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  1. At the Academy of Music and Arts (AMA), there are two groups of students. The Songbirds and the Quills. The Quills write and compose the songs and the Songbirds perform said pieces. You would think that the Quills would be the reigning group, but it is not so. The Songbirds rule the school and even thought their success heavily depends on the state of their Quill, they often verbally abuse and otherwise bully their Quills. The Quills remain silent through this, although many a time in the past they have tried to rebel, but have failed countless times.
    Will this year be different?


    Sunday Evening
    (Students have returned from Thanksgiving Break)

    "Fuck you, very very much
    Cause we hate what you do
    And we hate your whole crew..."
    If someone were to approach Esperanza right at that moment and ask her how her Thanksgiving break was, she would have hissed at them and told them to fuck off. Often times, she finds herself wishing that she had a normal family that had normal problems and didn't nominate drama to be the center of their life. She wished that her mother and sister didn't vie for most talented bitch every holiday and then drag her into the mix to act as a referee. She wished that her father didn't turn every vacation outing as a quest to find the new 'It' kid. But unfortunately, she didn't have a normal family, and she only had extraordinary problems. Thankfully, she only had to deal with her family on breaks and not every damn day, although she sometimes wished going home on holidays wasn't mandatory for her. Because her parents and sister were famous, and Esperanza was an up and coming, her father had made her promise to come home on breaks to show the public that they were family oriented and all that jazz. 'It'll help you in the long run. Just in case you get in some trouble.' He had said and Esperanza had stupidly agreed.

    "I should have just said I was coming down with the flu," She muttered as she unpacked her away bag and began quickly folding her clothes and setting them in their proper drawers. "God knows, mom wouldn't have wanted me anywhere near her if there was a chance I could have compromised her 'talent'." The girl snarled, aggressively folding a pair of pants and practically slamming it into the second drawer. When she finished organizing her clothes, she strode over to Sir Slither's tank, and gently ran her finger down his head. He was dozing at the moment so all he did was shift a bit, but Esperanza was satisfied. When she had gone on vacation she hadn't had much time to interact with her beloved pet because her sister kept dragging her to various clubs. Esperanza made a mental note to let Sir Slither out after dinner.

    "Bye, sweetie." Esperanza murmured before exiting her room and heading to the cafeteria. When she got there she got the back to school dinner special, steak and portobello mushrooms drizzled with portobello wine sauce and lightly seasoned steamed broccoli, before sitting at her usual table in the center of the room.

    "Don't stop me now ('cause I'm having a good time)
    Don't stop me now (yes I'm having a good time)
    I don't wanna stop at all..."

    The evening after a break was always the best time. Not because he hated his parents, no, but because seeing his parents again after being surrounded by snotty, douchebag quills all the time always filled him with renewed inspirations and perseverance. Cause really, being surrounded by all the haters and punks all the time can really bring a guy to his lowest. But seeing the earnest looks on his parents faces as he recounted all the interesting moments at AMA, made Eddie want to crush those lame ass songbirds under his boot and grind.

    This new found energy was making Eddie jittery and exaggeratedly happy as he haphazardly thrust his clothes in his dresser and dumped the rest of his stuff on his bed. He would totally fold them properly later. Totally. But for now, he was going to head down to the cafeteria for some dinner because his stomach was making the rumblies that only ridiculously top notch school food could satisfy.

    As he flounced down the hall of the Arts dorm, Eddie began to whistle loudly and even do a little jig here and there.
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  2. " Hey-O, here comes a danger up in this club
    When we get started and we ain't gonna stop
    We gonna turn it up till it gets too hot "

    Victoria let out a loud sigh as she fell face first into the dark blankets on her bed. She was overjoyed, delighted even, though her face expression certainly told otherwise. It was a tiring trip, the slouch and half lidded eyes she wore probably told the tale better than words at the moment. Victoria never knew what to feel in regards to her parents when she went back to visit them, she was only granted so many breaks during the school year, and every time she returned home, she just didn't know what to expect. Her parents were busy people, and on more than one occasion, Victoria had returned to an empty house, well, there had been two notes left on the fridge along with a stack of paper bills. Other times, the house had been filled with people, relatives, aunts, uncles, grand-somethings, and their children. This year, for thanksgiving, Victoria had returned home to find several cars taking up the entire street ... block, what have you. It had been irritating to have so many hands poke and prod at her, asking questions that made everyone in the room a little uncomfortable ... it was just horrible.

