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  1. Hello, y'all!
    This is a thing I would like to try out: every single day, you recommend a song that fits into the daily category.

    I'll start...

    The category of the day is...

    "A song you would play on a road trip across Japan."

    Firstly, imagine it.
    Imagine that you have a group of the closet friends in your life.
    Imagine that you are feeling so relaxed, nothing could ruin your mood.
    Imagine that you have unlimited amounts of money to spend on this road trip.
    Now pick a song!

    [Note: I will try to pick a category everyday! If I can't, please use the latest category. Also, if you want to chose the category for the day, please send me a message! :jump:

    Ok, I will start first!


  2. It's always a good day whenever I force ask @October Knight to sing parodies.
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  3. Road trip across the countryside of Japan?


  4. Beautiful!
    Nana is one of the best anime ever, and the soundtrack was nicely done.
  5. Wow! That was so beautiful.
    The power of music, yo.
  6. Roadtrip you say? :D with unlimited money/possibilities? :D Def this:

  7. Probably anything Coaltar of the Deepers
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  8. Show some love for Hiromi maybe?

    *Edit: or to keep with a weeaboo theme here

    ^This. Over, and over, and over, and over... (speakers are fucking up, really hope I didn't just link the shitty English cover)

  9. The theme song to NGE is the tune that weaboos will jam out to, forever.

    Let me share a weaboo tune too!

    I shared it twice.
    No biggy.
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  10. BarlowGirl's "Never Alone" (:
  11. @Hikari-chan (光ちゃん) Don't I know it. I like about 2 or 3 animes, period. My favorite of all time happens to be one that'll label me as a basic weeaboo bitch from now until eternity haha

  12. :devil:

    For reals?
    You don't know puru puru puruin?
    Satan will see you in hell, weaboo-san.


  13. *adds song to YouTube playlist*

  14. moshi-moshi-satan-chan_o_2121959.jpg
  15. Because super kawaii lolz
  16. Let me share another song for "a road trip across Japan."
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  17. oh arigato gozaimasu desu
  18. Road trip with... unlimited money?

  19. Woah. That was...
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