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  1. Is anyone else here a fan of the amazing blue blur? I definitely am! In fact, he's my favorite mascot with Mario being my favorite. No I don't think he should die and yes I think he has more good games than bad. But there are definitely some Sonic games I despise for the life of me.

    I find it funny how people constantly complain about Sonic but yet they don't say anything about Megaman, Crash, Spyro, and Pac-Man. Hypocrisy at its finest I tell ya. At least Sonic's still standing. His 25th anniversary is next year and I can't wait! Hopefully it doesn't end up like his 15th. Please no.

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  2. The reason people talk crap about Sonic is that the vast majority of games since the Genesis days are awful and akin to shovelware that has tainted the legacy of a franchise that started off incredibly strong and is now left in such a wretched state, and Sonic is home to one of the most toxic fandoms of all that the developers of the game admit to having numerous problematic encounters and feedback from.

    I mean, hell, the only reason Sonic exists is because Sega wanted a cool mascot to make Mario look lame.

    As for the characters you mentioned,

    Crash Bandicoot went out on a reasonably high note and hasn't been a thing for a couple console generations now. He was also only created because Sony wanted a mascot for the PlayStation, and when Microsoft launched Halo and Master Chief became the new face of gaming, I think Sony started to move away from colourful platformers and mascots for a while. The closest thing Crash has to a Spiritual Successor is Sly Cooper or Jax & Daxter.

    Mega-Man is one of the oldest video game characters and despite that, the games are spaced out really well and consistently get respectable scores. I honestly don't know anyone who ever complained about Mega Man.

    Pac-Man is also a really weird one to call out because while Pac-Man is an essential poster child for retro gaming, there's seldom ever anything new related to Pac-Man. Like, are you calling attention to them because of Smash Bros. or something?

    Spyro had a few solid platformers before launching into a super successful and critically acclaimed Skylanders franchise. That character isn't really relevant anymore, and I doubt most kids who play Skylanders knows who the hell Spyro is.

    The difference between them and Sonic is that the games that are tied to them are functional and well-regarded, whereas the past 15 years of Sonic has seen it become the norm for the games to be fundamentally broken and barely finished before they're rushed out to store shelves. That's why Sonic's become a joke in the industry; Sega clings so desperately to Sonic as a source of their identity but they can't be bothered to put the time or money into something respectable.
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  3. Sonic has had many great games since the Genesis days. People just follow bandwagon and don't know what they are. They'd much rather listen to professional reviewers than have their own opinions. Sonic has more good games than bad ones honestly and he even has some that are diamonds in the rough aka games that no one knows about. The last good Sonic game was Generations which came out on his 20th anniversary. People only say Sonic's games after the Genesis days sucked because of nostalgia. Most of the time, they don't even play those games that they claim suck. The only bad 3D games are Secret Rings, 06, and Boom: Rise of Lyric and even then, there are games much worse than those. Just look at the games released between 3&K and Adventure (minus CD) and see what I mean.

    Yeah the Sonic fanbase is pretty shitty. I'll give you that.

    The only good Crash games were the ones created by Naughty Dog. After that, he died and hasn't been around for years. He probably won't come back either unless Sony gets the rights back and even then, the game will be shit unless Naughty Dog develops it.

    Mega Man is dead. When was the last time we ever had a good Mega Man game let alone a game from him at all? Remember X7? That game alone killed the X series and after that, the sales of Mega Man plummeted which caused Capcom to kill him off. And let's not forget those awesome games that Capcom cancelled just to be jackasses. Mega Man hasn't been relevant for over a decade because he hasn't released anything. Another issue with Mega Man is that the gameplay doesn't change much. It can get stale after several games especially when it comes to the classic series. At least Sonic shakes things up once in a while. Also I don't recall Capcom apologizing for any of the bullshit they've done in the past few years. At least SEGA can admit when they're wrong.

    What other Pac-Man games do people know about aside from the arcade games and the World trilogy which need I remind you only had ONE good game which was World 2? Oh that's right NONE. Now Pac-Man's a complete joke because of God knows what Namco did to him.

    Skylanders might as well have been a slap in the face to Spyro fans. The newer generation of gamers may like Skylanders but I highly doubt the people who grew with Spyro do. At least I didn't.

    Unlike these four, Sonic's still kicking despite all of the naysayers and if people are gonna pay attention to Sonic, they need to pay attention to other mascots. It's also hypocritical and funny because all the time gamers bitch and whine about certain franchises and characters dying but then they wanna complain about a franchise's "bad" games and say that franchise should die and then when it does, they wanna do exactly what I just said earlier.

