Sonic and MegaMan RP?

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  1. I was thinking I'd like to make an RP about a hypothetical shared universe between Sonic and MegaMan (not so much a crossover, as creating an alternate universe where both series take place in).

    My plot goes like this:

    In the year 2075, in the United Federation, a corporation known as "Light Industries" (led by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily) came about, creating many advanced technologies, such as teleportation, energy weapons, nanotechnology, and more sophisticated AI.

    They used this technology for the betterment of mankind, making life safer, and easier for all.
    However, a man by the name of Dr. Eggman (an alias, his real name is Ivo Robotnik) built an army of evil robots for his own personal conquest.

    Most horrifically, he uses a device called a "roboticizer" to convert organic life into robot slaves. His empire appeared at first seemed unstoppable, until a Hedgehog Vigilante (for lack of a better term) named Sonic emerged. To this day, he remains the bane of the Eggman Empire.

    In order to assist with the war against Eggman, Light Industries teamed up with the new GUN initiative, and helped to create a robot army for them. Their most advanced robot was called Blues (also known as Proto Man). Blues was a very great warrior, but he began to show signs of feeling and emotion, which greatly disturbed Dr. Light. Blues, however, grew to be a great warrior, and earned great respect from his human comrades.

    One day, Blues and Sonic teamed up to lead a charge into Eggman's fortress to defeat him once and for all. However, it was a trap. Blues's was never recovered, and is presumed dead. The event shook Dr. Light up so much that he decided to withdraw his military contracts, and has since developed a semi-pacifist ideology.

    However, Dr. Eggman still has more evil plans up his sleeve. His grandfather was working on something called "Project SHADOW". He's recently received information from an internal contact in Light Industries that it's locked away in a secret military base. He's prepared to see what exactly his grandfather was working on.

    Would anybody be interested in an RP with this sort of setting?
  2. I'd like to bump this, so that people see it.
  3. I think this sounds interesting!
  4. Yeah! And if it doesn't work out as a group rp, maybe we could make it a 1x1!
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