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<p style="padding:1em;">It has been five years since the evil tyrant, Doctor Robotnik, staged his coup on Mobotropolis. Five years since us children ran and fled as refugees to the long abandoned Knothole Village. Five years since he began converting the world, and the people in it, into a technological nightmare. Five years since we began fighting back. Now we fight an almost losing war against the world. But we must not lose. We must take back the kingdom and bring the green back to the forest.

This is a Sonic The Hedgehog RP based on the premise of the old Saturday morning cartoon. I'll be taking canon characters from all corners of the Sonic multiverse and original characters as well.

This is a somewhat linear, character driven plot. Players can play their main characters as well as NPC the baddies and side characters. We'll work out an actual plot beyond the premise once we have a few characters.</p> </div>

To join in on the fun, simply fill out the bio below. You can add to it in any way you like.

<code>Category: (Canon or original?)
Age: (The main freedom fighters will have been around ten to thirteen when Robotnik first attacked. They should be in their mid to late teens.)
Title: (Their niche in the cast. "The No Nonsense Leader", "The Cowardly Guardian", "The Flighty Speedster", etc. )
Race: (No humans. Keep it to woodland creatures and woodland creature cyborgs.)
Concept: (The premise and concept behind the character. Tell us about the character and what you want to do with them. No more than three paragraphs. Since this is an AU RP, canons can be portrayed differently from the source material, just make sure they're recognizable.)</code>

Category: Canon
Name: Sally Acorn
Age: 16
Title: No Nonsense Leader
Race: Chipmunk Squirrel
Gender: Girl
Sally Acorn was the princess of Mobotropolis before it was taken over by Robotnik. She is the leader of the Freedom Fighters and a has been forced by circumstance to become a tactical genius. It's a good think that she has her computer and best friend, Nicole by her side. Otherwise, she would have broken years ago. Though she wears a mask of hard, no nonsense leadership, she is still a teenage girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Her story is one of exposed vulnerabilities and self discovery as she learns how to connect with other people again.

Character List
All played characters are listed here.
The No Nonsense Leader, Sally Acorn, played by JuneJazz