Sony ceases production of the Playstation 2

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    That's it, the console that defined the early 21st century is now finally done for good. While it's true it hasn't been relevant in years, this still makes me somewhat misty. I'll also have to grab a spare for when my current machine finally kicks the bucket.
  2. Your not on ps3 yet 4 is just around the corner
  3. Makes me so sad! I just broke out my PS2 the other day and played Sly Cooper... -sighs- I am so behind! The most recent game console I have is the Wii.

    I FAIL.
  4. I wondered how much longer it was going to take. I used PS2s instead of PS3s forever, but I think that pretty soon I'll be ready to upgrade. Finally. >>; *somber sigh*
  5. I was upset when my fat PS3 ended up dieing but luckily I had a spare slim PS2 so I could still play my favorite PS1 and PS2 games.

    I am just glad it was so widely sold so that I can find spare parts if needed!
  6. PS3 doesn't allow the use of old favorites from PS1 and it's not surprising people still use their PS2s, x3.
  7. I'm not even a gamer that much any more, let alone a console gamer. My preference is for computer games, but this... -shakes head slowly and sadly- this is indeed a sad day. I used to watch my ex and friends play all the time, so there are a lot of happy memories attached to the PS2.
  8. :( I've been needing to buy a new one... This just makes me sad. I have an emulator for ps 1 on my computer but can't get one for ps2. I wanna cry...
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  10. It does if you have an original PS3~

    I still own every single iteration of the playstation, all in working condition.
    An original playstation, PS2, and my lovely little PS3 that I got for Christmas. It's nice to see the progression of the graphics and I adore the HD collections of old games (Ratchet and Clank, ICO, etc.).