ソードアート・オンライン Sword Art Online: Masquerade [Sign-Ups]

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  1. ソードアート・オンライン
    Sword Art Online



    <<Paradise LOST>>
    On November 6, 2022, the video game industry gave way its technological breakthrough of the century. Developed by Argus, Sword Art Online, a Virtual Reality Mass-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, became the world’s first “full-dive” entertainment system that completely immerses the player into a programmed world of blade-clashing frenzy. Made possible by the use of NerveGear, a player’s conscience helps to interact in the online world, making the experience feel phenomenally realistic.

    10,000 copies have been reportedly sold since its release in Japan (with no word on an international release). Servers were launched at 1:00 pm Local Japan Time, officially beginning what many would consider to be among the worst technological disasters in history. Unknown to the 10,000 players connected to SAO, development director Kayaba Akihiko, also the genius behind the design of the NerveGear platform, had planned to imprison every single player within the virtual world of SAO. By removing the option to log out of the game, the players were forced to complete all 100 levels of SAO or die trying—literally. To ensure that none could escape, the NerveGear helmet would send an electric charge strong enough to destroy the brain if ever tampered with or if the player dies in-game.

    <<Problematic Immunity & Anathema>>
    In what seemed a token of his appreciation, Kayaba issued the players an object designated as <<Mirror>>. Accessed through one’s inventory, it dramatically changed the appearance of an avatar to match that exactly of its player’s in real life. For most, it made the experience even more terrifying. Those who only looked larger than life were quickly humbled when their true faces were exposed. Some were shamed when revealed that they were the opposite sex of their avatar. However, only a handful remained even more uncertain of their fate when they realized a startling truth:

    "The Mirror didn’t work on me...."

    Word quickly spread about these "Breakers," players who were accused of "breaking" the game when their avatars were spared from the transformations. Shunned by the dwindling SAO community, Breakers were often victims of scorn and discrimination.

    <<When forces gather for a common goal… >>
    It was only up to the early months when a Breaker would find himself ostracized by other players. They were easily spotted: Attractive appearances that warranted scrutiny; equipment that is only obtainable for higher leveled-players; perhaps even a large sum of Col and an abysmal inventory of expensive items to boot. As time went on, players were able to earn more experience and eventually level-up in skill and fashion. Now able to blend in with the common players, some Breakers took the opportunity to build. One lone player in particular was said to acquire a vast amount of Col to fund a network of resources. In time, a group was formed to manage this web of connections.

    <<The Brotherhood>>, a shadowy guild notorious for its influence, secrecy, and riches beyond what any player could imagine. In truth, the Brotherhood was designed as a haven for Breakers. Most of its members are glitching players seeking refuge, and a select few serve the Brotherhood directly by utilizing their abilities as a Breaker. By imitating the mannerisms like that of western secret societies, their exclusive activities ensure that only those of their kind may enlist in their ranks. Following a simple hierarchy and order, Breakers are able to thrive and exist peacefully in the Brotherhood.

    But existence in the Brotherhood is no easy burden. No riches obtained are without scrutiny. No victory is celebrated without fear. For every success there is failure. For every ally there is an enemy. Though life isn’t easier in the game of death that is SAO, the Brotherhood at least has more than they could ever want in a time of uncertainty: their loyalty to one another.


    Killing a PC without permission​

    --When posting, you are encouraged to write a minimum amount of two paragraphs; if you need help, contact me. Though to be honest, I'm not too concerned about length, but more so on detail and content.
    --Use of proper grammar is highly encouraged.
    --The GM/DM has total control.
    --In order to participate in this RP, all applicants must submit original characters, and can only play their original characters.
    --If writer's block is that bad, or if you're stuck, contact me for help. I don’t bite.
    --If you must quit the RP for any reason, you then forfeit your character to me. And I will do with it as I please. Not to be taken personally by the way. 99% of the time, I simply write them out of the story.
    --Violation of the rules will result in making me a very unhappy person.​

    How to Apply
    **--Create an original character using the template below. You are allowed to play one character only. Of course, as the only exception as your GM, I might be requiring more than one to drive the story for you all.
    --Once you are done, write at the top of the profile: "Brotherhood of Breakers” and PM your completed character to me for approval.
    -- Please follow directions!​

    Character Generation and Development

    As a "Breaker" you are member of the Brotherhood, a mysterious clan within SAO possessing power and riches beyond imagination. Your story ahead chronicles your eventful days leading up to when SAO is officially completed by player Kirito. Witness one of many untold survival stories. Dive into the dark side of human nature. Discover the key factors that made the Brotherhood persevere when hope was just a bitter memory. ​

    **You're probably wondering, "where do I put my level?" or "Where can I put armor/items?" Anything that I do not require of you to state does not have to be included. You will find out why.
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  2. B r o t h e r h o o d o f
    B r e a k e r s


    Show Spoiler
    Real Life

    Display Name:

    The Golden Knight


    RP Speech Color:
    Hello c:


    Inside of the game, Akito was blessed with beautiful golden locks of hair, hence; his reputation name. Of course, he wasn't popular because of his hair. The man was a savior to most players, helping players that are in need against monsters in battles. He would appear out of the blue, his hair capturing in the sunlight. His eyes are piercing as well, the color of his orbs a nice shade of blue.