    SEGA definitely has screwed up with Sonic before but they always make it up in the end. For the most part anyways. Hopefully his 25th anniversary will make up for Boom. People just want to be negative and then get mad when said thing they're being negative about is being taken from them. Hell even Mario has had bad games but no one complains about those. So don't complain about Sonic when honestly he's in better shape than most characters these days. Like the ones I just mentioned. Also don't whine about SEGA when there are far worse things other companies are doing. Just look at Konami.

    At least Sonic is still releasing games. You may argue that they're bad but bad games are subjective.
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  4. There are more than enough complaints about pacman (ghostly adventures) and Spyro past the ps1 era.

    Generally the reason people are more vocal about Sonic is because so are it's fans. It's pushed to the main stage because of both the positive and negative attention it receives. Full-on circle.

    Also. Modern good Sonic games either emulate the old (though I'd hardly call the GBA ones modern) or copied... Well, Mario. Which is irony at it's best.

    The main overarching issue with Sonic has been in it's design from the getgo. There is too much emphasis on it feeling 'cool'. In the beginnings this was fine because they understood gameplay>aesthetics. It was that time. You didn't wasteresources on story unless you were final fantasy. But then 3d. And story. And lolredesign. Sonic lost sight of what should have been it's priorities. it's context became too overwhelming and Sonic just couldn't keep up. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was the first sign of that still ongoing struggle.

    Also bad games are subjective to a degree. Controls not responding properly or camera issues or other technical aspects are hard to ascribe to the dude's most famous quote.

    The reason I think Sonic needs to die is because with a Tabula Rasa, studios behind him can think about what makes for a good experience, rather than a good Sonic experience.
  5. The only modern Sonic game that copied Mario was Lost World. All of the other good modern Sonic games (with the exception of Generations and yes there are more than people think) didn't replicate the old.

    Sonic was designed to be the opposite of Mario. Speed is his main thing which is why people were attracted to him in the first place. He can still replicate that especially with how cinematic games are becoming now. Sonic didn't lose sight of what he was. It's called change. Something that's bound to happen to any franchise. Yeah not all of the changes were good but not all of them were bad either.

    Sonic Adventure 2 is widely considered to be one of the best Sonic games so I highly doubt it caused any problems in terms of story. That all started with Shadow and 06. Then Unleashed, Colors, and Generations made up for it. Unfortunately Lost World and Boom screwed it up again.

    Bad games are subjective in general. Not to a degree. If that were the case, there wouldn't be people who defend games like Sonic R, Secret Rings, and 06 to name a few.

    There's a difference between taking a break and dying. Sonic's not dying anytime soon. He's not Mega Man. If the mid to late 90s, Sonic 06, and Boom didn't kill him, then I don't think anything will.

    As far as taking a break goes, I'm pretty sure they're doing that since they've been under the radar with Sonic lately. We still haven't heard a thing about the upcoming film and game being released next year. Also since SEGA apologized and actually admitted that they screwed up, we can only hope that they actually learned their lesson this time. At least they're humble.

    All SEGA needs to do is focus on other franchises that they've been forgetting like Virtua Fighter and Shenmue and hopefully with Sonic, they'll find a formula that works and continue to use it with experimentation being slight instead of humongous.
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  6. Sonic basically was a precision-based platformer that feels fast due to how fluent the level design is supposed to be. Dumbing it down to speed is, ehhh ;p

    Nostalgia goggles. Here's a very elaborate video on why Sonic Adventure 2 isn't that great;

    The issue in general is though that Sonic doesn't need story. It either needs an objective, or integrate story into it's gameplay. Or it needs to be so amazing it can stand on it's own... Yeah...

    See, if we're going with story-based games, take a Mass Effect or Final Fantasy. Mass Effect uses it's story to justify almost every single objective, from hacking to gunning down mobs; it integrates story into it's gameplay (not to it's ultimate extent, but still). It's environmental. Final Fantasy uses it for that purpose a little more loosely, but puts more emphasis on story as reward. This works in RPG's because generally their gameplay is sorta slow and repetitive most of the time. Story rewards are pacing and engagement curve control. If you take story out of Mass Effect and Final Fantasy, they are substantially worse games for it.

    Sonic on the other hand, is a platformer. It's engagement curve determined by it's level design. Because you're on a track *insert obligatory FFXIII joke* your engagement curve is controlled more hands-on than an RPG by it's very core design. It should go fast. It should go fluid. It should be handling that engagement curve on a pretty tight leash. Story is hardly needed to drive you forward, because in a well designed Sonic-style platformer you're on a path where you should be getting your motivation from the next challenge.

