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  1. Ah, the radio. Personally one of my favorite common inventions, especially when they play me something good like some Green Day or nice 80s songs 8D But of course, not everything on the radio is so lovely, and this thread is a place to chat about both sides of the coin!

    What stations do you regularly hang out on? Do you like to flip through stations, or is there one station that has your heart? Perhaps it's just that one song you can't stand to hear, or a desperate search for a new hit that you've not gotten enough of! Anything at all about music on the radio :D

    I'm also hyped up on caffeine and a lack of sleep so excuse me if this is a lame/already posted idea or a badly written starting post :D
  2. I used to listen to satellite radio which was nice cause I wasn't stuck cycling through the same 5 channels (Where I live, only 5 FM channels come in clear 99% of the time....I hate this fucking town.) Channels devoted to 90's music is more than enough to keep my attention. The downside it was, that whenever one station played something that sucked, it seemed like they all did. Plus, my antenna kept getting messed up each time I'd put the liftgate of my truck up.

    It's funny that this got brought up though. I was explaining to my kids and a few of their friends yesterday how when I was growing up I didn't have an iPod, and if I really liked a song I had to wait for it to play on the radio or buy the cassette. They thought it was hysterical. Ah, the years of mixed tapes. I miss those days. :( A mixed playlist just isn't the same!
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  3. Rock Classics is the only radio channel I listen to. The hosts are witty and talk shit all the time, but above all it has good music most of the time. It's the first choice at work as well.

    Is just a channel with good music and funny hosts. Basically all I need.

    The one song I can't stand is Blurred Lines, with Din Soldat tied for a first place. Both songs should be eradicated.
  4. I don't listen to radio... I got sick of having to listen to the same songs over and over again, but I still like the banter between radio hosts, so I turned to Podcasts instead. Swedish "Via Lascaris" is probably my favourite.
  5. If you add Uptown Funk and Nicki Minaj to the 'eradicate this' list, the world will be such a great place.
  6. I don't listen to the radio often tbh. Buuut when I do, it's usually that hits station on Sirius Radio. Why? Because I like stuff you can sing along to and dance to and hit songs usually fall into one or both of those two categories.

    BUT, because I don't listen very often, I don't have that issue with overhearing songs I love (like Uptown Funk) or hearing the ones I don't like. Well, except for when they play a Kesha song. >_____>;

    There's two local radio stations I will listen to. The third is a country channel and while I like a few country songs, I'm not a fan of the genre itself. The two stations I'll listen to are another hits channel and a rock channel. They're pretty decent channels but they don't often play stuff outside of the US and Canada. The rock station nearly gave me a heart attack the other day when they played ONE OK ROCK's new song "Cry Out". I was a happy Dawn that day. :3
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  7. Radio for me is awful. Any station that plays music I like had the good stuff buried under 20 songs I don't care for and the worst commercials this side of North Korean propaganda. Some DJs are great and they're really all I listen to the radio for, because the same 60 songs a day every day is the worst.
  8. I grew up with rock and country channels. Living where I did, we drove A LOT, so the radio became pretty important to our family.

    As I started to drive myself, I listened to more classic rock and the occasional metal channel, my teenage angst days. But I would eventually get one of those cassette/mp3 players and listen to my own stuff while I drove. Then, I just started getting tired of music in general, it didn't do much for me anymore and still I can only listen to rock and other channels when I'm in specific moods. I had audiobooks and later, podcasts to keep me busy, but I spent a solid 3 years listening to almost nothing but NPR.

    Now, I live alone in my own place, I don't have the internet, no TV, and recently I got rid of my game system. My cheap, $10 is my most valuable possession, it keeps me (semi) sane. I have all the local programs mapped out so I know what to listen to anytime I'm free.

    -Comedy morning talk show 6-10 AM
    -Conservative/Religious talk radio 10-3 PM (mostly listen to this because I like disagreeing with them and making fun of the logic, but there are in-teresting points made from time to time, and most religious channels have gone away from the anti-anything talk lately.)
    -NPR weekday programming 3-7 PM.
    -Michael Savage 7-11 (if no sports are going on), same as the republican talk radio above, but Savage is more entertaining even if he's radical.
    -Ground Zero, 11-12 a half interesting/half annoying conspiracy program where the host is dangerously leftist.
    -Coast to Coast AM, 12-4 AM, easily the best part of most nights, a mix of conspiracy, paranormal, and other programming that's awesomely entertaining.

    The college radio is some of the most hipster bullshit in the world, but Wednesdays at 4PM they have a video-game hour, then it's back to another week of playing indie shit.

    There is an outdoorsman channel for locals that's actually pretty decent programming, but it gets cut out for sports coverage constantly.

    Alice Cooper hosts a nightime rock program, and he's worth listening to.
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