    Fortunately, Victoria did have one ally during the break. Her aunt, and also therapist, Julia who frequently sent apologetic smiles her way as if she were responsible for the international family gathering. In the end Victoria had kept most of the biting remarks to herself, and marched through the entire break only losing control of her temper only once. Or twice, not to mention, it seemed like she wasn't the most disappointing this year, a cousin of hers who had just recently married - much to her parents' disapproval - managed to take that honor from her. Ha.

    Walking back into her dorm room at the Academy, when she first registered the black and white design of the room, Victoria had let out a small cheer. Her dorm room was so much different from the one she kept at home, it was untampered for one, and it was completely hers. No maid or mother had been inside her dorm room to clean up her messes, reorganize her stacks of clothes, and so much more. Even the air inside the dorm room was different, it was just simpler. Just the way Victoria liked.

    Suddenly, a 'tink' rang through the silence, breaking Victoria out from her thoughts. Lifting her head, the girl looked about, confused, until she saw a familiar sight. Pushing herself off her bed, the short haired girl was quick to make her way over to the window sill, just about where her turtle was, tapping against the glass enclosure that Victoria had made especially for him. The turtle needed a lot of things, water dish, soil, sunlight ... it had been hell to prepare these things when she was going away for long periods of time, but Victoria wasn't going to bring her baby back home for the snot nosed brats to poke at.

    "Missed you lots, Roux," Victoria muttered quietly, using one finger to lightly soothe her pet's box like shell. "Hang on a little longer, yeah? You still have buckets of food, and I ... yeah, I need to change before even thinking about food," she chuckled quietly to herself as she made sure he had enough food before moving back to her bed, where her bags were. She'd sort through her things later, it wasn't like she packed anyway important things after all. Her priority at the moment was getting rid of the overly formal clothes every family gather required. Chucking off the tight fitting clothes, Victoria blindly reached into the bag and managed to sort through different articles of clothing before selecting a simple spaghetti strap tank top, picking up a black plaid button up as well, just to cover her arms, though. She left the buttons unbuttoned. Looking down, Victoria found that the pants were partially acceptable. They were tight, but at least they weren't black. Shrugging, she decided that the white pants were to stay, and left the room after bidding Roux a final whispered 'See you later'.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
    Stepping out of her room, Victoria had one hand in her hair, ruffling it back into ... her usual style, which proved to be a little difficult as someone had hair sprayed it a little earlier in the day. Still, it didn't mean that she'd stop trying. Before she knew it, she had stepped into the cafeteria, which was a little louder than usual, as people were probably in the middle of sharing their stories with one another. The line was a little longer than usual, too ... not a problem, for her anyway. Stepping up the line, Victoria let her long arms reach over a few people's head to grab onto a tray, before settling into the line. While waiting for people to get their food, Victoria ran her eyes over the crowd, seeing if there were familiar faces she could find. Before she knew it, she had a crispy caesar salad sitting on her stray, it was lightly dressed with cheese, sauce, lemon juice, and croutons.

    Honestly, the meal itself looked rather sad. Usually, Victoria would have fancied herself with a grand meal, something(s) that would've taken two trays to hold, but she just wasn't in the mood to stuff herself tonight. With the light tray in hand, Victoria wandered past the chairs and tables until she saw a very familiar face. Feeling a grin break through her face, the tall brunette was quick to seat herself next to Esperanza who was digging away at her dinner special.

    "Hey. Mind some wonderful company?" She asked the other, with a small playful smile on her face, leaning over as she spoke, as if telling a secret.​
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  3. We are old in your teenaged tyranny
    And all you need is a hunger to feed
    I've got my own secrets though, say what?

    Evel sighed as she pushed her red hair behind her ear. Thanksgiving was almost as horrible as Christmas break. Her parents invited the whole church over to their home to serve them food all while giving a sermon before they ate. There were lots of poking and prodding questions that Evel really didn't want to answer from different church members, especially those who had only known her when she was a baby. The pinching hands, the checkups on how her faith was doing, even the question about her academic progress all served to make the brown eyed girl queasy. She was glad that her brother was there to save her after dinner, claiming he needed help with something. That respite away from her parents' disappointed looks relaxed her greatly.

