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Magic in the Modern World. This is what we're dealing with. For some reason, strange beings from formerly fantasy worlds are now a normal part of life around the planet. Elves, Fae, Dwarves, Anthros, Dragons and the like roam the world, living among the human.

The Great Council is looking for a group of adventurers with certain powers to find a relic that is purportedly hidden within a desert in the Far East.

You are a character in this world. You are to be one of these adventurers. Your powers are influenced by some "song". This guides your power usage and strength. It also creates a limit to your power.

Your character sheet should be somewhat standard with this exception: When you list your power, list a YouTube link of your guiding song, then describe how this song guides your power and limits it.

Please do not try to "god-mod" or troll in this RP.

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Name: Michan Ariesh

Gender: Elf

Age: Unknown

Power/Talent: Dragon-tongue/Dragon Riding

Guiding Song:

Michan is a dragon rider who is capable of speaking in the language of the dragons. Hi'wara, his female dragon-companion, is a white dragon that is hyper-protective of him. Michan is distrusting of the bulk of humanity, due to the human tendency toward violence and greed. He considers it necessary to gain the trust of both Hi'wara and himself, before a human can really be any real travel partner. Yes, he knows this is short sighted, but, until someone proves him wrong, he'll probably stay that way.

Name: Dark Waters

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Power/Talent: Shapeshifting

Guiding Song:

Dark is fairly cool, not on purpose but only because he's socially awkward and he never seems to really know what to say. He's not good at understanding jokes or teasing and has a very rational mind which can at times drive others crazy but is also often useful. Dark does not often share his powers with others and those who do know often wonder whether or not the form he is in is his true one. Dark will often appear in villages and spend a week in a single disguise before moving on.

Dark plays the flute with a high degree of skill and in order to transform, Dark secludes himself in a room without any other noise and plays his song on the flute. Dark imagines the appearance he would like to take on and at the end of his song, he will have transformed. The song has a special meaning to Dark that is never disclosed with the people that he meets. The only one who knows is his sister, whom he keeps safe from others.
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Name: Aloette Thunder.

Gender: Female.

Age: 19.

Power/Talent: Able to drain other's emotions and thoughts into her own being.

Guiding Song.

Adoette is pretty antisocial, due to the fact she doesn't like getting near other people. Why, you may ask? Probably because upon making physical contact with other people, she can feel their emotions and know their thoughts, leaving them completely drained. She has yet to find a way around this, causing her to wear gloves on her hands as much as possible.

If she were to let someone get to know her past her bitter, cold remarks, they'd find a girl full of instability underneath. Adoette constantly doubts herself, and everyone around her. Let's just say the glass isn't just isn't half empty for her. It's completely empty, and cracked, and yes, it just chipped her tooth.


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Name: Barry "kunai" Kable

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Power/Talent: Speed. He's very fast and agile and resilient to fire.

Guiding Song:

Thanks to his training in ballet and acrobatics (from his mother) combined with Kendo and knife throwing (from his dad) Barry has always been a very proficient dance fighter. When he discover thrash, death metal and rave music, he worked hard on building his speed up to match it. He fights in tune with music, aiming killing blows for major beats or changes in the song.

With fast enough music, he can dodge almost any attack, and even pass through flames unharmed, but unfortunately his endurance is lacking. through the fire and the flames, the fastest song he's truly mastered, lasts five minutes and drains most of his energy in the process. Throughout the 5 minute song he's a force to be reckoned with, but at the end, he can barely hold the Japanese throwing knifes that give him his nickname.
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