Songs that have inspired you for Roleplays or Characters!

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  1. This happens to me A LOT. Be it a song title, some of the lyrics or an entire song. I'll be listening to my music and then BAM suddenly it inspires me for an idea!

    Share some songs that have inspired YOU for roleplay stuff!
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    Target (Mechanical Man)
    Frank Klepacki
    Command & Conquer

    An original song from the game that started all things C&C. The voice that pops up throughout the song inspired me almost a decade ago to come up with a cyborg soldier, codenamed the 'Mechanical Man.' This individual has gone through many changes over the years, including the exclusion of the cyborg concept and adoption of a mechanical demeanor in the line of fire, however even that's gone to the wayside and been replaced with a cynical sarcasm the likes of which we see in one Anthony Dinozo, NCIS.

    Those in Knight Hunters: Project Shine know the final version as Joel Anson Pierce.

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    Killing Machine
    Frank Klepacki
    C&C Tiberian Sun: Firestorm

    Everytime I hear this song I can't help but picture Mechalith going on a shooting rampage and simply rolling through everyone that stands in their path.

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    Picture a lazy day in the bayou. A couple old fogeys sit on their porch, one strumming a guitar, a dog barking in the background. The guitarist picks up the pace, strumming a few quick licks. Without warning a B-1B Lancer screams overhead and enters a warzone, bringing all kinds of pain to whatever sorry bastards are on the ground. Mechanized infantry are fighting a pitched battle with defenders of a burning city. Helicopters roll in, unleashing a torrent of cannon fire, rockets, and guided missiles.

    But it doesn't stop there. Oh god no. The tanks roll in, artillery lobbing High Explosive Point Det at what's left of the city. The attackers break through a finally shattered defense line, killing all, even those who throw their weapons down and hands up. The battle is now nothing short of wholesale slaughter, sanctioned by a merciless nation born of mercenaries.

    And yes, I'm talking about Dystopia. Fuck you. You'll see this song show up somewhere in Iwaku World.

    More to come!
  3. Holy Diver - Killswitch Engage
    (The song is a Dio Cover, but this version inspired me)

    Remember Curse of the Wounded King? well my character, the Necromancer Dieter Heydrich was came from a daydream i had listening to this song.

    taking a step to each riff he ran towards my mind's eye, at the solo the mind-camera swivelled to watch as he fought off a hoarde of Militia, black lightning and axework cutting a swath.

    so yeah.
  4. Give me a second here, you're inspired by the Killswitch Engage version and not the Dio version? The man's dying dude. GIVE HIM SOME RESPECT.
  5. The Shadowlands Battle Theme from Anarchy Online.

    It, and the scene it inspired, led to the creation of a wasteland scavenger by the name of Taylor.

  6. fuck that. Dio's gonna kick that cancers arse. you just fucking watch.

    dude invented the devils horns after all.
  7. When Worlds Collide - Powerman 5000

    Personally responsible for the first Lethal Reword I have ever created.

    Since then, I have had a grand total of 14 different Lethal Rewords, 9 of which have been finished - as in, played to the end of the story.
  8. I have multitudes of songs that inspire my characters, posts, and RPs, so it's easier to go by artist:

    Unsun, Powerman5000, Fear Factory, Shiny Toy Guns, Metallica, Apocalyptica, Lady Gaga, Anberlin, Alexisonfire, DJ Tiesto, Eskimo Joe, Flyleaf, Mindless Self Indulgence, Sick Puppies, January Jaunt, Ladytron, Nightwish, Nine Inch Nails, Ocean Lab, Orbital, Orgy, Our Lady Peace, Owl City, PAIN, Paul Van Dyke, September, Serebro, SR-71, Sugarbabes, BT, Within Temptation, Uh Huh Her, Linkin Park, Tatu, Chevell, Slipknot......

    there's more, but I'm lazy...

    Anyways, I'm the result of a musical gangbang. I love calming trance just as much as I love listening to heavy or industrial or death metal. I'm all over the genre charts.
  9. I'm the same as TK.
    It all depends on the character or RP for me. hehe

    Like for Alyss:
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  10. I love it!