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  1. Two announcements, one directed at future GMs but both concerning the Murder Game lore!

    Considering the lengthy schedule we've amassed and the influx of ideas, we're going to have to put limits on who can GM.

    Your idea can be accepted if you're willing someone else to GM it, but to be eligible for GMing, you must have been active in two murder games (Tales or Games count), and helped co-GM at least one.

    First of all, there has been some thinking on the future of the Murder Series and the council have come to the conclusion that we would like to encourage more experimenting with the Murder Game formula. It is for this reason that we would like to tell all future GMs that they should not feel obligated to use the traitor system. In fact, they don't necessarily have to use traitors, roles, or a vote at all. The only requirement we feel is necessary is that characters are periodically dying throughout the event. Obviously, using the same round/chapter structure is a given as well. This makes 'Murder Games' an umbrella term and not about a specific kind of game. Examples of how one could go about this will be provided in the MG Ideas thread and everyone is free to give input on this. If one feels uncomfortable with sharing their ideas publicly, feel free to discuss this in our Murder Game Order PM.

    In terms of the story, if you do use the same system as the past, make sure there is a clear in-story reason why it's being used, as this was a system created IC by the Arch Demon character.


    Second, I know some people find the MG Lore a bit confusing. The wiki has helped, but obviously it is by no means perfect. There's been attempts to keep it in check and in order, but some things get away from us. For this reason, we'd like to tell all players that anything being created behind the scenes that affects the lore largely MUST get approval from Verite and I. This mainly includes creating large multiversal organizations, creating major locations that many characters would visit, and creating large networks of character relationships across the multiverse. Even if you do get approval, it would be very helpful if one could make a page on the wiki if they do create something like this. It is very hard for us to keep track of these things if we're not really informed on them.

    Pro tip, I would imagine it would make us feel better about approving something if you provide a pre-planned wiki page in advance!
  2. Luther Vandross- Dance with my father
  3. Pink Floyd - Mother
  4. Avril Lavigne and Lil Mama - Girlfriend Remix
  5. The best part of K-Pop is either the random no-context English sentences sprinkled in, or the words that SOUND English, but aren't.
  6. Worship, plebs.
  7. Guns and Roses - Mr. Brownstone
  8. Kiss - Crazy Nights
  9. Joe Stump - Night of the living shred.

    @Diana - My previous post "Mr.Brownstone" Is a song about Heroin addiction, it relates to Medication as it is sometimes referred to by heavy users. hence the name "Brown stone"
  10. Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone

    ( I see... o_____o)
  11. I haven't seen my DS in like, two weeks.

  12. Get off my back - Bryan Adams of a kids movie....
  13. Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got BACK

  14. Baby It's Cold Outside - Leon Redbone & Zooey Deschanel

    (I'm hoping someone does something about rape for this one XD, as that is what this song has in it)
  15. Agalloch - ...and The Great Cold Death of the Earth
  16. 30 Seconds From Mars - Edge of The Earth!
  17. Forbidden - Off The Edge
  18. Aerosmith - Living on the edge
  19. Artillery - Life In Bondage