Sonic Chronicles: Revenge of the Fallen (Orignal Characters Needed)

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Who are you going to play as?

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  1. Welcome to Sonic Chronicles: Revenge of the Fallen! This role play takes place about two years after the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Play as your original character or as Sonic and his friends on this epic quest to stop the Dark Queen from bringing about a new age of darkness! Let's begin.
    Jolene was sitting on a park bench reading the newspaper. The headline seemed to worry her, "Fifth Child Kidnapping Case This Week, Investigators Baffled." Her concerns started when multiple children have disappearing in a nearby forest. "How is this possible?" She always said to herself hearing these stories. Jolene was known to pinpoint when something fishy was afoot. The first thing she thought to do was to ask around for anyone who had information on these strange disappearances. Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 2.08.53 PM.png
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    Razz was walking out of a nearby forest headed to a man at a food stand. He walks past a hedgehog sitting on a bench, she was reading a news paper. Razz continued to walk past and got a glimpse of the paper which from what he saw read: Fifth Child Kid. Razz continued walking and reached the food stand. He knocked on the metal base and the man operating it looked over to see Razz. Razz reached up and dropped a dollar on the counter and the man gave him a hotdog. Razz turned walking past the girl again into the forest.
  3. Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 8.02.14 PM.png
    Sakura was in the Station Square Library, researching the mysterious disappearances. "Why don't the police understand the truth behind the kidnappings?" She asked herself flipping through a book of folk tales. Jolene came in and Sakura greeted her in the way she was supposed to. "What is it that you wish to know?" She asked. Jolene told her about the newspaper headline that morning. Sakura sighed and said, "The Dark Queen must be making her rounds." Jolene paid attention as Sakura told her about the Dark Queen and how every 150 years, she attempts to bring about the "Age of Darkness". Jolene seemed to joke it off as a silly fable. "It's no fable." Sakura said, "I sense that the Seal of Solaris' power is becoming weaker." "Thanks for the information." Said Jolene trying not to be rude as she left to find out more about this "Dark Queen".
  4. Razz continued down a forest path, as he went down a hut became more noticeable. Razz stopped in his tracks holding the hot-dog, scanning the horizon he started calling out to someone. "Rivet! Hey, Rivet I got your hot-dog here!" A strange yellow Echidna came out of the shrubbery.
    "What took you so long? I'm starving." Rivet snatched the hot-dog out of Razz's hands. Rivet turned and walked to the hut, Razz following behind. "Why do you live out here?" Rivet shot a stare at him. "Why do you live out there?" They both stopped at a standstill Razz at a complete loss of words. They reached the small hut with a table and 2 chairs inside it, as well as a hatch, but Razz didn't ever get to see what lay below the surface of his feet. Rivet sat down in a chair and gestured for Razz to sit, who denied his offer with a wave. "Fine have it your way. Anyways, have you heard of a Dark Queen." Razz looked on with confusion. Rivet explained what had happened to the Dark Queen and who she was. He also, explained the theory going around certain groups that she was behind the five child kidnappings. "Sounds unreal." Rivet shrugged his shoulders and devoured his hot-dog, Razz standing contemplating on the subject.
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    Crash was flying over head trying to find a new electric guitar for the one she smashed up at her last concert. She flew in placed the money on the counter and picked up the guitar, and left. Jolene approached her as she left the store and bumped into her. "Watch where your going, Miss Goody-Twoshoes!" she exclaimed. "I'm really sorry, but do you know anything about a 'Dark Queen' or about child kidnappings?" Jolene asked. "Yeah about that, I personally believe it's the Dark Queen no doubt." Crash replied. Then Jolene asked what the Dark Queen wanted with innocent children. "Probably to sacrifice to Black Doom." She replied. Then Crash left leaving Jolene more confused of what to think of the situation.
  6. Razz finally snapped out of his train of thought. "Rivet, how many of us know about this?" Rivet opened his eyes, from the quick resting state he entered a minute ago, and gave a big exhale. "Quite a few know about it. Why?" "I need you to keep watch over this forest, if you see anything strange let me know." Rivet was puzzled and annoyed. "Yeah, sure but--" Razz had already taken off. If I can find Nano, that genius could solve anything.

    Razz reached a giant university where Nano stayed with a professor. Razz sped through the halls and eventually bumped into Nano carrying some papers. "Ugh. Razz stop running in the hallways please. Wait why are you here?" Razz was confused he hadn't spoke, but he knew it was him. "Nano, It's about the kidnappings, do you know if someone labeled the Dark Queen is behind them?" Nano gathered his papers and came to a stand. "Follow me." Razz followed as Nano walked and talked. He explained the studies the professor and him have been conducting to prove it. No outcome, they decided to test the magical power of the seal and decided it was fading, So it is very probable she can at least control her minions. Rivet busted through the doors. "Razz follow me!" Razz was hesitant and looked at Nano. They both followed Rivet to a forest. The three passed the cat Razz saw earlier that day on their way.
  7. Jolene, Sakura, and Crash arrived at a patch of woods. "Crash, you inspect the area for any danger." "Right on it." Crash replied as she took to the sky. She flew around until she saw another group. She flew down and asked, "What are you doing out here?"
  8. Rivet stood in front of his hut. The bat was colored similar to the beast he was about to explain to the guys. "What are you doing here is the real question?!" Nano noticed Rivet's hostility towards the bat. "Rivet is this the person that you were gonna show us?" Razz crossed his arms and turned his head to Rivet, Nano turned as well with one hand on his hip. Rivet eased his stance. "No, what I saw earlier wasn't one of us or human. It was almost like a spiky, purple and blue lizard a few inches taller." Nano looked on with astonishment. "What was it doing?!" Rivet shrugged. "Razz told me to let him know if I saw anything funny." They all turned to the curious bat. Razz pointed a finger at her. "Who are you? A minion of this Dark Queen?" Nano could not deny the possibility and looked sternly at the bat. Rivet stepped up and cleared their suspicions. "No, she isn't I know that much. She was holding a concert recently." "Well, why don't we answer the question asked then?" "Right." Razz turned to the bat. "We're here because Rivet noticed something strange as he just explained. We came to investigate to see what it was. We only just found out about it like you. Rivet was the only one to see it."
  9. Crash looked at them as if they had three heads. "I came here to investigate too, you know." She explained everything that happened to her from the time when she heard Sakura's crazy story to running into Jolene. "All I know is we need to stop the Dark Queen." She said as she flew out to discuss her findings to Jolene and Sakura.
  10. Nano turned to Razz as the bat flew away. "Follow her. I want to speak with this Sakura and Jolene." Razz gave out a huff. "Since, when are you in charge?" Nano ignored the comment. "Fine. I'll be right back." Razz started running under the foliage following the bat, until he saw the cat and a pink hedgehog. Is this the Jolene and Sakura girls that bat was talking about? Razz looked overhead to see the bat.