    That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the story, that's obviously subjective, but a good Sonic game should hardly suffer from it's removal because that's not it's core engagement.

    You can like having a bike with a bent wheel, but that doesn't mean it's a good bike.

    He won't. There's still far too much money in him, still. Doesn't change my sentiment, though.

    Then do I have good news for you;
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  7. I never said I thought Adventure 2 was one of the best. I said it was CONSIDERED to be one of the best. Personally I prefer Adventure 1 over it by a huge margin and I consider Unleashed to be the best 3D Sonic game although it's not my favorite. That goes to Shadow The Hedgehog. Just because you think Adventure 2 wasn't that great doesn't mean that's true. That's an opinion. Not a fact.

    Tell that to the people who bash Colors, Generations, and Lost World. Yes Sonic is a platformer but that doesn't mean he can't have a story that's balanced in tone and at least keeps people engaged. The last time we had a story like that was Unleashed. From what I heard, people want a balanced story in a Sonic game and want good content which may be what SEGA has in store for the next game. At least I hope so. Sonic has a huge universe filled with many amazing characters and honestly some of them are incredibly underrated and need more time in the spotlight.

    To you, it may not be a good bike but to others, it may be one. Opinions, opinions. Not facts.

    Yes I know about Shenmue III and luckily for me, SEGA finally localized Project DIVA and is bringing it over to the West. I already have F and F2nd and I'm waiting for X. Now they just need to make Virtua Fighter 6 and I'll be a happy camper.
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  8. Someone who never heard Mega-man hate? o.o Even I hear it and I don't follow Mega-man DX

    Also... I saw a pac-man game at the store just yesterday actually... Lets just say that I thought this picture was Exaggerating DX Nope, that's pac-man alright. And that's mega-man as far as everyone is concerned.
    But no, that is ripped straight from the game DX

    On to Sonic. I've been quite the sonic fan for a while. I was trying to collect all of them (Even all the versions of specific games) but then I realized "You know what? I hate the gamegear games and already have them all on the collection XD" (That was after I spent 100 dollars on them, and a gamegear)

    My favorites. For 2D, it's either Sonic CD or sonic 3&K. I can't really decide though DX I think for a level or two, I'd go CD. But for full play, Sonic 3&K

    For 3D games though, Sonic adventure 2 battle. I get a bit angry? Play SA2 and my anger goes away. I'm bored? Play SA2 :D I've had this game since I was 6 or so I believe, and I have not gotten bored of it even to this day. People will say "Nostalgia goggles" But no, nostalgia goggles don't suddenly make a game good when you're playing it (To me anyway) nostalgia goggles to me was bomberman jetters. It was my favorite as a child. So I bought it recently with allot of hype... Lets just say I remembered why I sold it so many years ago XD

    Then again, I think I have the best copies of SA2 in existence. I watched an LP of it and GOD DAMN they had the worst luck XD Glitches left and right, I couldn't believe it. When I play SA2, I don't run into glitches. When I die, it's my fault. (Yes, I said copies, I have it on dreamcast, gamecube, xbox 360, and PC)

    BUT, that doesn't mean they're all good XP The only 2 gamegear sonic games I like is sonic 1, and sonic labyrinth (For SOME reason >.<... I guess it's a good little game if you don't see it as a sonic game, so I look past that XD)

    Sonic 1 on Genesis is a nifty game. But it's really outdated so a bit odd to go back to, but I can regardless.

    Sonic 2 is BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know that I became a master at the special stages, even better at my 26 year old friend at it, and he's better at the stages than I am. I am not proud that I am better at the special stages, that means I spent WAY too long on them, having to retry them OVER AND OVER!!!!!!!!!! And then once you get the 7 chaos emeralds on the first 2 levels, yay! the rest of the game is boring -.-

    Sonic 3 and K :D :D :D :D They went all out in this game. I find it over all perfect, not a level I don't like, and ITS SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!! I LOVE flying battery zone's music, especially that rock remix :D :D :D

    Sonic CD. Fun fact, I HATE the original. The hitboxes are wonky, the special stages UFO's are impossible to hit because they go around you as you try to jump in them. But then Taxman remade it and it's PERFECT! No shitty collision detection, the game works as it's suppose to, and it's perfect for that ^^