    However, even with that respite Evel still couldn't get a break. Something had come up about a gay pride parade near her home town so of course her father had to rant on and on about how gays were the children of the devil. It only made Evel want to hide even more as she felt like her father was staring straight at her while he damned the poor souls straight to hell. Oh well, at least the closet still welcomed her when her parents didn't.

    Flopping onto her bed, Evel took a deep breath before letting out a large sigh. At least she was in her dorm room and away from the large crowds of people waiting to find something to excommunicate her from the church over. Closing her eyes, Evel just laid there for a second before her stomach decided to intervene. It growled, loudly which made the girl blush. Food sounded like a great idea, especially since the cafeteria food was pretty delicious. Venturing off from her bed, Evel headed to her dresser to change out of the slacks and oversized shirt she had worn when traveling back to the school. She pulled out something simple, a skirt and simple t-shirt combo before throwing one of her favorite sweatshirts on top of it. Pulling on some tennis shoes she headed out toward the cafeteria.

    Spotting one of her gaming buddies practically skipping down the hall, Evel hesitated before giving a small wave and greeted him. "H-hey, Eddie. I take it you had a relaxing thanksgiving break?" The boy definitely seemed less crabby, which had to mean his break was good.

    "Isn't she lovely

    Isn't she wonderful

    Isn't she precious"
    At the approach of Victoria, Esperanza felt her heart flutter a bit. "You're very modest aren't you?" Esperanza said sarcastically as Victoria came to join her. She couldn't help letting her gaze slide over the other girl, before quickly returning her attention to her face. She was sure she had gotten better at not making her crush look obvious, and she sure as hell had stopped grinning like an idiot whenever Victoria was within a foot of her. "But no, " Esperanza continued, "I don't mind your wonderful company. " She popped a mushroom into her mouth and chewed it slowly, while throwing a disappointed look at the other girl's equally disappointing plate. "Did you turn into a rabbit over the break or do you suddenly think you're fat?" She drawled, readying to fling a sprig of broccoli at Victoria if she went with the latter.
    @White -- Chocolate


    "Because I'm happy
    Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
    Because I'm happy..."

    Eddie waved enthusiastically at Evelyn and sauntered over to her. "Relaxing? No. But it was lovely." He responded, thinking of all the fun he and his family had had. At one point during the break, Eddie, his uncle and his mother had a water gun fight in the kitchen after Eddie had accidentally splashed his mother while she walked past. The kitchen had been filled with laughter and shrieks of 'No! No! Time out!' for about an hour, before they finally stopped. Eddie grinned when he thought of that, and was excited for the next break. His mother and uncle had told him that they had something very special planned for him and he was dying to know what it was.
    "So, how was your break? Did you get in any fist fights? Start a torrid romance with anybody?" He asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.
    @The Writing Owl
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  5. Sophie Mckenzie

    I never could’ve seen this far
    I never could’ve seen this coming
    Seems like my world’s falling apart

    As soon as Sophie arrived at her door, she softly closed her door and immediately went to bed. Thanksgiving break should be fun, heart-warming and happy but that's not what happened this time. She can't believe that two words can shatter her whole world and make her cry endlessly. "She's dead" those words keep on repeating inside her head. She was still baffled by the death of her beloved grandmother. They used to be so close, teaching her music and letting her write her heart out. She was her best friend, her sister and her world. Why does she need to die? Why didn't she told her that she's suffering from cancer and only had a few months to live? Why send her to school and be lonely?

    "Why...why...” Sophie mumbled, hugging her knees closer towards her chest. She can't understand her grandmother so many questions fills her head that is now left unanswered. "Why do you have to go?" she keeps on asking as tears started to fall once more. The pain, hurt and suffering is too much for her fragile heart to bear. She was in sorrow, something she had never felt before.

    Wiping off the tears in her eyes, she sighed deeply and tried to calm down, reaching out for her musical sheets as she went to the music room. "Crying won't bring grandma back to life" she murmured, sitting in front of the piano with a pencil in hand. She hummed a sad tune but quickly shook her head, replacing it with a happy one. If Sophie is writing a song for her grandmother, it's best to keep it happy and cheerful, just like the memories they made and shared.

