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  1. These past weeks in the leaf village it has been quite weird. The parents of most of the clans have been acting strange. Seriously strange. They don't talk, they mumble. They don't reaction to much of anything and their eyes are grey like ash. Something is deffinitely going on and needs to be done.

    "Something is deffinitely not right." Kaiza ran a hand through his hair. He set foot out of his house and breathed the fresh air of his beloved Leaf village. He tapped his headband which he had tied around his pant loop. "I need to find the others.." He took off.

    Kain breathed heavily as she knelt with one knee. Using this jutsu was going to kill her one day, she thought. She turned to her father, Pain. "And why do we need these souls?" She scowled. Her father said with no expression, "For my other bodies. I am going to make an army of them." Kain scoffed and shook weakly. "Well. I don't think I can take more of this jutsu.."
  2. "... Sis... I sense a great danger..." Kazemaru was drinking his coffee when the twins talked about the parents, Kaze stood up and said to her, "I'll be watching on the mountain as usual" Kazemaru went up to his usual spot, the hokage mountain, he always watched the whole view of the village form up there. His father, Sasuke always brought him to the mountain and talked about his past.

    "Wa.. wait up Kaze-kun~" Tsukihime wanted to go with him but she ended up cleaning the whole house, Tsukihime are also worried that the sudden disappearance of their parent mush have something odd. She caught up with Kazemaru and smiled to him, "Hehe this where father always take us right~?"
  3. The sliding doors that led to the garden behind their house were wide open. Shinri was lying next to the doors, arms folded behind his head, one leg propped over the other. The small fan was blowing in his direction as he napped, enjoying both the wind from the outside and the fan's wind. His chest rose and then fell as light snores could be heard from his sleeping form. The past few days seemed quite stressful for him. No, it wasn't about work. All he did was guard duty though. But what was bothering him was the fact that his parents seemed... blank, totally out of character. I mean, his sister always had a blank expression and response, but that's just in her personality. Like, his mother, Temari, wasn't lecturing his father as usual. It seemed a bit odd to him but he just assumed they were in a bad mood.

    All of a sudden, he felt a strong kick to his side. His eyes shot open, glaring up at his attacker. A blank face looking down at him, though he swore he could see a bit of irritation in her dark brown eyes. She spoke in a monotonous voice, "Good afternoon, brother. You shouldn't be sleeping in a time like this."

    Shinri grumbled, sitting up and ruffling his dirty blonde hair. He looked at his sister, "What the hell, Shiori..." he stood up from the ground, looking his sister in the eye, "and, what do you mean 'a time like this'?"

    Shiori merely looked back at him, as if searching for the answers. "I have a feeling something is up with Mother and Father. . ."

    So, I wasn't the only one...? His eyes widened slightly, as he eyed his sister's silhouette making its way to the front door. As if she could read his mind, she answered, "Let's go to the barbecue shop... I'm starving."

    Shinri huffed, muttering a "Fine. . .". He glared at her back, shoving his hands into his pockets as they walked out of the door. He decided that maybe eating out with his sister would relieve the stress. As soon as they left the clan compound, Shiori said in a deadpan manner, "But, you're paying."

    "Tch." Shinri rolled his eyes as they entered the main town area where most of the villagers like to hang out.
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  4. A black haired girl was walking through the streets quietly and eating an onigiri that was stuffed with spicy tuna. Something was wrong for the past few weeks for her. Shisui had gone on a mission, and itachi. They were ANBU partners always. Hopefully nothing happened to them? They were her parents after all, shisui being her biological father while itachi acted as a "mother".

    She thought. Logically, shisui was quick with long missions. If something were to happen to him, someone would report it to her, or he'd send a messenger bird to keep her updated. But no one knows what happened. He just... Disappeared. And that was the terrifying part. It was strange and very bad as well. If something happened to her father, it would most likely lead to stealing his Sharingan, known to be quite powerful and containing the prowess of Kotoamatsuki. Same with itachi. He also kept her updated about himself and therefore it was just done.

    Misaki decided to go to the hokage tower, and ask about it. Maybe it didn't only happen to her? She had to know. The girl has kept quiet about it these past few weeks, and now should be the time to ask.


    Upon arrival to the hokage tower, the conversation merely lasted half an hour. The hokage was determined to keep her parents disappearance merely out of reach -Danzo who had interfered- and she simply couldn't argue with them. As when she daringly did argue with danzo, she received a smack across the face as a reprimanding -much to her own bottled anger-. She left and stood there for a moment before walking away.

    "They know something.." She muttered to herself, biting the bottom of her lip as her hands were balled to fists. Even if it was just a little information. Misaki decided to go to the place where shisui and itachi had last send their messenger birds in to them. Maybe she could get a lead there, depending on her plans for the day.. But then again.. Right now she didn't have plans, which means that she wouldn't have anything to do.

