Songs and why they mean something

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  1. Music can be a factor of both emotion, inspiration or simply a way to kill time. So, what is your reasons for it? Are there certain songs that distress you or make you very happy? What about songs that remind you of your past or parts of your personality? List four songs that you really connect to, and why they mean so much to you.

    For me:

    Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria. It picks out my relationship to my religion really, and ever since I heard it whenever I get upset over something that involves being called out on for my beliefs it helps.

    Make Yourself by Incubus because it basically says what I see life as. I believe that a person makes themselves just as much as their past does, and this song tells us to not worry of what others are saying.

    Under pressure by Queen. That song plain out makes me freakin happy. Doesn't matter what mood I am in, that is instant happy to me.

    Somewhere under the rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo because that song is a bit bittersweet to me because it both reminds me of my father and what life brings.

    Thought this would make a great discussion.
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  2. Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru, a song that helps me think.
    Magia (English cover by Amanda Lee) by Kalafina, I do prefer the english cover, and it helps me just want to get over problems.
    Just Be Friends by Luka Megurine (Piano Version), a song for when I heartbreak myself.
  3. One of the bassists from Blue October gave me the term "white knuckle song". It's one of those that you listen to while driving and it just gets you so angry that you start squeezing the wheel until your knuckles turn white. XD I love those kinds. I think Ich Tu Dir Weh by Rammstein might be my favorite, though.

    I also love listening to C'mon by Panic At The Disco, but that one's kind of my song for my bf and I. He's in the Navy and I'm going off to college before long, and so c'mon, c'mon with everything falling down around me, I'd like to believe in all the possibilities.
    And as always, may we stay lost on our way home.

    One of my favorite relaxation songs is The Drunken Whaler from the Dishonored soundtrack. It's haunting, but for some reason it just soothes me. When I feel spiritual (which isn't often), Johnny Cash's The Man Comes Around is just perfect. I'm not at all Christian and I can't get over how powerful that song is.

    Then there are days I just want to dance around in my undies while chanting "PEANUT BUTTAH JELLY TIME PEANUT BUTTAH JELLY TIME" like an idiot. :bananaman:
  4. Friendship
    As much as I hate them, my friends are my friends, and I would never be anywhere without them.

    Makka Na Chikai
    When I'm feeling down, I just listen to this. BRAVO!

    The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
    This song never fails to settle me. It's been with me for a while, and it's not failed me yet.

    They broke my glasses. They nearly broke my spirit. But the knowledge that I would one day rise high above them while they died alone, unsuccessful and unloved was enough to keep me from decking them.
  5. Hurt - Christina Aguilera : Something about this song just kills me inside, despite really hating the artist's other work. It puts me on such a guilt trip every time I hear it, and I will cry every single time this song comes on. Best part? This plays at work. All the fucking time o.e

    Peaceful Repose - Flower OST : This is the credits music to a wonderful little game called Flower. I can't really describe how much I love this game and all the emotions it brings forth with the story it tried to tell. Happy tears are shed with this song.

    Planetary (GO) - MCR : Probably the only song that makes me want to dance. This is the song that plays when I want to be productive, because I need to be doing something while it's playing. I can't just sit and listen, I need to be up and moving~

    F**k Up - Shane Dawson : I like the message that's in the song. Shane's not a musical genius, by any means, but this song has a lot of heart to it. It gives me a feeling that, yes I'm not perfect, but that's okay. It's nice to remember that every once in a while.
  6. There are two things that make me connect with a song!

    1. There is a SOUND to it that triggers some sort of crazy physical reaction. O__O Like my heartbeat, or goosebumps, or crying, or I dun even know what it is, but those are some reactions I have had to certain sounds, molodies, beats, etc...

    For example, Sia's She Wolf! I don't associate the song with anything personal, but every time I hear it, the sound just has such a powerful resonance and my body is all YAAAAAAAAY TURN THAT MUSIC UP! And then there's that damn new Miley Cyrus song, We Can't Stop. It's the dumbest damn song lyrics, but I always respond to it and I love it for that. >>;


    2. The LYRICS mean something to me personally, or I can associate them to something (like a story, scene, emotion, character, etc).

    Some of the first songs I remember connecting to when I was a tiny Diana:
    Queensryche - Anybody Listening and George Michael - Praying for Time, cause I was a sad sad kid. ;__;

    And I got a little older and I started connecting to songs that made me feel more empowered and inspired to keep living. >>;