    Sonic adventure- This is a really fun game. Personally, I would have preferred sky deck over speed highway for generations, but we didn't know that the voting was for the new game, so we got a bunch of city levels for it. Anyway, I LOVE the story, eggman is just so evil in it, chaos was amazing, the levels are amazing, the egg carrier was cool, the past was dark, and my first little furry crush, Tikal XP (I mean come on, for a pre-teen she's pretty high up there in the attractiveness scale XP But most of all, her personality and stuff. being so nice and understanding despite her environment? Standing up to her father was really brave (Or stupid assuming she didn't think her father would trample her... Well the scene didn't actually show her getting trampled, just people run around her as she fell backwards for no reason XD But still, I'm going to assume she was trampled. She's so cool that the god of chaos spared her. That takes an amazing person :D :D :D I'm one of the rare few that can see past looks, that's why I don't have a furry crush on Rouge XP) But just look at her, and tap into your like 8-12 year old self XD
    Show Spoiler


    Sonic adventure 2 battle- HOLY CRAP! It's really too bad other people have many problems playing this game, because I am lucky enough to have no glitches, and it's PERFECT! I wish sega would actually take care of their games and fix up the sound problems (In the HD version you can't even hear tails/eggman at the final scene DX)
    The stories stakes are high, Edge the Hedgehog when he was still Shadow, Maria, a 12 year old, getting killed. EGGMAN IS SO GOD DAMN EVIL! HE TAKES NO SHIT! He doesn't monologue, and he nearly kills sonic. In fact, he WOULD have if Sonic never met Shadow.
    This game is hard core. The levels are AMAZING! The story is AMAZING! And I love exploring. My favorite thing to do is go to the pyramid and just travel. In death chamber, I had a childhood dream, get out of bounds and go above the generator. I am like 90% sure that's where you fight king boom boo, WELL recently I finally got out of bounds, used some collision exploits and got up (I used action replay) So I get up there, i'm excited and :D :D :D :D :D :D Nothing -.- NOTHING is up there. Honestly, I was kinda hoping sonic team would have the boss stage with an unloaded king boom boo just for the fun of it. Regardless though, it's my favorite Sonic game. And it introduced Shadow and Rouge. No, I never had a furry crush on Rouge XD

    Heroes- I find heroes okay, but the start of the downfall. BUT Metal sonic :D :D :D :D If this game did one thing amazingly, it was metal sonic. But my biggest gripe, health bars. Only because it became a series staple and I hate that DX

    Shadow- Terrible DX I actually tried to 100% it I got to 50 endings (There's 273 I think) before I had enough XD Although I will give this game credit, it's CGI cutscenes are probably the BEST in that time era. The lip syncing is PERFECT, and everything gives even square enix a run for their money.

    Then there was 06... I TRIED to like this game, I truly did. My friend is a blind fanboy of it, he's just like "Just play around the glitches and it's fine" NO! I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PLAY AROUND THE GLITCHES JUST TO HAVE A KINDA PLEASANT TIME!

    Unleashed- I like this game, I actually tried to 100% it recently. I got all the sun and moon medals, and just need 1 more hotdog from eggmanland before I get the hungry hungry hedgehog achievement... But, it's physically impossible for me to 100% it. No really, I was aiming to do rooftop run and kept failing at the ring challenge because of things that weren't my fault (Like a barrel spawning inside of me/a laser hitting me when I wasn't even on the same rail)

    My biggest problem with unleashed is each level has it's own rules and physics. An example is at Apotos, your rail switching is stiff and only works when it wants to work. But every place after that it works flawlessly, EVEN if it kills you. Regardless though, I still like it. (I spent like 2 hours on a speedrun because near the ending when you're running on walls, there was one long spike thing along the wall you can't pass, meanwhile videos show it not being there -.- I found the way to get around it is not boosting but you walk around it. It's stupid -.- Also, the game is ALWAYS going forward. In past games, you end up flying off, you can still homing attack backwards. But nope, the hedgehog engine doesn't want you going backwards. ONLY forward. If they fused adventure gameplay with hedgehog engine, then they might have something beautiful. (Which BTW, boost to win is the most stupid thing people have ever said, and it's funny because it's known as the hardest sonic game there is to beat)

    Colors- I liked it... Except the writing. But gameplay wise it's sound. Too bad it's boring :P Not much else for me to really say though. Although I do like Tails's new direction.

