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    A bird is nothing without it's feathers. But a feather is many things without a bird.

    At the Academy of Music and Arts (AMA), there are two groups of students. The Songbirds and the Quills. The Quills write and compose the songs and the Songbirds perform said pieces. You would think that the Quills would be the reigning group, but it is not so. The Songbirds rule the school and even thought their success heavily depends on the state of their Quill, they often verbally abuse and otherwise bully their Quills. The Quills remain silent through this, although many a time in the past they have tried to rebel, but have failed countless times.
    Will this year be different?

    Most Songbirds tend to be boisterous and flamboyant, although there are a select few that are more low key. Although most Songbirds tend to abuse their Quills, there are some who treat them either indifferently or even kindly.

    Quills are usually quiet and subdued due to their treatment over the years. Although when Quills are together they act like normal teenagers. Quills are often known to have kick ass parties that only other Quills know about.

    School Staff
    School staff are not included in the Songbirds and Quills category, however most of them do not intrude when it comes to the abuse of Quills by their Songbirds.

    Role Play Rules
    No Godmodding, Power playing, Special Snowflakes, etc.
    The majority of this roleplay will take place out of class because I find roleplaying classes is boring and tedious. That being said I will list classes just for references if you need it.
    No back and forth posting. Wait ten minutes or for another person to post before posting again.
    Two characters per person.
    This isn't a romance roleplay, so not every post should be focuses on that. However if characters are romantically involved, fade to black if things get further than kissing.
    No OOC talk in IC thread.
    Please don't use ridiculously outlandish names. No Scarlet Bloodmoons or Hawk Foxblasters.
    No Anime pictures

    Posting Requirements
    Third Person, Past tense, at least a paragraph per post (8 sentences min. not including dialogue)
    All posts must have a song lyrics (5 lines max) on the post. However the lyrics must pertain to the subject matter of the post.

    Character Sheet
    (Don't remove/omit any sections please. And remove everything in parentheses.)
    [Songbird or Quill]
    [Realistic Appearance]
    (Songbird Only) Stage Name:

    Age: (13-18)
    Sexual Orientation:

    Music Style: (Hip hop/R&B/Country etc)


    History: (At least one paragraph, five - eight sentences)
    (Friends/Enemies/Crushes/Significant Others etc)
    Pet: (One pet per student. See student handbook for acceptable pets.)

    Talent Sample:
    (Video of song that depicts a Songbirds singing style. Or if you're a Quill, it should be a video that depicts your writing/lyric style.)

    Other Talents
    (Can be music related or completely random like maybe you're really good at knitting)
    Dorm Image
    [Songbird Only. Should be single bed, spacious room.]

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  2. Student Handbook
    Students may have pets, but only one.
    Acceptable Pets
    Contained* Reptiles/Amphibians that are non venomous/poisonous
    - Snake
    - Toad or frog
    - Turtle
    - Bearded Dragon
    - Iguana
    - Gecko
    - Newt
    *Contained means in a cage/bowl/tank etc.
    Small Rodents
    - Hamster
    - Gerbils
    - Guinea Pig
    - Mouse
    - Rat
    Fish that are not carnivorous or unnecessarily large
    - Fish
    Miscellaneous Animals
    - Ferret
    - Hedgehog

    Venomous or poisonous pets, arachnids, dogs, cats and birds are not allowed.

    Song Requests
    A Songbird can only request a song to be written by a Quill, by completing a song request form at the front desk.

    Unless for religious reasons, Quills may not reject song requests.
    School Rules
    All students must sleep in dorms
    Songbirds must sleep in the Muse Dorms, while Quills must sleep in the Arts Dorms
    Curfew is at 9:00 PM for Songbirds and 8:30 for Quills
    Students must not consort romantically or sexually with staff
    Students must remain on campus during the school year. Exceptions will be made for holidays.
    Pets such as arachnids, dogs and cats are not allowed on campus. See the school handbook for acceptable pets.
    In order to request a song written by a Quill, a Songbird must fill out a Song Request form at the front desk.
    There is no uniform, however Songbirds must wear a red or pink scarf. While Quills must wear a purple or blue scarf. (anywhere is fine)
    Dorms are co-ed but each Dorm has a male side and a female side. Male and Females students are not to enter each other's sides of the dorm.