    Sophie closed her eyes and started playing, letting all the happy memories flashed back and be remembered.
  6. "You look like an angel, walk like an angel...
    Talk like an angel, but I got wise
    You're the devil in disguise, oh yes you are..."

    Viridian hummed softly to herself as she added water and food to Lloyd's cage before placing the small albino mouse in the cage as well, nestling him into the small nest inside. She stroked a finger over his head before closing the wire mesh roof and moving to take care of the plants that had been suffering during her absence as well. She checked the temperature and humidity in her room, making sure that they were at their proper levels, before picking up her watering can and proceeding to gently sprinkle the proper amounts of water for each of her plants. She smiled when she was done, and placed the watering can back on the table next to the window where her plants resided.

    Her roommate, Sophie, had been here earlier but Viridian had been too scared to go up to the obviously upset girl. She had then left, presumably to go to the music room, judging by the music sheets gripped in her hands. Now that she was done with her pet and plants, Viridian could go and check on her, just to make sure she was okay.

    Hesitantly she knocked lightly on the door to the music room, then peeked in her head.
    "Sophie, are you in here?"

  7. Sophie Mckenzie

    Don't cry out loud,
    Just keep it inside,
    Learn how to hide your feelings.
    Sophie played her heart out, confused that even if she's remembering such happy memories, tears started falling once again, stopping her from playing. She can't understand why losing someone dear hurts so much, as if her heart is shattering into pieces over and over again.

    The knock on the door and the voice of her roommate made her stop and quickly wiped the tears away, hoping that Viridian didn't see her crying. Sophie didn't want to be pitied. She doesn't need sympathy or their condolences. Her grandma is already dead; their comforting words couldn't bring her back to life and would only make her hurt even more.

    "Viridian" she called softly, trying her best to keep her composure and quickly grabbed her tear-stained music sheets. "How long were you been standing there? You should have told me you’re going to use the piano. I'm so sorry..." she apologized, walking towards the girl and bowed slightly, avoiding eye contact and showing her face. "Well then, I better get going. Don't want to occupy your precious time. Please excuse me and have fun"

    She immediately left right after that, clutching her music sheets ever so tightly. Sophie knows that she's being a bit rude towards Viridian but she needed some time alone. Looking for another place to sort her mind, she went to the gardens and climbed up the huge wisteria tree, letting herself cry once again.

  8. "Just wave and say goodbye
    And let you live...
    Without a monster like me..."
    "Sophie, wait-" Viridian called out but it was too late, the other girl rushing down the hallway and out of sight before she could even offer an apology for interrupting her time alone. "I don't even know how to play the piano..." She muttered, inexplicably hurt by her roommate's rejection. Heaving out a great sigh, she went over to the now abandoned piano and sat down on the bench, absentmindedly pushing a few keys to make a random disjointed melody. She had just gotten back from a horrible break spent back in the orphanage, since her last foster family had sent her back citing her 'uncooperative behavior' and 'withdrawn personality' as reasons they couldn't handle her. Alone, surrounded by depressed children and strangers, she had wanted to come back to AMA and retouch with the few maybe-friends she had.

    One of whom had just run out of the room at the mere sight of her. How delightful.

    Humming softly, Viridian began to plunk on the keys slowly, figuring out through trial and error what sounded good and what didn't. Although she had never learned to play a piano, she still knew the basics and her ear for melody was rather good. However she soon grew bored but, not knowing where Victoria (her assigned Songbird) was, she didn't really have anyone else she wanted to talk to. A couple of the other Quills were nice, but she was still super shy so it was hard for her to really talk with them.
  9. Quill Quinn

    "Break me out! Come and find me in the dark now
    By myself I'm breaking out
    I don't wanna fight alone anymore!"

    Quinn had mixed feelings as he unpacked his suitcase. On one hand he enjoyed visiting his foster family. But he always felt like an outcast with them....Like a puzzle piece that didnt quite fit. On the other hand he dreaded school just for the fact that Esperenza, the less-than-friendly...Or civil Songbird, was his partner. But he loved music and enjoyed the company of others around campus. So you could say Quinn was neutral on the matter of his return, for now.