    Generations- Kinda the same problem as colors but there's a few levels I like to play (Perfect chaos, crisis city, and a few others) But there's only one way for me to describe this game- missed opportunity. 06 had DLC, THIS GAME NEEDED DLC!!!!!!! I NEED THE PYRAMID FROM SA2 REMASTERED! I NEED THE EGG CARRIER REMASTERED!!!!!! WHY THE FUCK DON'T THEY HAVE THE ARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to speed through the sky deck on the bottom wing, top wing, and a bit of hot shelter! I wanted to go through sand ocean at night, blast through the pyramid cave! Visit the death chamber! And speed out of the hidden base (Stage) during the day time to catch the rocket on top! (That would have been epic, I know it won't really make sense all things considered, but it woulda been DLC so it doesn't have to) And the Ark... Final rish/chase NEEDED some love, in the background being Meteor heard and Mad space)

    Haven't played lost world or rise of lyric. Lost world looks fun enough though the story... -.- I was actually kinda looking forward to the deadly 6. LITTLE did I know they were gonna be... THAT!
    Rise of lyric... Not sure what to say really XD

    The only true regret I have internally is that they are giving Roger a shitty script. People say Roger sucks as sonic. No, he doesn't. Ryan woulda sucked to if he was given a script like that DX Roger's my favorite Sonic VA, And Kate is my favorite Tails VA (Roger also voice acts Ezio from assassin creed and Chris from Resident evil 5. Kate VA's Sakura) Though my favorite Shadow is the one from SA2. As for eggman. Such a tough one. Deem has the better voice, but Mike is the better actor. (Though mikes voice is amazing too)

    As for spin offs XD Let's just do a few
    Secret rings- SUCKS!
    Black knight- I actually liked... Up to a point. Then I was just jumping over everyone XP

    Sonic riders- SUCKS!
    Zero gravity- My fav XD I don't know why, but I do best as Rouge using the gambler. When it comes to racing games, I do better as females, I don't know why DX Mario kart 8, my best is flame runner Rosalina.

    advanced 1,2,3- Meh.
    Rush 1,2- Meh
    Colors/generations DS- SUCKS!

    Sonic 4- SUCKS!

    DIMPS- SUCKS!!!!

    Now the biggest disappointment- Chronicles, the dark brotherhood. I didn't know what to think, then I read "Bioware" and I was like "AWWWWWWW YEEAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!" Then I got a cold of sorts, but I got it... Now whenever I think about it, I get the feeling of my throat being wrecked XD The game was awful. I died WITH cheats. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But, WHAT HAPPENED TO CRUSH 40!!!!!!!!!!! THEY NEED TO COME BACK LIKE OHMAHGAWD!!!!!! Crush 40's soundtrack for all their games is KICKASS!!!!!! MOST MY HYPE FOR SECRET RINGS WAS CRUSH 40'S MUSIC!!!!! XD
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    I meant to place the CGI praise to Shadow, NOT Sonic 06... So delete you being like 'WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!! WHAT KIND OF BRAIN DAMAGE DO YOU HAVE!!!!!!!!!" XD
  10. Crush 40's contract expired with SEGA I think :( So the chances of them coming back for the anniversary game are slim :'(
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  11. Well yeah, but should that matter? It'll be easy just to go to crush 40 and be like "Yo guys, we want ya to do the next sonic game ^^" Crush 40's Sonic youth song is probably proof that they still wanna do sonic games (I bet they wanted that to be in generations but it didn't quite happen in time)
  12. Sonic Youth was absolutely awesome :D I don't think it's that simple XD I wish it was though!
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  13. I guess so >.<

    Sadly though, my hype for sonic is almost done. IF the next sonic game isn't good, me and my friends are kinda done DX Sure we'll keep up with news, but we're not gonna be excited anymore. It's not necessarily the games, it's sega/sonic team themselves. It is true that the only true bad sonic games have been shadow/06/lost world. (And 2 of those are arguable XD) But just direction. I don't like the cheesy Sonic. Although technically sound, Colors and up has been mostly boring. Rise of Lyric had quite a bit of hype. When I saw Metal sonic fly in I was like ":D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D" But then rise of lyric ended up being... That. I think we're just tired of being disappointing. We get excited, then our excitement is crushed. I was the last guy to get skeptical, I stayed optimistic for lost world, and rise of lyric. But I can't stay optimistic anymore. Sega's new CEO was like "I know that we've been rushing Sonic games and being a shitty company, but NO MORE! We are gonna start being as awesome as we use to be!!!!" But I don't really believe him (I don't believe they were able to rush Sonic generations detail. Seriously, look at that game, the detail is REAL! Only reason why unleashed looks better is because it's art style is smoother.

    What about you though? You haven't gone down your list o sonic games and what you think O.o
  14. Yeah I get the damage is done for some people but I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible for the next game. At least SEGA acknowledged that they were wrong and they deserve credit for that at least right? That's much more than many other companies have done. If they humbled themselves enough to apologize, then they just might be telling the truth.

