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  1. Hello to you all, fellow Iwaku members! 'Tis but I, IPDS, with a short challenge for you all.

    So most of us listen regularly to music. Have you ever felt inspired by a music piece? Inspired to write a text to the song? Exactly that is what this challenge is based on, writing a story based on a song alone! And so that lyrics won't derail anything (if they do to you), I'd recommend using instrumental pieces for this challenge.

    Now, you may choose whatever song or piece you like, the goal is to write anyways. No text is too short or long, no song wrong, as long as the text is inspired by the song or piece. You may choose whichever song you want, but for this one challenge I'd just recommend a song to you. Instrumental and, I hope, appropriately evocative.

    Good luck!

  2. It was finally the day, the one that Mercia had waited for impatiently for so many months. She could hardly contain her excitement and her restless energy seemed to infect everyone around her. The hounds whimpered, turning paces and perking their ears at the smallest of sounds while the children in the castle tumbled and ran about heedless of the scolding they were receiving. The air seemed to be infused with magic, still and stifling but almost as though it were conducting the energy that everyone felt. Preparations were underway and everyone was focused on the tasks at hand, giving some leeway to the unruly children who were gleefully turned into the yard to play in the pale dusk.

    All eyes would be turned on the castle today, its grey stone jutting up from the side of its tall cliff with the open skies behind it. The people from the town below were even now preparing for the festival, the streets strewn with stalls ready to sell their wares. Bakers put the finishing touches on soft golden sponge cakes. Weavers with brightly patterned rugs and fabrics were draping them tantalizingly over wooden bars. The buildings below buzzed with activity, a hive preparing to come to life any minute now.

    A lady came to fetch Mercia, to pin the shimmering golden fabric of her cloak in place at her throat and tame the tightly curled strands of hair beneath her hood. And then it was time. She took Mercia's hand and led her to the door at the back of the castle. The door led to the small garden at the very edge of the cliff and at the center of the garden stood a dais inlaid with a glittering golden sigil. With her father at her side, Mercia stepped into the dark garden and paused for a moment to drink in the sight before her. The mountain range cloaked in darkness, as it had been for half a year. The fields below, barren and sleeping in wait.

    Her father led her by the arm to the dais and smiled. This time, it was Mercia's turn. She spread her fingers over the golden symbol, surprised at its warmth. Her lips formed the words she's practiced reciting over and over to herself, practiced so many times she could recite them in her sleep. A pale glow spread from her fingers to the dais. A blinding flash that caused Mercia to recoil and shield her eyes. And when she opened them again, the same landscape was bathed in sunlight.
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  3. The storm brewing and whipping past her did nothing to allay her fears. Rather, she was utterly terrified. Her friends, soldiers on the front line, were waiting for it to come, for it to attack. She gripped her weapon tightly, biting her lip down so hard she thought she made it bleed. It was coming, and it would destroy everything if they didn't do something about it. She had watched her family be destroyed by it and she vowed that no one would suffer the same fate as them. It was why she joined the Children's Army in the first place, to fight it.

    Someone yelled and everyone stood at attention. They all knew what that meant. It was here. Brandishing her weapon, they carefully made their way towards the plaza, remaining hidden and hoping that the rain would shield them somewhat. She only had a few seconds to process that thought when the sound of gunfire made her jolt. It was time. She took the bow in her hand and immediately began firing at it, the shadow monster that stole the lives of people and could never seem to die. Each time they murdered one, two more would take its place. Still, they fought to save the people, fought to save their world. This is what the children trained for, the salvation of this world from it.

    Everything was a blur as the battle wore on and everyone had to retreat. At least, that's what she thought. Truthfully, it and other its began to stalk them, bringing them down one by one. She saw her friends, her comrades, struck down by it and she could do nothing but run, far away from it. When she thought she was a far enough distance away, the girl began to break down and sob. They were never going to win, were they? It would just come and destroy everything everyone had ever loved, destroy it until their humanity was gone. Or until they were all dead. Her squad, her entire squad was gone. As the rain beat down on her, she only had one word to describe the emotion she was feeling. Despair.
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  4. (Used example song)

    His eyes opened. What had happened? Where was he? And what place would have a door that tall?

    In fact, the wall around the door seemed to stretch infinitely, and behind him was nothing but what seemed like a cover of clouds, far below. But that couldn’t be, right? His musings were cut short by a loud, deep voice, calling out his name. Following it, and the ensuing fanfare of trumpets, the door opened, revealing the intensely bright light inside. Sure, he could glimpse one or another object in the light, like the grand pillars framing the hall the door led to, the walls behind them again, and the painted roofs, all of this built out of some oddly white bricks.

    Though what was right in front of him seemed to be the main attraction. Seated on a large and majestic throne, brighter than anything else in the room was, well, he couldn’t quite see it. It was certainly something, that was for sure, but merely trying to squint in its general direction hurt to the unrecognizable.

    The deep voice called his name again, the sound clearly coming from the figure on the throne. He didn’t know what to do, nothing like this had ever happened before. At a lack of proper responses, he shrugged then went down on one knee in an attempt to kneel.

    “You have served your purpose well. These gates are open.” Purpose? Gates? The nihilist he was, he didn’t really consider there to be any meaning to life, but he supposed this bright figure to know what it was talking about. “Uh, thanks, I guess?”

    Seemingly unfazed by his response, the seated figure gestured to a gate forged of the more pure metals and inscribed with the same phrase in all the world’s languages. Though he saw none of this. He was too busy shielding his poor eyes from the immense brightness of the figure, now combined with the almost comical invisibility of whatever was behind the gate. “Should have brought some sunglasses,” he thought, picking up a pace towards the gate. “Or a blindfold.”