    Finally done unpacking he smiles with a relieved sigh. 'I bet everyone is at the cafeteria by now...All but Styxx maybe.' He thought with mild amusement, it was the likely place all the teenagers would migrate. Either for the excellent food or to mingle. 'Well I'm starved...' Walking out of his dorm room he started jogging down the halls toward the cafeteria. But about halfway there his ears perked up at a familiar sound. 'Piano...I wonder who...' Sidetracked he started following the sound to the piano room. Curious Quinn opens the door and pokes his head in. To his surprise instead of the usually pianists, it was Viridian. Though she didn't seem too familiar with the instrument, her humming was rather soothing. Smiling softly he knocks on the door to let her know he was there. "Hey there Viridian, thinking of taking up the piano?" He asked with genuine curiosity. His voice deep and smooth with his usual light Irish accent.
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  10. Songbird Styxx

    "I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
    What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when..."

    Styxx hated going home. Just to avoid his parents that are now suddenly all so interested in him and his "career". He spent most of his time either locked in his room playing video games or writing lyrics, or staying out of the house and going just about anywhere else. But that was over with now, FINALLY. Now he could get back to the thing he loved, music. Being one of the first to arrive he had already unpacked and left his dorm. Now he was out wandering the courtyard. It was chilly which was to be expected in November. With his hands in his pockets he walked to his favorite spot, a small hill with a large tree at the top. Taking a seat at the tree base he leaned back against the trunk before taking out a sketch pad and pencil from his book bag. He already had his earbuds in with Three days grace - Landmine, playing pretty loud.

    Looking out at the cloudy day he started sketching a nearby cherry tree, adding birds and flowers to it as he let his imagination soar. This was Styxx's main way of venting, this way he didn't have to think...About anything.
  11. "Ringing an old wind chime and shaking a passerby
    Then filling the air 'till it hit those park trees
    Maybe this summer day has finally gone away."

    Songbird - Reference

    "You're very modest aren't you?" Hearing this, Victoria playful smiled fell, giving away to a more smug looking grin. The girl had obviously gotten the sarcasm, but Victoria was used to such banters with the other girl and had come up with her own ways to deflect or play along with it. It was nice, how Victoria didn't necessarily have to use words in order to settle in comfortably with the other girl, how Esperanza just somehow knew how to go toe to toe against her - and Victoria could easily return the favor of course. As her friend expressed her (unnecessary) approval, Victoria was quick to relax. Her shoulders falling from their rigid hold, and letting her head tilt off to rest on her own shoulders, clearly the trip back had taken a lot more energy than she had expected.

    "Did you turn into a rabbit over the break or do you suddenly think you're fat?" Blinking, Victoria quickly realized that she had zoned off once more. Turning back to Esperanza, and finding the other girl just chewing her mushrooms, Victoria turned down to her own plate which was ... definitely a very sad sight in comparison to the delicious looking plate her friend had. The brunette took a moment to think of her answer, she looked at her friend's eyes, and hid a flinch quite skillfully once she read the underlying intention in those fiery eyes. Yeah, Esperanza would definitely be tossing something at her - and it didn't seem like it was going to be affection.

    "Mm ... Well, I did have a healthy appetite over the break, so I'm not exactly turning into a rabbit ..." Victoria said, slowly, drawing each word out - clearly stalling for just a few more precious seconds. Again, she dared to cross eyes with her friend, and ran her tongue over her lips nervously, wetting her lips before pulling it back in, "I ... I guess I'm watching what I'm eating? Or at least my subconscious is!" Victoria quickly threw out, redirecting her eyes to look elsewhere. Would her friend be amused? Perhaps irritated? It was always hard to predict what Esperanza may do, she was unpredictable just like that - but if the other girl did decide to inflict some miniscule damage upon her perfect complexation, Victoria would definitely return the favor. Ten fold.
  12. "And then he just walked in...
    What was he thinkin'?
    She started stoppin'
    But he said keep goin'..."
    Viridian was about to slam her hand down on the piano keys in frustration when she heard a small knock and a voice at the door. Turning so fast she almost knocked herself off the piano bench, her eyes widened as she saw Quinn standing there, a smile on his face. "Oh!" She blushed and dropped her gaze to her hands, which were fiddling in her lap. "H-hi Quinn... No, I wasn't planning on doing anything... I'm not really a piano player, and I don't have the time to take lessons..." Besides, she didn't really think she was worth it... Although that was more a part of her upbringing than a thought grounded in fact and reason.