    Here's a list of what I think of other Sonic games:

    Sonic 1: A classic. It started it all obviously. But the lack of a spin dash makes the platforming a bit slow and the special stages feel like an acid trip XD

    Sonic 2: My first Sonic game :D And to this day, it's my favorite in the Genesis trilogy. I definitely have nostalgia for this game and it introduced many staples in the series that we have now so it's pretty much the most innovative as well.

    Sonic 3&K: While I personally didn't enjoy playing this as much as 2, I can definitely see why people consider this to be the best Sonic game. The gameplay and the concept of it all is damn near perfect, the replay value is high, and who can forget Knuckles? If multiple playable characters return in future Sonic games, this motif needs to be followed definitely.

    Sonic CD: I haven't played this game in years O.o The gameplay is pretty solid (except for the time traveling shit) and it's pretty damn creepy for a Sonic game O_O I need to download the HD remake! I prefer the U.S. soundtrack over the Japanese one.

    Sonic 3D Blast: *vomits* The isometric 3D view literally made me dizzy and nauseous. It just wasn't fun to play at all! Definitely not something I'd recommend.

    Sonic Spinball: The less I say about this the better.

    Sonic Labyrinth: *blows it up* Moving on.

    I'm not even gonna go over the other Game Gear Sonic games cause I hate them all and want them to burn in hell.

    Sonic R: THIS ABOMINATION!!! I utterly despise this piece of programming! Just.....GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!

    Sonic Adventure: Definitely a great game. Although it hasn't aged well, it felt like an actual adventure and Big The Cat aside, the different gameplay styles each offered a different experience. And let's not forget the soundtrack which is an absolute beauty!

    Sonic Adventure 2: Ohhhhh boy. This game. Honestly I think it's.....mediocre. It took a few steps forward but took many steps back. No hub worlds, putting Tails in a mech, and fucking up the treasure hunting stages damn near killed the game for me. I can't be bothered to replay the game because I only loved the speed stages and there are less of those than mech and treasure hunting stages which is really sad. The story introduced my favorite Sonic character (Shadow) so I'll give it credit for that. Everything else....not so much.

    Sonic Heroes: My first 3D Sonic game! Man do I have many fond memories with this one! And I still love it to this day! In fact, it's my second favorite Sonic game. The gameplay allowed for many characters to be playable and the stages (with the exception of Rail Canyon and Bullet Station) were all great and reminded me of the Genesis days. My favorite team is Team Rose and the soundtrack is my favorite in the series. However the voice acting and the special stages definitely have seen better days.

    Shadow The Hedgehog: My favorite Sonic game. Yes I love this game. It stars my favorite Sonic character and I think they did a good job with this one. The multiple pathways increase replay value and the thought of choosing what side you wanna be on makes the experience rules free. I actually really love the guns and they work much better than the Homing Attack. The stages aren't as good as Heroes's stages but they're pretty awesome still. Some of the missions are a pain in the ass but most of them work fine. As for the music, it's great (as expected) but it can't beat Heroes.

    Sonic 06: While it is a bad game, it's definitely not the worst in the series. I'll play this over many other Sonic games!

    Sonic Unleashed: God I love this game! I think it's the best 3D Sonic game! The story was great, the stages and hub worlds were all diverse, and it felt like Sonic Adventure all over again! The daytime stages were absolutely stellar and a joy to go through. I even say "Woo!" with Sonic whenever he boosts XD As for the nighttime stages, I don't think they're as bad as everyone says. My only issue with them is that they're too long especially at the ending stretch of the game. The sun and moon medals were pretty stupid to me. Why should I collect medals to advance from stage to stage? Just let me go normally!

    Sonic Colors: What a colorful beauty (no pun intended XD)! This game was just a blast to play through. The atmosphere was beautiful along with the music and the gameplay never got boring! However it is pretty damn short which is a shame. I have the DS version and have played the Wii version and I love both of them. Kate Higgins is the best Tails and Roger Craig Smith had a rough start as Sonic in this game. But he has definitely improved!

    Sonic Generations: The best anniversary title in my opinion. While it was rather lacking, what we did get was still amazing! The stages were remade beautifully and it was a great trip down memory lane! The soundtrack was a great way of showing just how far Sonic has come in 20 years and the game celebrated his 20th anniversary in a wonderful way!

    I haven't really played Sonic Lost World or the Boom games nor do I really plan to.

    Now for the other games!

    Sonic Advance trilogy: Advance 1 was amazing, Advance 2 was good, Advance 3 sucked.

