Sonic vs. Mario

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  1. I know there was sometime in your life that someone asked you this question, well, dammit, now I'm asking it.

    Don't act like you don't know who these too are! Your unborn child even knows about them!







    Also, guys, its just opinions not a SUPER ASS heated debate! Just put your two cents in. GO GO GO!
  2. Mario. Mario. Mario.

    Nuff said.

    Knuckles wins over Sonic to me. >:C
  3. Mario. No question about it.

    Sure Sonic is the fatest, but Mario is a Doctor, a Plumber, a kart racer, a baseball player, and so much more.
    Mario shoots fireballs.
    Mario saved a town by using a water pump.
    I don't hear many people imitate Sonic.

  4. Sorry. Gotta go with Sonic on this one.

    He's got those bad ass snarky remarks! Mario only talks about his mom. :/

    Yep, Imma state the obvious. He's fast. Fast as hell. Those stupid slow ass fire balls can't catch him! Hell, Mario cant catch him! Plus, he's got that rolly move that has speed AND strength in one. Yesss.

    Oh, and he's blue. And he's a blue hedgehog. Mario's a fat plumber. Slow and steady wins the race, my ass.

    Also, Mario's girlfriend has a frying pan. Amy Rose has a fucking HAMMER.

    Done. <3
  5. Mario is older, his series has withstood time better than Sonic, and his first game saved the entire video game industry from falling by the wayside. Sonic wouldn't even BE here without Mario

    The first Sonic games were great, and one or two of the 3D ones were good too (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle), but nowadays most Sonic fans react to a new Sonic game:


    Then 9/10 times Sega shits all over them and they go back into their holes to wash the shit off just in time for the NEXT game.

    And honestly Sonic's smartassery gets old after awhile.

    I'm just gonna have to give this one to Mario and let Sonic be crushed under his boot like so many goombas before him.
  6. just baised on my favorite of both games
    peach- a princess who is not only kidnapped all the time but by a freaking dino
    amy- psyco stalker who trys to kill things with a hammer
    toad- cute yet useless in almost everygame
    shadow- he has a gun and is kick ass
    birdo- is a kick ass guy that thinks he is a girl XD
    chao- babies that you can take care of and are oh so cute and cuddly

    so i must give it to mario ((even if sonics crew kicks more ass) just because of birdo because its kinda cool that mario has a drag queen and that also means that yoshi is gay because they are together as bf and bf ((oh and i know that they now say birdo is a girl but fuck if you cant just erase what you said in the first place))
    ((proof im not lying about birdo))
  7. I will go with Sonic.

    He has speed and his spin attacks are devastating.

    Mario has some skills as well, but compared to sonic, his power alone isn't enough.

    Unless he gets a super speed boost to match his power, sonic can hit him over thirty times.

    That would be before Mario even makes his fireball.

    Not to mention, Sonic in his super state.

    Once he turns Super Sonic, he becomes invincible.

    Mario saved many towns.

    But remember, Sonic saved the Earth many times from invaders. (As Super Sonic)

    So, that alone proves that Sonic, by far, exceeds Mario.

  8. Actually, this is the first time I've seen the question posed. Although, admittedly, I never went searching for the question or its opinions/responses.

    But, Mario, hands down.
  9. plus if sonic hits mario even once mario will not be able to use the fire ball until he finds another flower
  10. Exactly, I also made a slight adjustment to my first reply.

    Added information:

    Mario saved many towns.

    But remember, Sonic saved the Earth many times from invaders. (As Super Sonic)

    So, that alone proves that Sonic, by far, exceeds Mario.

  11. *CoughchaosemeraldsCough*

    well, yes sonic

    Why you ask?
    1 He's fast, spikey, and blue...thats like about half of what I liked as a child for one
    2 I'd actually perfer sonic games more than mario as in if I had to give away super mario galaxy to Sa2 I'd surprisingly get rid of super mario galaxy
    3 I only like mario because of luigi
    4 Slightly off topic: I never play mario in ssbb
    5 Live and learn
    6 I like how more than half of the bosses arent push overs *looks at all mario games except 64*
    7 "Wrapped in Black" was created while the composer had coffee that was hence "too black, too strong"
    8 Sonic got me hooked on Hatsune Miku.
    9 If it wasnt for sonic there probably wouldn't be those double jump features, also nights FRICKING NIGHTS wouldn't be created.
    10 I'd even perfer kirby over mario...
    11 shadow is best over all, or was... until they brought him back in heroes -.- and knux is just pure awesome.... you're not gonna find something as creative as him in mario
    bout it for me...
  12. O-O how could i ever do something as stupid as what i just did
    i didnt mention rougue the bat
    she is hot as hell
    likes jewels
    and is a spy
    and boobs to die for
    and and and she is the only one in both games that made me cry ((i thought she would die when she got trapped in a safe trying to find the emeralds))
  13. Mario, All the way!
  14. SONIC!!!!


    Because if he was any better, he'd be a SPARTAN!!!!!!!! >:D
  15. Note: there's a jiggle feature in sa2, as in yes... her boobs jiggle in an e rated game and the alt costume makes her look like a stripper... that is all
  16. oh god yes...i found out i like woman because of her and her jiggly boobs XD
    me as a child watching her and then going "thats not bad"

    Mario can turn into an adorable squirrel suit thingy.
    Oh, and evil Wario is the shit.
    Like, dat guy makes me so happy. :D He's so weird. SO WEIRD.
  18. i never did like that racoon outfit
    i like a few of his outfits from space mario like his spring,bee and cloud where awesome
    i dont like wario but i did like his random ds game where you just did random things
    you know now that i think of it mario has alot of spin offs (peach luigi wario yoshi and i think toad has a game but im not sure))
    and all sonic has is sonic and then shadow games i want a freaking amy game where all you do is chase sonic and at the end you forcce him to marry you...

    but sonic has different main playable from sonic, shadow, tails, rogue, eggman, amy, big the cat, robots, and that blue water guy ((even if bigs was just fishing you still got to play as him XD))
  19. Is this even a question? Mario is far superior, and he'd beat Sonic by calling animal control and having Sonic be put down. ;D

    Mario is an Italian, who is addicted to mushrooms. Awesome, nuff' said.

    He would win by eating a whole bunch of shrooms and simply stepping on Sonic.
  20. they wouldnt fight because if they did the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny would begin the galaxy would explode once a falcon punch made contact.