    Viridian didn't really feel up to conversation, but she knew that she had to take this chance or she would be lonely again. Taking a deep breath, she managed to raise her eyes up from her hands to Quinn's chest, still unable to look him in the eyes.
    "H-how was your break, Quinn? I'm g-glad to be back here, to b-be honest..." Hopefully he wasn't offended by her question, and maybe they could have a conversation?

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  13. I'm coming home, I'm coming home
    tell the World I'm coming home


    Evelyn chuckled and shook her head. She wished her break had been as exciting as Eddie described. "Oh no, nothing like that. The closest I got to a fistfight was playing mortal kombat against my older brother." She followed the boy toward the cafeteria, taking a tray once they got in line. "Though I sort of wish I got into a romance... It'd make for a great song at least." The red head smiled as she started to grab her food. This, this felt like home. Talking with friends and eating the school food brought a huge comfort that Evel was grateful to have back. Even if the presence of songbirds still scared the young quill shitless, she wouldn't trade being at AMA for the world. The red head would have to catch up with the rest of the quills once she had the chance. Maybe she, Victoria, and Sophie could get together so they could have a huge welcome back bake-fest. "What about you? Did you do anything exciting with your family?" Brown eyes turned to her companion as she finished getting her food.
  14. Quill Quinn

    "I'd like to make myself believe
    That planet Earth turns slowly
    It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
    'Cause everything is never as it seems
    (When I fall asleep)"

    Quinn felt a bit guilty for startling the shy girl, though he didnt intend to. Slowly walking into the room he sticks his thumbs into his pant pockets. "Sorry for spooking ya, didnt mean to. I just heard the piano and was curious..." He responds softly with a warm smile. To her question he looks around at the walls decorated with the finest music decor. The sight, along with her question, struck a bit of a cord within him. 'I wonder what it would be like to have a home....Home...' looking back down at Viridian he smiles again but it doesn't quite reach his stormy blue eyes. "It was alright, I ate enough to make a Viking envious on Thanksgiving. But I'm glad to be back too...What about you?" He jokes lightly before gesturing to the bench. "Mind if I take a seat? You know if you like I could teach you how to play, if you want. Its much easier than it looks." He says with a playful wink. If Viridian accepted he would take a seat beside her.
  15. "Anyway the thing is, what I really mean...
    Yours are the sweetest eyes, I've ever seen...
    And you can tell everybody, this is your song..."

    Viridian couldn't help but flush, her eyes widening as Quinn asked to sit down next to her and teach her how to play piano. And then he winked at her! She instantly dropped her eyes to her lap, stuttering like a fool. "O-oh w-well... I m-mean, if you're s-sure..." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to regain her confidence. She also tried to ignore the voice deep inside of her that whispered what confidence? "What I meant to s-say was... If you're really sure a-about teaching me..." She smiled suddenly, and it was like the sun coming out from being the clouds. Viridian rarely smiled. "Well, I'd be a fool to say no, wouldn't I?" You're a fool for saying yes... You know what happens to people who get close... Studiously ignoring her inner voice, Viridian focused on the keys in front of her. "Well, I think I know the basic scale... And how some stuff sounds well together, but I don't know why." She huffed softly. "I don't have any training on the piano at all... Or any musical instrument, really. Only my voice, and even that's not too good. I'm in here for my writing, after all."

  16. 'Course, baby, you're a firework
    Come on, show'em what you're worth
    Make'em go, "Aah, aah, aah"
    As you shoot across the sky-y-y



    Alice!! Alice!! Alice!!!


    She did it.

    She wasn't exactly sure what was really going on, but, daaamn, she really did it. Her. Roxanne Taylor, was going to be a singer. A singer. And she couldn't believe it was really happening. Her sweat glisten like diamonds as dozens of neon ligtht shine upon her. She never felt so alove as thousands of fans chanted her name. She was in total bliss. Of course, she'd owe it to her momager, her little sister, and has well as her father for supporting and believing in her and her dream. She would never have done it without the push and encouragement that they have "invested" in her. And the fans! Oh let's not forget about the fans. If it wasn't for them she wouldn't be where she is without them. And, of course, the one and only person that made it all worth while. The only person her is and forever will be grateful for, for the rest of her life. Sierra.

