Sonsee Unchained [Character Development, Western, Murder] v1

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What I've got is the story of a young native girl of a tribe that has been peacefully assimilated now living among the settlers of the American west. This peaceful co-existance is a thin thread, and when society is stressed cracks appear where binds are the thinnest.

What I offer is for you to play the character(s) that will be of influence through her life. How you interact with the girl will affect her character and the decisions she makes, or the ones you force on her. So this character will be maleable to whatever you want her to be, the later in the story the harder pulling her strings might be. You could be the one that saves her from the world that is trying to get her, offer her a new life and help her find the lost hope. You could also be the one to drive her over the edge and forsake all illusions of peace and happiness and set her on the path of blood. Whatever you want.
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Sonsee's tribe had once traded with the settlers and where left to live in relative peace, slowly but gradually they where assimilated yet the trade that fueled their economy dwindled during the civil war and the tribe promptly lost their status and scattered. Sonsee knows that her father was drafted to fight for the union though he never returned, her mother took her further west to start a new life and were taken in by a family of farmers in a town called Verdana where she grew up and lived until her sixteenth year.


The townfolk of Verdana had caught the murderer earlier that day, the expansive plains, now mostly barren and dusty left little place to hide. Still the girl had managed to evade capture for three days, despite the veritable manhunt that followed. Sonsee had made it halfway to the mountains, where she would have been able to hide for longer and probably even link up with the tribes that lived on the otherside... Or captured by thieves known to make a nest there. Later that night she was brought into town for her crimes, the men that caught her had not given her any less than the treatment that she deserved. After all it was a lawman she had killed, and shot his aide who now teetered between life and death. For what reason though? Surely she was a harlot, despite being as young as she was she was a savage and possibly even an 'witch'. Bloodied and bruised she was dragged into town, lassoed like the animal she was and brought to the sheriff’s office, currently being occupied by the James Hawthorne a local lawyer who worked closely with the deceased sheriff and a man that had warned about the dangers of trying to civilize these savages. However the evidence was irrefutable, the sheriff was dead after all, the deputy was shot, and the culprit ran. When caught, she acknowledged having stabbed the sheriff, though she claimed he tried to rape her. She was to be shot, or hanged publicly next the day.


Go ahead and PM me with a character that you think can help her, or otherwise.Here are some suggestions:
New sheriff that arrives the night before her execution.
Local businessman who knows the extent of corruption in the local sheriffs office.
Brother of the diseased Deputy who knew his brother as a morally correct man and opposed to the deceased Sheriff.
Relative of the family who she works for and lives with.

Thanks again for reading and don't hesitate to shoot me a line, much of this is negotiable.
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