    Nano turned to Rivet. "Where's my bike?" Rivet pointed a thumb behind him toward the hut. "In the garage." Nano pushed past and dropped down into the underground garage in Rivet's hut. He hopped onto a bike and followed Razz. Rivet stayed behind at the hut.
  11. Jolene and Sakura looked at each other unsure what to think of the situation. "I don't think we should trust them." Said Sakura. "And why not, they don't look suspicious." Replied Jolene. She explained that they were not here to cause trouble and they were here because Sakura's intuition told her to look for clues here. "So, what are you guys here for?" Crash asked.
  12. Razz walked out of the bushes into the open, as Nano just pulled up in his motorbike. Nano stepped off the bike and waved a hand with a gleaming smile. Razz just stood cold and silent next to a tree. "Well, despite how Razz is acting, we aren't here to hurt you. A friend of ours, An Echidna named Rivet, found a strange looking beast he claims anyways. So we came out here to investigate with him." Razz gave the slightest nod of confirmation possible. Nano took a step forward and crossed his arms. "So are you two Sakura and Jolene?"
  13. "Uh, yeah." Said Jolene. She and Sakura introduced themselves including Crash. "When I saw the newspaper headline today, I knew something was up." She said. Sakura said from the first time it was discussed her intuition told her it wasn't what the police thought it was. "I only did it because Jolene joined my fan club." Said Crash. "From the first day it was in the news, I knew The Seal of Solaris was losing it's mystical protection." Said Sakura, "That is why we must hurry, if the seal becomes too weak, The Dark Queen will regain her powers to bring about the Age of Darkness." "This is the one clue we got." Said Jolene handing today's newspaper over to the boys, "You have any leads?" She said.
  14. Razz took a look at the paper first. His face cringed looking at he article, bowing his head he handed it to Nano. "I've got nothing." Nano grabbed the paper from his hand and examined the article. His face almost took the same effect as Razz's until he looked at the section explaining the children disappearing n the woods. "I've got no leads, but I have an Idea. We need to stakeout all over this forest no one is to be alone we all need a partner. But, only Rivet knows what it looks like." Just then a beast that looked similar to what Rivet described came flying out of the shrubs holding its face, behind it came Rivet. "I'm not the only one. I found the thing trying to steal my fish!" Nano examined the squirming lizard-like creature. "Knock it out please Rivet." Rivet walked to the monster picking it up then headbutting it into submission. "Razz go run and get me some rope." Razz nodded and was back with some rope in under a minute. Nano tied the thing up and left it in the open. "New plan. Leave the thing here and see what happens. Agreed?"
  15. "Ok, We'll wait here or me, Sakura, and Crash could try to search the forest to find anymore evidence." Said Jolene. Crash looked at her and replied, "Are you crazy, we can be hurt or worse!". Sakura said that's the only way to find more clues to this confusing mystery. "Well it might be a good idea to search for clues, what do you guys think?" She asked as she turned around to the boys.
  16. Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 4.47.30 PM.png
    Candy was sitting around a lake sketching. It seemed to be a perfect day for such an activity, even though she was aware of the kidnappings, she told herself she would be fine. Suddenly, a black fog surrounded her as she tried to run from it. But before she can escape, a hand grabbed her from behind as she tried to scream. "We have to save her before the Dark Queen gets a hold of her!" Exclaimed Sakura. "Nano we're heading into the forest to rescue that girl." Said Crash as she flew off. "Don't worry, we'll be back." Said Jolene as she and Sakura ran off into the woods.
  17. The boys stood in a circle waiting for the girls' return. Nano sat cleaning his bike, Razz took a nap, and Rivet sat throwing rocks at the dark spawn. "This is so boring. You see them yet Nano?" Nano stood up and put his hand over his brow scanning the horizon. "I don't see them yet Rivet." The group carried on waiting.
  18. Sakura, Jolene, and Crash ran through the forest until they ran into the forest to find the chipmunk. "Oh my Iblis, thanks for saving me." Candy said. "Ok, what the heck happened?" Crash said to Candy. Candy explained everything, "Must be the Dark Queen, anyway we have to get you out of here." Said Sakura. All of them ran back to the entrance to the forest. "Guys, we found another one, almost got kidnapped." Said Jolene. Candy introduced herself, trying not to sound traumatized, "And who are you?" She asked Rivet and Nano.
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