Sonic and The Secret Diamond (But really Sasha)

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  1. "Are you sure we should do this sister Lauren?"

    The female figures in white robes held their positions with a glowing white diamond in the middle, the candles danced around the background with only the light shuddering between the women and complete darkness.

    "I am sure, after all...we were able to find this device all by ourselves..."
    The other girls glanced at each other before looking down once more, sister Lauren had never allowed something beyond this temples power to be let into this sanctuary before--especially if it's a power they don't understand...

    "Sisters, please..." Lauren spoke as if sensing they were indeed displeased with her decision despite the fact that she has been ignoring her fellow girls for a solid couple of months; "if we truly wish to discover the world for its power then we have to take risks! Please...if you will..."

    The other girls nodded and all joined hands before lifting their heads, looking at the ceiling; they started chanting a deadly ancient language found many years ago...from a dusty old book that Lauren claimed she had found long ago.

    The doors shuttered and the candles blew out, an eerie silence fell through the sacred room. The girls let go of each other's hands and started glancing around...

    Lauren shook there and gritted her teeth before looking up, YOU FOOLS! WHY WOULD YOU STOP!!"

    The gorgeous diamond started shaking before glowing a neon green color; the girls backed up and watched in horror as the diamond floated in the air!

    The girls started gasping and became terrified as the light surrounding the expensive rock formed into a monsterous creature!
    The screams were heard across the valley, like many women screaming from years of suffering and agony!
    The shape formed into a female figure before the light was sucked back into the rock, shattering the diamond into six large pieces!

    As each piece scattered around the room, the remains floated before forming into six giant monsters!

    "LAUREN!!" One woman cried out but she was gone, her cloak left behind!

    "We need Knuckles!!" Another woman shouted, "he knows about the emeralds! He might know about this!!"

    "No...he's guarding them, there's nothing we can do but pray..."

    The monsters gathered around the priestesses when there was a sudden screeching noise echoed throughout the land, turning towards the sound the creatures of magic smashed through the temple and left just like that.

    "Where's Sonic the Hedgehog when you need him..." One woman whispered.

    "Sasha! HEY SASHA!!"

    The gorgeous brown hedgehog laid in the grass munching away at a chili dog, "man Belle, I wondered who invented these things! Because they're amazing!"

    The Chinchilla just stood there with her arms crossed, "could you please help me with my statue? The priestess parade is about to start and I don't want to explain to the judge, yet again may I remind you why it was unfinished!"

    "I never understood those chicks anyway, I mean why would you want to base your religion on a rock that existed a thousand years ago? It's insane, and the fact that these women just spend their days up in Mt. Rogard preaching to something that has been lost for thousands of years..."

    "Sasha!" Belle snapped and her friend was on her feet in seconds, running towards her.

    "Alright, what do I need to do?" The hedgehog asked as she played with her long beautiful quills held up in a high ponytail.
    "First, and lastly...since I worked on the project myself pretty much the whole time...we need a bucket full of water, and I can install it to the back of this woman so she looks like shes crying real tears!"

    Sasha nodded before grabbing the bucket and running towards the lake with a smile.
    Two fish were caught towards the surface and just as they saw the walking creature with a metal bucket they swam away, and with a hum Sasha grabbed the bucket before scooping up water in it when there was a shooting star...but in the daytime?

    Squinting her eyes, the young female could only make out a distant sparkle...and that was it, which was weird but with a shrug she was off again.

    "Heres the water!" she said with a smile and Belle thanked her quickly and grabbed it before she started to install the tubes.


    "Ahh!" Sasha screamed and flailed her arms at the chinchilla, "hurry hurry hurry!!"

    "Done!" Belle spoke with a soft gasp and looked at her creation as if she couldn't believe that it was actually there, "I actually did it! I finished!!"

    "Great great! Now lets go!!"

    Both girls grunted and groaned as they slowly carried the heavy object towards a red wagon.

    "Why did you...have to make big!?" Sasha growled and all Belle did was shot her an aggravated look before they dropped the thing on the wagon.

    Miles of pulling and they finally made it...the Priestess Parade! There were games, foods of all kinds and the most important event (other than the statue contest) was the Lady Lotcas gloves, covered and embedded within thousands of years of the most sacred Earth...

    "Legend has it that those gloves could wipe out all of the unholy evil within these lands! But the true hero must--" Belle began and was rudely interrupted by Sasha...

    "Can we PLEASE just get this thing to the common area!? Im dying over here!!"

    "Sorry," the engineer blushed and slowly but surely hoarded the block over to the common area.

    "Oh look who it is, the dunce duo's!"

    "Oh great, hello Rick..." Belle said flatly dusting off the statue.

    "That thing looks a million years old! Ha! It's never going to win...unlike ours!" The raccoon smirked before uncloaking his statue, which was the priestesses circling together with a fake diamond in the middle.
    "You see not only is it bigger than yours but better too!"

    The other members of that team just laughed and Belle held herself looking sad, and with Sasha noticing this she glared at Rick before walking up to him, "yo man what's your problem?" she snapped, "you just think your so much better than everyone huh? Well guess what! When everybody around you starts growing up your just gonna still be a baby, teasing everyone until your alone and have no one left! Is that what you want? To be alone?"

    The other members all gasped and looked at Rick who just blushed and glanced away, with a smile Sasha started walking away proud until she heard Rick speak once more.

    "I heard what happened to your parents...both died when you were only three? I bet they didn't really die, I bet they faked it to get away from you!"

    The group laughed and tears welded up in Sashas eyes, she then turned to Rick; "what did YOU know about my mom, or dad!? I didn't even get to know them!! But I bet that they weren't nearly as half bad as you!!"
    The group just kept laughing and the hedgehog ran away, tears running down her cheeks.

    "Ugh!! Stupid Rick, what a jerk!!" Sasha grumbled kicking a can as she watched the statue contest from afar.
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