    Songbirds and Quills sleep in separate dorm buildings. The Songbird dorm building is called Muse Dorms and the Quill dorm building is called Arts Dorms. Because of their unique needs, Songbird's have single room dorms and Quills have bunk bed dorms. Every room in the Arts Dorms has two bunk beds and accommodates four students. Rooms in the Muse Dorms are all very spacious and are personally decorated by the Songbird that is assigned to the room.

    Arts Dorms

    Muse Dorms

    Rhythm and Tempo - Quills and Songbirds
    Dance - Songbirds
    Technological Aspects (autotune etc) - Songbirds
    Rap Writing - Quills
    Physical Education - Mostly for Songbirds to keep them healthy but Quills can take the class too.
    Vocabulary - Quills
    Pronunciation - Songbirds
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  3. Open/Taken Spots
    For now I will only be accepting six people in each category.

    Roxanne Taylor/Alice played by un coin de soleil
    Esperanza Thomas/Royal T played by Polystical
    Victoria Shanice Hale/Tori Civice played by White--Chocolate
    Axel Jerrison/Ender played by C O N S U M E D R A G E
    Styxx Ricardo/Winter Quicksilver played by Zarya Starska
    Sharlette Neilson/Shampainplayed by PastelPoltergeist

    Eddie Blake played by Polystical
    Evelyn Moore played by The Writing Owl
    Viridian Anwes played by Ananfal
    Quinn Alexander played by Zarya Starska
    Sophie McKenzie played by DANAsaur
    Chan-Jo Ahn played by JaeGyu

    Roxanne and Chang-Jo Ahn
    Esperanza and Quinn
    Victoria and Viridian
    Sharlette and Eddie
    Axel and Sophie
    Styxx and Evelyn
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  4. Reserved for RP information.
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  5. Is it only one spot for now? If so (for now) songbird. :3

    Will use this spot for cs.
  6. What? There are nine spots available. Five in songbirds and four in quills.
  7. So its okay for me to be greedy and have both songbird AND quill? :D
  8. Yes, that's completely fine ^^
  9. YAY!!!! I request a Quill please ^W^
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  10. I will respond once I get a chance to look on a computer. Thank you for tagging me!
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  11. @un coin de soleil
    @Rin Mico

    I've added some parts to the CS and added some more information to the student handbook. Please review them both when you have a chance. ^^

    Name: Esperanza Thomas
    Stage Name: Royal T

    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Music Style: Electropop ✼

    ✼ Perfectionist ✼
    ✼ Aggressive ✼
    ✼ Vindictive ✼
    ✼ Friendly Sometimes✼
    ✼ Generous ✼
    ✼ Loyal ✼
    Playing Keyboard
    Tacky Outfits
    Slow Songs
    History: Esperanza was born in a musical family with her mother being a professional concert pianist, her father being a music agent and her sister being an up and coming pop star. Naturally, it was Esperanza destiny to follow in her family's tradition and pursue a career in music or association. She realized her musical talent when she was seven and singing silly songs in school. She was attending a Catholic Private School at the time, and her teachers did not appreciate her 'nonsense' and often disciplined her in an attempt to make her focus on what was important. When her parents found out of course they sent her to a special music school, where Esperanza honed her abilities. When she turned thirteen, she was sent to AMA for better instruction.
    Maria Thomas ✼ Mother ✼ 43 ✼ Professional Pianist
    Charles Thomas ✼ Father ✼ 48 ✼ Music Talent Agent
    Xiomara Thomas ✼ Sister ✼ 19 ✼ Pop Star
    Victoria - Close Friends + Crush
    Rayna - Frenemies + Rivals
    Eddie - Frenemies
    Sierra - Friends
    Quinn - Partners
    Sir Slither Duke of Slithington - Ball Python
    Talent Sample:

    Other Talents
    Jewelry Making
    Fashion Designing
    Dorm Image
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  13. Hey there, can I reserve a spot in Songbirds?
  14. Sure!
  15. Oh yes. I am still trying to find a voice for my songbird and what sort of genre she will be playing.
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  16. Crap, I thought I filled out a CS for this RP @ - @
    Yes, I'm still interested in this, just gotta work on finishing the CS.
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  17. @Polystical yes definitely just working on my CS! For quills do we put a dorm image with a bunk bed or do we just use the image you've provided?
  18. I'm using difference comp and all, so my previous progress has been erased. Boo.
    I had a question about the formatting of the CS, you didn't want us rearranging all of it, does that mean you don't want us to code in fieldboxes, moving pictures to the right/left side, and keeping all of it center aligned (It's fine if I have to keep it like that, I'm just worried that mine will be really long and take up a lot of unnecessary space.)
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