    "Sierra!! We did it! We did it, Sierra!!" Roxanne excitedly screamed at her quill, who had been watching her from backstage. But somehow Sierra was not responding. "Sierra?" Roxanne called out to her again. And once more, Sierra did not respond. She only looked at her with a expression.

    "Sierra? Sierra? What's wrong?" the young singer asked. As Roxanne was about to go to her she was suddenly stopped by an invisible wall. Desperately she pound on it calling Sierra's name again and again. What was happening? Roxanne was at a lost. She doesn't understand what was going on. Was she dreaming? If so, make her wake up.

    Then suddenly... what she saw next was something she didn't want to see. Something she had dread since the start of it all. Her quill, the very person whom her career as a singer depending it all, was taken by another songbird.

    "No! Sierra! Don't go with h---BEEP-BEEP-BEEP!"


    Roxanne woke up to the sound of her cellphone's alarm clock going off at the table next to her. She sat up on her bed and yawned loudly. Funny, when did she fallen asleep? Last time she remembered was unpacking her things--which was still half-way done. Roxanne thought for a moment. Though she wasn't sure what. But maybe something about her dream which she totally forgot what it was in the first place. But then again, thinking too much while her stomach is empty was bad for her health. Resolving that she would just forget all about what she was thinking in the first place, Roxanne decided to head towards the cafeteria while singing Fireworks by Katy Perry as she strolled along the hallway.
    "You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
    You're beautiful, it's true.


    And I don't know what to do,
    'Cause I'll never be with you..."
    "Wrong answer." Esperanza pursed her lips and picked out a particularly sad looking piece of broccoli before placing it on her fork and pulling her fork pack like a slingshot. She released the steamed vegetable so it sailed towards Victoria and landed on her with a wet smack. "Your subconscious is an imbecile. You don't need to watch what you're eating." She pointed out, gesturing at Victoria's physique with her fork. "If you're fat that means I'm morbidly obese, now do you think I'm morbidly obese?" She demanded, narrowing her eyes at her friend. She then waved her hands through the air in a 'stop' motion. "You don't have to answer that because we both know the correct answer, moving on, how was your break?" She asked, her mouth quirking up a bit. Esperanza didn't want to harp on Victoria so much in one evening, she didn't want the other girl to mistake her concern for her mental health for anything else but friendly investment.

    Nope, she did not want to open that can of worms and risk awkward interactions for life and the loss of a friend.
    @White -- Chocolate


    "I'm so excited
    And I just can't hide it..."

    After getting his food, steak tips, sweet corn and a warm bread roll, Eddie headed towards a vacant table with Evelyn. "Well that doesn't sound too bad!" He chirped in response to her vacation. "A digital game fight is just as good and gratifying as a real life fight, and it's not too late to immerse yourself into a steamy romance with somebody." He said in a sing song voice. He shifted his tray to one hand and began casually pointing various people out. "This school is like sixty percent female and probably forty percent lesbian land. I'm sure you can find somebody."

    As they walked he recounted the story about the mini water fight he had had with his mother and uncle. "Oh! And right before I left my mom said she had something special for me for Christmas! Like she dangled that juicy bit of information right as I was getting on the plane!" He whined. "But at least now I can occupy myself with trying to figure out what it is, while I'm stuck in class and bored out of my skull, right?" Spotting an empty table, Eddie sped forward to claim it by slamming his tray down on it, thankfully his food only spilled a little bit.
    @The Writing Owl
  18. I'll keep you my dirty little secret
    Don't tell anyone or you'll just be another regret
    You are the only one that needs to know

    Following the excitable boy, the quill settled down at the table with her tray. Evel had to blush as she glanced over at a certain pair of songbirds before shaking her head. "Which nobody else knows yet." She replied quietly to Eddie's lesbian comment. "I still haven't told anyone but you about... that." The brown eyed girl finished lamely. "And I don't plan on telling anyone else." The red head tacked on before toying with her own steak. She had no clue how everyone else would react to her sexuality, though Evel doubted that they would care one way or another. It was simply easier not to bother telling the others unless absolutely necessary. They could go on with their lives believing she was heterosexual, and Evel was completely okay with that. Okay, maybe she wasn't necessarily okay with that especially with a really hot songbird-Evel stopped herself before she could delve deeper into the confusing territory that was her feelings for certain other females. She would just shove that under the rug to never be seen again.

