Sonic Chronicles: Revenge of Mephiles

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  1. in 2006, three hedgehogs sealed the demon known as Mephiles in the flame of Solaris. But after five long years of imprisonment, he was unleashed unto the world, threating to bring about an age of darkness to Earth. No one seems to know how he was able to escape his "unescapable prison", they only know that he is stronger than before. Many have tried to stop Mephiles, but almost all of them were taken to a whole new world named the Nightmare Dimension, where some believe Mephile's power source, the Dark Heart, is hidden. It is up to Sonic, his friends, and a new cast of characters to take down Mephiles before the world is plunged into eternal darkness.

    • Feel free to create your own characters, but I will require you at some points to take control of Sonic and his friends.
    • Don't make your characters immortal, because they may die at some points.
    • Please use the Spolier tag if you plan to have a trigger or any raunchy content.
    • Don't post OOC comments in this thread.
    • Follow all Iwaku policies.
    • Have fun!
    Precious, a blonde hedgehog wearing mostly pink, was on a rock near a stream with a book in hand trying to figure out what was happening. Somehow, she felt that Mephiles was the reason behind her parents' disappearance and vowed that if she ever found her parents alive, she would make sure Mephiles never escapes again. She opened a locket that had a photo of her and her parents and thought aloud "I know I'll find you someday." As she held back tears, she noticed the sky had somehow became darker, and she ran to the nearest shelter in hopes to avoid the same fate as befell her parents years before.
  2. (I guess I should continue this RP)

    Rouge and Shadow were continuing on the mission the GUN Commander assigned them, stop Mephiles. It wasn't long into their mission when the sky became oddly dark. Rouge noticed it and commented that the weather report didn't call for a storm today. Shadow instantly said:
    "This could be a bad sign, we might as well stick together." All of the sudden, a dark beam of energy plunged to the ground, instantly making Rouge and Shadow on alert. Out of the dark beam, a creature looking similar to Shadow emerged and spoke in a demonic sounding voice:
    "Hello, Shadow, it seems that I still have some issues to settle on humanity."
    "What do you mean?" Replied Shadow, staring at the once familiar creature.
    "Allow me to demonstrate." Replied Mephiles as he created some energy sphere in his hands that changed the atmosphere. Instantly, Shadow and Rouge knew that Mephiles was sealing their doom, and that they should stick together.

    (Feel free to take control of any character you like.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.