don't mind OP characters, as long as they're played fairly and are very strong applications.

    3. Try to make it realistic. Think carefully about the psychological effects of being trapped inside a game.


    Name: (Japanese style, please)
    In-game Name: (Styling irrelevant)
    Age: (Above 13 please)
    Gender: (One of the three genders, no weird alien things)
    (Either description or anime please. I don't mind artwork too much, but if you use a real life photo then I will just ignore the app)
    Personality: (Just to make sure you don't have your character do things they wouldn't usually do.)
    Short Bio: (You can make it really long if you like, but most people don't.)
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  6. Japanese style names? but if I want a western style is that ok? because there are characters in SAO that have western style examples Lisbeth, Silika, Agil etc (EDIT: Nevermind I misread)
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  9. [​IMG]
    "You can call me Aya."
    Aya Mami Maio

    In-game Name:
    "My gamer-tag, you mean?"

    "What's it to you?"

    "Can't you tell?"

    "I'm just a normal girl, really..."
    She's stubborn, sarcastic, and funny. She's also a bit of a hot-head, and act purely on impulse. She has a bad habit of speaking her mind, and has no filter at all. She's a courageous girl who stands up for those she loves, but won't stand up for herself.

    Short Bio:
    "I don't really have an interesting back story."
    Aya had been playing videogames her whole life. While in the real world she's a shy and quiet girl, she found it was easy for her to be herself in the gaming world. Whens he was young, she always made her avatars males, afraid that the other players wouldn't want to play with her if they knew she was a girl. But, a few years ago she gave up that facade, revealing to her gaming friends that she was indeed a girl. They were all a bit surprised, but he relationship with them didn't change. And, she realized that other players were just as- if not more- willing to play with a female.
    When SAO came out, she was very excited, because the technology of the game was very interesting to her. She signed up for the beta testing, but was into accepted into the program. Although upset, Aya brushed it off and saved up religiously for the game to actually come out. In fact, she camped out just to get the game, and pre-ordered it as a precaution.
    She's always been very close with her mother, her only family member. They spent a lot of time together, sometimes doing stuff her mom liked to do, and sometimes playing video games like she liked to do.

    In-Game Outfit (open)

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  10. @Brea halfway through the BIO you switched to using the name Brea :P Also, Accepted!
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  13. I'm soooo postiiiing a Cs! Coming soon!
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  15. Posting a CS in a bit. Looks fun.
  16. I'll join this! I love SAO anime. Still wanting to read the light novel...I'll post a character sheet later today or tomorrow.
  17. I tried reading the LN but the translation is pretty bad. I'm just gonna stick to the manga. OK That's 6 people now including me, assuming all make characters, so unless people have objections, I'm going to say that the next 4 people to post apps are in (with normal acceptation conditions, naturally), and anything after that will be needing to pass harsher criteria.
  18. [​IMG]

    Name: Taka Mizu
    In-game: Slayer__Taka
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Taka is by all means, a laid back person in the real world. He's a senior, so has an easy class load which he enjoys greatly. He is kind, friendly, but usually one to keep to himself. In the game world he takes on a more energetic, and determined attitude. Taka loves grinding for points, and is often one of the higher ranked players in any game he devotes a serious amount of time into. He doesn't have very many people he considers to be a friends, besides Haruna Masaki, a female one year younger than him that he has known since childhood. His most outstanding quality would be his loyalty to those who he does see as friends, and even family.

    Short Bio: Taka was born into a military family, often moving around a few times every year due to his father being a high ranking officer. Growing up in a strict environment caused him to become the complete opposite, enjoying the more relaxed side of life rather than doing any hard work. He was enrolled in traditional martial arts at seven years old, and it is one of the few areas he excels in. He's always had a love for video games, and in the summers when there is no school he can spend an easy ten hours plus a day logged into the latest mmo, or shooter to be released.

    (Short, and sweet!)
  19. imagesVUEX7EQ0.jpg

    Kaori Shintaro

    In-game Name:

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female


    Observant person

    Quick thinker

    Must always be doing something or else she would freak out

    Be easily pushed over and be taken advantage of​


    Short Bio:
    Kaori comes from a family who owns a sweets café and her life has been easy. She tried to help out but was forbidden to do so due to the fact that she never had a talent for baking. The summer of when Kaori was 14 she played her first MMO to keep herself occupied. At first, she just explored the game until one day she gained an agility skill point. After getting to this point, Kaori continued to improve her agility skill, day and night taking up most of summer, until she became one of the best in the game. Soon she got the nickname Kaminari which means lightning and stuck that to the end of her username and has kept it.

    Kaori played popular MMOs to the indie ones was known by the hardcore players who she spoke to a little in game. Now she is pumped for Aetherblade Online where she can try out a new style of MMOs in a different way.​
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