    He's lean but well-built, standing for about 5'9.

    One-Handed Sword
    Show Spoiler

    Skill Slots:

    Hiding: In order to study his opponent's ability or to generally hide from other people, he uses the skill HIDE. Because he excelled on the skill HIDE, most people does not notice his presence.

    Tracking: The Golden Knight is well known for appearing out of the blue to help others in need. It is no magic. Akito uses track to find users or enemies so he knows where they are.

    ((Weapon Skill)) One-Handed Sword: In order to wield a sword, he must learn its skill. Without it, then what is the use of a heavy metal thing?

    ((Defensive Skill)) Spinning Shield - Akito knows he is not monstrously strong. When his opponent attacks, he would get damaged. It led him to at least refine the skill SPINNING SHIELD, which defends himself from incoming attacks that gets him less damage.

    ((Passive & Sword Skill)) Sprint - A skill he actually favors, since it helps him boost his damage on the opponents during a battle.


    (Weapon Unique Skill)) - Dual Blades
  3. Brotherhood of Breakers

    [Character Image]- [​IMG]

    Display Name: Yoru

    Ephithet: The Chaos Phantom, The Shadow of Death

    Age: 17

    RP Speech Color: I don't know what this color is

    Description: Yoru wears articles of clothing that qould often make him look like an assassin. What adds to this impression of him are the tattered scarf and coat. He has dark blue hair, fair skin tone, and yellow eyes. He has a scar on his right eye which he purposely did not wish to disappear after receiving it from a worthy opponent.

    Weapon(s): Jyuzu-Maru (as seen on Character Image)

    Skill Slots:

    One-Handed Curved Blade - The first weapon skill Yoru had mastered. Mastery of this kill enabled him to use katanas such as his current sword, Jyuzu-Maru

    Battle Healing - A skill which he put utmost importantance into mastering. This skill serves as his lifeline in a world where your HP is equal to your own life.

    Acrobatics - This skill enables Yoru to do feats like that of a true Assassin or Ninja. He often uses this to execute lethal attacks worthy of someone who has been referred to as the Shadow of Death.

    Parry -
    The ability to use an attack to block an opposing strike. Maximum level makes it possible to destroy an item currently at less than half of the maximum durability; anything with a durability above that will not be damaged.

    Sprint - A skill that Yoru utilizes to its full potential. Sprint enables him to dash as if he is one with the wind and strike with the quickness and ferocity of lightning.

    Breaker: Phantom Step - A movement skill that allows the user to weave in and out of battle. This skill also leaves behind images of the user that can be used to confuse the enemy.
  4. How did I know that it would take me less than 5 minutes to find a SAO RP upon opening iwaku?
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  5. [​IMG]
    Display Name: Aevemra

    Ephithet: The Specter

    Age: 17

    RP Speech Color: This one

    Description: Aevemra is medium height and appears slight of build. She wears very simple armour, which while impressive, would probably not be very useful when it came to reducing damage. This consists of a black steel chestplate and black steel bracers only. They are embellished with an aetherial blue gemstone. She is quite attractive, and has long ebony hair, almost to her waist.

    Weapon(s): Xanadax - One handed long sword. It is made of the same material as the Dark Repulser, a material she gained by attacking a party of exhausted warriors who had recently obtained it from the dragon. It's stats are similar to those of Dark Repulser, however slightly lower as her strength stat is lower than that of Kirito's. While the sword is classified by the system as one handed, the handle is long enough to fit 2 hands comfortably, for added balance - vital for retaining speed. She holds it so that her middle finger is at the same level as the first metal band (going from the blade towards the pommel). The two hooks can be used to disarm an opponent if their sword gets lodged under them, by turning her hand 180 degrees. This rarely occurs as she would have to be on defensive for it to happen.


    Skill Slots:
    The charge-up glow of these skills are all black.
    Silent Sabotage: Target is prevented from using sword skills or accessing their inventory for a short time. Usually long enough to kill them.

    Flashstrike: While it cannot be used effectively on a close by target, it balances by allowing the user to dash incredibly quickly towards the target and get in 1 - 3 hits, depending on reaction time.

    Crush: A powerful, single hit strike that does little damage to the target (unless of course they're a level 1 wearing no armour.), and instead is designed to reduce the durability of items very efficiently. Shields have been known to shatter upon being hit.

    Blindrage: The user's speed is greatly increased, however the user is also prevented from using skills for a short time.

    Mirrorstrike: The user creates a weak, 1 durability, 1 atk clone of their main hand weapon and wields it in their off-hand. The clone looks identical, and is used to trick the foe into blocking, therefore leaving themselves open for attack from the real weapon.

