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    Challenge: To write a post of about 3+ paragraphs based on the verse from a song, below. You can do it any genre you like, but it has to be based around the lyrics.

    "Now I heard you moved on from whispers on the street
    A new notch in your belt is all I'll ever be
    And now I see "
  2. I don't know this song and the following post is dark and depressing.

    So I'm putting it under a spoiler as a warning (open)

    I never realized how cold pavement could be, but when you're doomed to repeatedly lay upon it night after night, well...

    I never believed in ghosts. I never believed in a religious afterlife nor the silly little spooky tales family and friends would repeat at every opportunity. It's funny how we never really miss something or someone until they're gone. I miss bonfires. I miss camping. I even miss power outages. My heart aches at the thought of those moments spent huddled in the darkness under blankets or around a fire. I can no longer remember how it feels to upturn a flashlight at my chin while I tell the tale of the hanging corpse.

    But I still remember her story.

    A woman, dead of course, hung from a tall tree, trapped in an endless cycle of her last few moments and thereafter. Those that stumble upon her corpse watch in horror as her left shoe slips off of her lifeless foot and plops softly into the overgrown, thirsty grass below. Over and over...

    I never believed in monsters. At least not the fictional kind. But I believed in your kind all too strongly. If only that had been enough to save me. If only that had been enough to keep me from dark alley shortcuts on my way home from school, a friend's house, the movies. If only...

    Now that's a phrase only the living should consider. It's rather foolish of me to look back on a life I no longer have, isn't it? Irresponsible like my misguided sense of safety was when blood pumped through these veins and brought color to my youthful cheeks.

    And while I lay here on the cold, damp pavement, I can smell must and mildew and earth. But there's something metallic on the wind. I know what it is. I know where it's coming from. And you know too because you're the one who caused it.

    I lay here, dying today, as I did yesterday, while the other spirits whisper of your evil deeds, of how you've already moved on to another girl and I can not lift a finger against her fate, just as I can not even tug my shirt closed out of modesty or wash away the stain you left inside of me. I'm just a nameless prey, the memory of my pleading, dying face etched into your mind like a trophy.

    Another notch on your belt.

    At first I didn't realize my plight, but now I see. I'm the ghost in this story, doomed to relive my final, horrific moments over and over.

    I'm the hanging corpse.

    And this pavement is so cold...
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  3. "Now I heard you moved on from whispers on the street...."

    It had all been a lie, hadn't it?

    Lips curled in disgust as stormy grey eyes rested upon the ever-familiar figure of who she thought she had known, strolling across the road with easy confidence. She remembered....their first meeting several years ago when the both of them met at an international conference in the city due to her job. He had gotten past her wariness, her guard - though it hadn't been easy as she was a jaded person because of her past - but now, even more so...

    The warmth of his smile, the security she had found in his arms, his unconditional love and support -

    It had all been a game to him.

    He was with a woman now - an attractive brunette - petite but curvy in a skirt and polo shirt.

    They were talking, close together; his arm slipping around her waist.

    "A new notch in your belt is all I'll ever be..."

    Her fists clenched in remembrance of the day she had found him in bed with another woman. It had been a week after they had gotten engaged. He had proposed to her in an expensive restaurant during their four-year anniversary. It had been an amazing evening - full of laughter and smiles as they talked about their future - together. How many kids they would have, who would they invite for their wedding...

    But it all shattered.

    She had managed to finish her work early that day. Pleased with herself, she hummed a tune and treated herself to a good cup of coffee at a cafe down the road and texted her fiance - a grin couldn't resist itself as it spread across her face and a happy sigh escaped her - that she would be back soon, that she had finished work early.

    How naive she had been...

    Behind her, the radio played...

    "And now I see..."

    Reaching their shared apartment in the early evening, she found another pair of feminine-looking shoes...that were not hers. Stiffening, she slowly walked to the bedroom - praying, hoping that it wasn't so -

    But she was wrong.

    Him. And another woman. Who was not her.

    Unclenching her fists as she returned to the present and her eyes focused - they were still there, but kissing now. Her lips curled into a smirk, then - a beautiful, deadly smirk.

    Because, raising the weapon - and taking aim, she shot.


    And now, watching him fall to the ground, a pool of blood smearing the pavement on the cold, cold snow - as the petite woman screamed in terror...

    Five words escaped her.

    "I knew you were trouble..."