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    Shisui )
  5. Everything seemed blank these days, nothing was the same and Ayami was starting to feel strange about everything. Only this morning she and her dad were sparring but she could actually land her hits, her father, Naruto the greatest ninja of the leave, was not himself.

    Ayami stopped training and thought it would be best to go check on her parents, slowly she walked through the streets of her village, her eyes trying to catch anything that might be the problem, but just as the last few weeks she found absolutely nothing. "I wonder if the others have noticed anything, come to think of it al our parents are acting weird" she spoke to herself as she passed a few houses she knew.

    Just turning a corner that same power shot through her "mmmgg and to mention that, I have no idea where its coming from but I'm sure the other know about it, maybe I should go finds the other" she spoke sputting her walk into a run.

    "Why are you all so hard to find" she growled out in her run, she looked up and decided the rooftops would be easier, once reaching the top she closed her eyes and felt where each and everyone of her friends were "okay, Kaiza, your the closest" she mumbled and ran to the barbecue shop.

    "Kaiza!" She exclaimed and came to halt next to her friends "I need to talk to you, right now" she was trying to het to the bottom of the problem before it started.
  6. A few minutes later, Shinri and Shiori arrived at the usual barbecue shop they always ate at after a long day of training. They pushed the beaded curtain out of the way as they entered. They were warmly welcomed by the owners of the shop, since they were regulars there. It's mostly Shiori that enjoyed eating there, Shinri comes to keep an eye on his sister. A short, plum woman comes out from the kitchen, a huge motherly smile on her face, her arms were wide open, "Shiori! Shinri! It's nice to see the both of you~"

    She gave the two of them a big hug and kiss. After releasing them, Shinri groaned and rubbed his cheeks in annoyance while Shiori didn't react. "Come this way~" The woman led them to their usual table and handed them the menu. They both took a seat across one another. Shinri glanced through the menu, then looked back at Shiori who looked as though she was ready to order, which was true. Shiori looked at the woman, "We'll have the usual platter. Two rice."

    The woman nodded, grinning as she wrote down the order and went into the kitchen. A few minutes later, she came back with their order. She set a rice bowl in front each of them. Then, placed the meat platter next to the barbecue pit. "Enjoy~" the woman smiled and walked off. Shiori picked up the tong and placed a few slices of beef onto the wire mesh. Shinri simply watched her cook and devour the meat, since he didn't have an appetite. About ten minutes later, she finished her rice and took Shinri's bowl after that. Shinri could only watch in disbelief, but it didn't show on his face.

    Moments later, they felt a familiar chakra coming towards them. It was Kaiza. He had a frantic look on his face as he took a seat next to Shinri. With a full mouth, Shiori lifted her chopstick that was holding a slice of beef, towards Kaiza, "Want some?"

    "Shinri... Shiori. Please tell me you know something is up as well?" Shinri's eyes widened, his posture straightened slightly. He eyed Shiori then back to Kaiza, "So, your parents too, huh..."

    Suddenly, Ayami came running in. Both Shinri and Shiori gave her a curt nod, acknowledging her presence.
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  7. He sprinted to the first place he knew two people would be easy to find. The barbacue shop. It wouldn't take very long to get to that point, seeing how he only lived a few blocks away. He came to a skidding stop in front of the beaded doorway of the barbacue shop. As he pushed the hanging beads to the side and stepped in, he said with a much serious tone. "Shinri... Shiori. Please tell me you know something is up as well?"He casually stepped over to their table and sat down.

    She stopped for now. She wasn't going to do this forever. Now she would have to return them, just like the others. In the dead of night. Sometimes, she just wished she diidn't have to do it. Take them back anyways. It was such a bother."Father. Can't one of the others do this? Isn't much more of a risk for me than them?" She didn't look him in the eye when she said this. She didnt want him to think low of her, but not look him in the eye might just cause him to. So she looked up, with as much confidence as she could scavenge up.

    Pain tilted his head to the side then sighed and closed his eyes. "You're right. You're much more valuable than that. I will have the other go from now on. I will inform your mother of this as well."

    "Her mother has already heard." Konan slithered into the room they had been hiding in for three days. "I think that is good. She will need to rest."
  8. Kaiza grinned and opened his mouth to invite the cooked beef, he was starving and glad she offered. Like always. As soon as the beef entered his mouth his head whipped around to a familiar voice. "Kaiza, I need to talk to you right now." Kaiza chewed his beef and quickly swallowed.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"Let me guess. Something wrong with your parents?"[/BCOLOR] He sighed and stood up.
  9. Ayami blinked as Kaiza guessed right "Yes, I have been noticing...well their behavior is...well strange" she said looking at Kaiza "I had no idea you noticed" she said looking a little unsettled "but umm...Kaiza" she mumbled pulling Kaiza to one side. "That's not..well that was what I wanted to say, but Kaiza, I felt it....the power...I think it might be the cause " she whispered to her friend.
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