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Sons of Gods

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ChemoNinja, Jan 8, 2015.

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  1. Basil had always thought of himself as a normal kid. That is until he turned twelve where his new puppy (a birthday present), whom he had named Orthrus (Cerberus's brother)- being a huge fan of Greek mythology- tried to eat him. Upon seeing his new dog's head turn into two heads he knew something was up, that this wasn't normal. Of course he was the only one who could see how his puppy transformed and attacked him, everyone else thought the dog was just a normal dog trying to play. But when Basil showed his mother the marks the beast left on him she knew it was time to send her boy to camp half blood. She dropped Basil off at the boarder of the camp shortly after his birthday and never came back to see him again.

    Presently, five years later, Basil was reminiscing on the last time he had seen his mother as he walked along the shore behind the Poseidon cabin, taking a breather from the days activities when he looked up and saw a large lump of sand-covered ... Something laid out on the beach in front of him. Curiously, he took a cautious step toward it.
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  2. Tyson was born of unknown god said that these children where rarest of all children to ever be seen. He had a pet hellhound , but the hound magic bound itself to a form of a massive black dog he named Coda. Tyson didn't remember much from what happened all he did know was that he was running, then his father voice told him to run into the ocean. He did as he was told and had blacked out swimming and now he laid un-moving on the shore beach of a small lake wet, his hound nuzzled into his side to make sure he was ok. he was breathing very slightly. Tyson hears footsteps and eyes closed gently as he coughed up alot of sea water and grunted. the hellhound looked like a regular dog with spooky green and golden eyes fangs bared at the stranger to stay away unless he wanted to get his arm torn off but then the male reached up and touched the hounds leg.

    "Enough Coda" said slowly eyes opened slowly looking at them slowly , his vision blurry and unable to be seen and the hound barked at him and turned itself into a shadow and vanished into the shadows of the world of demigods leaving the owner alone in the hands of this male.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.