    Unnamed evilness: Aevemra, while wielding appropriate weapons (as it applies only to one handed long swords), can score wounds on an enemy even if they block. The wounds will be diminished it size, but even the largest of shields will still be unable to prevent all the damage as they usually would. She self-named it "Stigma", taking inspiration from the anime character she partly based her SAO character off.
  6. Brotherhood of Breakers

    Display Name:

    Ephithet: The Pilot.

    Age: 22

    RP Speech Color: This!

    Description: An extrovert in the truest sense, Primp is anything but laid back. He has a tendency to hop into leadership roles, always ready to get things done. He always is focused on the 'big picture', so he is often inclined to push whomever he is grouped up with toward that goal. Playing alone is something that he finds weary; often, he won't bother doing anything without having people around, because being alone is something he finds immensely boring. Primo is the kind of guy to run into situations without thinking of the consequences, which often translates into him charging into fights. Despite this, he maintains an exceptional level of strategic prowess in combat situations, and easily adapts when it is necessary. He is enthusiastic and animated, speaking as well as gesturing with his hands in various ways to get his point across. Finally, he's assertive; aggressive by nature, he's not afraid to speak out or act out to get a point across. All of these combined traits culminated in his given Ephithet.

    Veritas y Aequitas - Dual short knives, with blades made of pure energy. Held in reverse blade stance.

    Skill Slots:
    Listening - The ability to hear sounds from further away than normal. Higher level of skill grants the ability to hear through locked rooms.
    Acrobatics - Determines a player's jumping height and the ability to perform aerial maneuvers. Bottom level is the natural jumping height for the Player.
    Sprint (Passive & Sword Skill) - This skill is both an activatable burst of speed, and a passive increase in the player's effectiveness at dodging strikes.
    Parry - The ability to use an attack to block an opposing strike. Maximum level makes it possible to destroy an item currently at less than half of the maximum durability; anything with a durability above that will not be damaged.
    Hiding - Allows for a person to disappear. Only works on targets that use visual tracking.

    Breaker: Primo's weapon is the breaker.​
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  7. Isn't that kinda hi-tech for a medieval-style thing?
  8. You'd probably be right if Sword Art Online wasn't a virtual reality MMORPG.
  9. Ik i was in two minds when i made the comment. The way I see it is that while it's a game, it can still have themes: There are countless MMOs set in medieval-style areas and other than GUIs, nothing looks futuristic. (I was also looking at his boots when I was thinking about it.) Also isn't dual wielding something only Kirito can do? If your character can do it also then it stops being a unique skill.
  10. Well, first of all, this is a roleplaying game. It's not canon, in case you were wondering.

    First person to put in this app has the unique skill of dual weilding his swords. My character's weapons happen to just come that way, at the cost of having no breaker - his weapon is the breaker. Since there are no rules on what a breaker particularly dictates except something abnormally found in the game, this becomes viable.

    Also, it was never mentioned that the world of sword art online took place in a medieval setting. Just because there are towns doesn't mean it's medieval. Aside from this, they use electricity in-game (lights, etc.) so this is an impossibility.

    It does seem medieval-themed, but I don't think it is medieval.
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  11. Let me put it this way - if you find yourself having too much of a problem with this, I have no issue changing the character to adapt to what you'd like it to be.
  12. eh you have points which I can't argue against. I never actually noticed the use of electricity. Guess I need to watch it again.
  13. Don't let me ruin your experience, that's not what i'm here for. I don't mind changing up some things if it's bothering you. Seriously.

    I was just simply defending my decision to go that route to begin with.
  14. Theres no problem. Given the style of the sword skill charge up thing i could see that kind of thing existing. My main issue was the dual wielding thing but i suppose it is non-canon so theres nothing to complain about. Nice avatar btw.
  15. Haha, thank you. I was also saying that because of the first applicant having that unique, that it's not really unique anymore. With his character's ability to dual wield in addition to Kirito, comes the possibility of any character being able to. E
  16. Oh I never saw that :D. Dual wielding for everyone!
  17. I did try to keep it different, because my character's are more knives than swords. Though my app said short swords, so I went ahead and changed that. They're not regular swords, is the point. Haha
  18. hah. I saw a character that dual-wielded greatswords once. Not just large swords but those stupidly over sized ones you see in some games that are like 15 ft long.
  19. That sounds so ridiculous. People RP such ridiculous things! Lmfao.
  20. While I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm, and really I do, I must ask that we keep the chat to a minimum if not through PM. YES, I can see that it is all directly related to the roleplay, but I was hoping to keep this very clean so that we need not scroll too much in order to review character apps.

    Eh, who am I to complain. For a while this thread was DEAD.

    Hell, would it help you all if I made a social group specifically for this roleplay? You can chat there all you want, even act in character if this roleplay doesn't so much as launch.

    EDIT: Just "Like" this post for your approval and I will get to it.

    EDIT 2: I will create the group as soon as staff finishes making tests.
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