    The red head smiled as Eddie exclaimed how excited he was about the special surprise his mother had planned. "Right. It'll be just like figuring out a puzzle in one of our games! You still owe me a rematch, by the way." Evel gently reminded the younger as she took a bite of the delicious meal. The flavors exploded in her mouth, making the young girl relax. Ah yes, the food was definitely something she very much missed when she was gone. While her mother could make a mean ham, it was nothing compared to the school meals.

  19. Axel
    "They tried to give you angel wings, but you refused to fly"

    Axel sighed and stared up at his ceiling, he couldn't believe that the break was over even though it was only a few days long. He had partied the whole time and now he missed sleep like crazy, gaining bags under his eyes from the lack. Rubbing his forehead, he used all his strength to sit and stand up straight. He picked up all the trash he had around his room and tossed it away before opening the room door and going out. "Trev, i'm going out man." he told his friend whom he spend the break with. Trever woke up from the couch and gave the rock sign, "Alright dude, catch you tonight." he told him before Axel left with his skateboard. Yeah, he would have brought his car over here, but he didn't really feel like getting it from his Aunt's house that was all the way across state, he'd deal with that tomorrow. Quickly, the male slung his instrument on his back and put in his headphones before skating down the sidewalk. He wondered if anyone changed during the free days away from school everyone had, probably not. He really didn't expect anyone to, they were all up in their own thoughts to really change anything if something needed to be looked over.

    As the music filtered through his ears, Axel took a deep breath and stuffed his hands in his pockets. Feeling a drop of water on his arm, he looked up in the sky and completely forgot to look at the news or up at the sky for that matter. "Oh great, fucking great." he said to himself as he started to get impatient waiting for the stoplight to change. Once it did he sped across the street on his board trying to get to school faster, but didn't make it as it began to pour down. He was happy that he had wore a jacket, but his hair and face were getting unbelievably soaked from the lack of a hood. Once he reached the steel gates, he ran inside and stopped once he couldn't feel any rain anymore. He jogged up to his locker and placed his skateboard inside then walked to the cafeteria to get something to eat..... and maybe something to dry himself off with. He got through the line rather quickly and grabbed some paper toilets at the end before grabbing a seat at the end of a table. He had wiped his face first then started to wring out his dripping hair. Today wasn't starting off nicely for him, he hoped the rest of the day would be better than this.. or at least not any worst.
  20. Victoria S. Hale

    "Gnash my teeth while smiling shy.
    Smile with eyes shut and everything black.
    I don't want to bore myself with all that nonsense!"

    Songbird - Reference
    "Uwa!" Victoria squealed, uncharacteristically girlishly as Esperanza slungshot the broccoli at her direction. The green, steamed vegetable was warm, and moist. As it connected with the brunette's right cheek, Victoria couldn't help but to drop the fork she held her hands into the bowl of salad she had immediately in order to tend to the moist cheek she now sported. Using both of her hands, Victoria placed her palms right onto the cheek, rubbing it, smudging it, before just outright wiping it with the sleeves of her black and white plaid button up. Oh if only her relatives could see her now. Looking down at her own salad bowl, Victoria toyed with the idea of throwing back a crouton, or a few croutons. Was it worth it, though? Probably not, and Esperanza's dinner could do way more damage than her leafs.

    "You don't have to answer that because we both know the correct answer, moving on, how was your break?"

    Hearing the question, Victoria took a moment to decide what she could share with her friend. Her life wasn't too awfully interesting, and the troubles through the break were personal. Too personal. Those were strictly kept between her Aunt and herself. This was a normal question though, so it would a little easy to deflect at least, the brunette thought as she finished taking care of her cheek and returned to her dinner.

    "It was alright, the usual family drama we all get during the break, you know?" She replied, "Only difference is that they didn't try smuggling me into the clubs, figured I'd enjoy watching the shows a little too much," she cackled, letting her grin turn a little crooked, sliding effortlessly into a practiced smirk as she twirled and played with a leaf before bringing it up to her lips.

    As she chewed, Victoria began tapping the edge of the bowl with her salad, "How about you? Anything explode on your break?" She asked, letting the tapping get louder and faster.

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