    Sonic Rush: LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! It introduced Blaze The Cat and in a beautiful way might I add! But the GODDAMN SPECIAL STAGES ARE TOO DAMN HARD!!!!! I still have yet to complete Sonic's story!! >:(

    Sonic and the Secret Rings: BURN! BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND! I hate this game! The motion controls were AWFUL and they were extremely frustrating! 06's controls were better than this shit! If I hear Seven Rings In Hand one more fucking time, I'm gonna hurt somebody! The whole soundtrack was just obnoxious and annoying!

    Sonic and the Black Knight: Now this was a breath of fresh air! The controls were a MASSIVE improvement and the soundtrack was music to my ears! I actually enjoyed playing this game and I wish the Storybook Series would continue :(

    Sonic Riders: Finally a good Sonic racing game! This didn't disappoint either! I had too much fun with this one and it felt so amazing after all of those shitty Sonic racing games before it.

    Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity: A great sequel but I prefer the original.
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  15. I'll admit that the new CEO being like "I know we've been stupid, but I'll fix everything ^^" Is a breath of fresh air, it's to the point where he'll have to prove it.

    Sonic 1- "But the lack of a spin dash makes the platforming a bit slow"
    Actually, that's the speed barrier placed in the game XD When you reach a certain speed, you can't go any faster. Sonic 2 got rid of that speed barrier which is why you can go faster than the camera can keep up.

    Sonic 2- I can't understand why people like it so much DX I guess it's something you gotta grow up with XP I played them on mega collection gamecube o.o Then I later got plus and WITH save states, I found some joy in the classics XD But Sonic 2, I have more memories in the special stages than the stages themselves D:

    Sonic CD: I haven't played this game in years O.o I need to download the HD remake! I prefer the U.S. soundtrack over the Japanese one.
    Get it ASAP o.o Not because of the soundtrack, but because it makes the gameplay even BETTER. I hardly wanted the HD remake, I was just curious. I do not regret buying it o.o

    I forgot about these XD
    Sonic 3D Blast: *vomits* The isometric 3D view literally made me dizzy and nauseous. It just wasn't fun to play at all! Definitely not something I'd recommend.

    Sonic 3D blast- This was my first time being sad. I beat it completely, I walk out, and it took me 3 hours. I feel like I wasted 3 hours of my life DX I hear the sega saturn one is far superior though.

    Sonic Spinball: The less I say about this the better.
    Same XD

    Sonic Labyrinth: *blows it up* Moving on.
    Guilty pleasure for me XD I don't know why I like it as much as I do.

    I'm not even gonna go over the other Game Gear Sonic games cause I hate them all and want them to burn in hell.
    Same XD

    Sonic R: THIS ABOMINATION!!! I utterly despise this piece of programming! Just.....GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!
    I 100%ed it... For some reason XD It's not too bad, just super barebones... And not very balanced.

    putting Tails in a mech, and fucking up the treasure hunting stages damn near killed the game for me.
    THAT were some problems. I didn't HATE tails in a mech, I just wish they woulda went with tails flying instead of doing the clone thing.
    Also, I don't know what they were thinking not making the other shards radar reading till you're on it. It wouldn't be THAT bad if it wasn't for the massive stages.

    were all great and reminded me of the Genesis days.
    I don't know how XD Heroes was my first Sonic game I ever gotten. Put the gameplay in ANY other Sonic game, you'll realize just how terrible it is. The stages were created with the gameplay in mind... Which isn't a bad thing per se, but when I play heroes, I feel the biggest enemy is the controls, especially the times the stages want to exploit the controls against you XD

    And Shadow shows just how terrible heroes controls are, and why they kept Heroes shiny graphics for the characters but went realistic for everything else was a decision that came straight from hell with the black aliens DX

    Regardless though, HOW is this your favorite??? XD Sure, replay value is through the roof, but there gets to a point where replay value becomes a chore XD

    Sonic 06: While it is a bad game, it's definitely not the worst in the series. I'll play this over many other Sonic games!
    Same XD (Which says something about some other games o.o)

    You say that there are more good sonic games than bad ones, But I may disagree.

