Songs of Dianixen

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  1. Songs of Dianixen


    The land of Dianixen is home to a race of people known as the Korastrix. The Korastrix are not ordinary humans; they can shift into dragons at will, and roam the beautiful land of Dianixen. Even though they prefer to live at peace, they have separated the lands into three kingdoms: Nakisa, Kepiesk, and Bakmear. These three kingdoms have usually kept to themselves... until recently.

    All of a sudden, the kingdoms have grown hostile towards one another. Lies, rumors, and tension run high between the lands of Dianixen. War is about to break out, and the peace isn't bound to last for much longer.

    Besides the tense situation between the kingdoms, the Old Gods, large, behemoth-like dragons, have woken from a slumber that stretched across many centuries. Dianixen has gathered together a group of the most able Korastrix it knows to combat such a threat. The mercenary group, called the Altiuiri di Dia (or the Alti, for short), must brave bandits, rogues, the terrain, and more in order to find out who exactly woke the Old Gods from their sleep... along with slaying the foul beings themselves.


    This is the basic gist of the plot, guys. The rest of the roleplay will be all about the RPers, which means that the plot and world will be shaped by the very participants themselves. Note that this will be an anime-styled roleplay; the appearances and world will be portrayed in an anime-like artstyle.

    Who's interested?

    Note: This roleplay will have mature themes. Mentions and hinting of sex will occur, and roleplaying up to the point of taking off each other's clothes during sexytimes will be allowed. There can be excessive swearing and violence. If you believe that you can handle it, jump on board!

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  2. Count me in!
    Also will it have dice or no? Either is fine by me.
  3. Yay! And no dice. :3
  4. I don't mind joining c:
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  5. >Sees a kickass banner
    >Reads through the interest check
    >Premise looks interesting
    >Anime role play equals 7/10
    >GM roll dices at the end of opening post
    >Dice hhhhhnnnnnnngggggg
    >Think I finally found a game of D&D/Pathfinder
    >Other people show interest
    >GM says no dice in response to person's question
    >No dice

    Had me going till right then. I've had a hankering for some good tabletop (well, forum) roleplaying for a while now, and I thought the itch would be scratched. Might still join though.
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  6. Yay!

    And yeah, no dice. Sorry. :c
  7. Don't you know not to lead people on when it comes to dice, Twi?

    Anyway, I saw this and want to join because why not.
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  9. Sorry guys. :c
  10. Question: Why is that picture there anyway?
  11. I accidentally rolled a dice... :c
  12. How do you even summon the dice gods by accident?
  13. Probably by asking nicely for them to not interfere only to have them roll those dice for the lolz.
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  14. First rule of tabletop, don't tempt the GM god/dess with the phrase, "I'm just acting out or saying this for fun, don't roll for it." Trust me when I say all GMs have a hidden vindictive side that will use those actions or words as a pretense to fuck you over.
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  15. I was trying it out... I didn't know it would show up. :c
  16. You intentionally invoked the rituals to summon the dice gods just to try it out? So it wasn't an accident?
  17. Maybe...
  18. *speaks in the accent of psychotic German doctor* My, my, Twilight, you've been a very, very naughty child, haven't you?
  19. Interested.
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  20. This looks fun
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