    22 good games
    Sonic 1
    Sonic 2
    Sonic 3
    Sonic CD
    Sonic adventure
    Sonic adventure 2
    Sonic heroes
    Sonic unleashed
    Sonic unleashed
    Sonic colors
    Sonic unleashed
    Sonic 1 (gamegear)
    Sonic rush
    Sonic rush adventure
    Sonic advance
    Sonic advance 2
    Sonic advance 3
    Knuckles chaotix (never played it, but i'll take others word for it)
    Sonic and the black knight
    All stars racing
    racing transformed

    33 bad games
    Bad games
    Sonic 3D blast
    Shadow the hedgehog
    Sonic 06
    Sonic 4
    Sonic 4 ep 2
    Sonic lost world
    Sonic rise of lyric WiiU
    Sonic labyrinth
    Tails sky patrol
    Tails adventure
    Sonic 2 gamegear
    Sonic chaos
    Triple trouble
    pocket adventure
    Colors DS
    Generations 3DS
    Lost world 3DS
    Secret rings
    Rise of lyric 3DS
    Sonic shuffle
    Olympic games
    winter games
    London games
    olympic games 2
    Mean bean
    mean bean gamegear
    sonic the fighters
    pinball party
    Drift 2

    (And I may have missed one or two, PLUS, I was giving some of the games on the good list the benefit of the doubt. I don't like the advanced games, but allot of people do, so yeah)

    Now I know allot on my list are arguable. So ones I go down that I think are arguable, it's about even, or if we add it to the good games, then it's about 30 good games and 20 bad games, that's still quite the percentage. And that's why allot of people say Sonic sucks, because most and/or 1/3rd of the games do suck XD

    (Kinda like SA2, allot of people only like 1/3 of the game. And because of that, people either still like it and power through the rest, or just hate it all completely because majority are bad. Granted I don't AGREE with that mindset, but it's how it is to allot of people.

    Personally, I single out games. Sure the gamegear games may be terrible, but I won't let that get in the way of adventure. Sure I may have been put down allot, but that doesn't mean I'll think the next game will suck. even when I thought that rise of lyric was gonna suck, I was still thinking "Maybe it's not as bad as I think" XP
  16. I don't find the controls in Heroes and Shadow to be that bad. Unless it's rail grinding or the Homing Attack. Other than that, I had fun. If I'm having fun with a game, I don't care about repetition.

    I love the Olympic Games. People only hate on them because they want a platformer cross-over WHICH WILL NEVER, EVER HAPPEN. They'll just have to settle for those and for Sonic being in Super Smash Bros. The Olympic Games series even got me into the actual Olympics XD They're fun sports games to play with the family and what better way to promote the Olympics than with Mario and Sonic? It was a pretty genius plan.

    The DS version of Colors wasn't bad. It used the gameplay of Rush and made it better by adding the Homing Attack and the Wisps. Basically it was just standard 2D Sonic gameplay.

    Now the 3DS version of Generations was pretty disappointing compared to the console version. But I wouldn't consider it to be bad.
  17. I suppose the controls in that game is a matter of opinion. I see how they can be good, I just don't like it. Really I think they shoulda just sped up the adventure gameplay (Or maybe that's exactly what they did without making modifications and that's the problem XD But I doubt it)

    We differ there too, I hated the Olympic games. Did you know that the Olympic games physically hurt me more than any other? The nun-chuck wire kept whipping my legs during the race events DX

    DS colors was BOOORRRRRIIINNNGGGG. Never have I spent so little time playing a game, I even went further in skate games, and those are the most boring types of games I've ever played.

    Generations 3DS was cheap -.- EVERY level had a noob trap at the end. I'm going through, S rank for sure, then something at the end comes out of no where and kills me -.- T'was not fair, and shows what dimps is all about, being cheap, not actually giving challenge.
  18. They did speed it up XD Just look at how fast the speed characters were!

    OUCH! :( I never had that problem with them :( I have the handheld versions but I have played the console versions and love them all the same.

    That argument could be the same for the console version too :P After all, they're the same game!

    The console version of Generations had some cheap shit too :P Crisis City anyone?
  19. I don't think they did speed it up though XD They made a whole new gameplay style that just happened to be faster... I'm pretty sure as I've played adventure with a speed up hack, it's fast but much more controllable than heroes DX (I forgot about the speed hack I used a long time ago XP I don't use it often as the levels aren't designed for it)

    Oh yeah, they were on hand held too. Ad 4 more to the bad game list XD Just joking, never played the handheld ones. The handhelds ones do look a bit better to me, but still not my kinda game in the first place.

    No it's not XD Colors DS was 2D with a different story (Or story progression anyway) Colors Wii was 3D. Not sure what game you played.

    Was crisis city cheap? I don't remember being outright screwed over in Generations console.
  20. Colors was 2D and 3D on the Wii remember? The story in both versions was basically the same but told differently.

    The fact that they chose Crisis City of all stages from 06 automatically makes it cheap :P It's especially a pain in the ass as 2D Sonic and if you're trying to get S ranks and all red rings, good fucking luck.
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