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  1. If you hadn't caught on by the name...


    Now then... Down to buisness.
    This roleplay will take place in the same world as AoBS. However...
    1. Due to AU rules, none of the canon characters exist. [Well, sort of, if you can convince me to let you play one, I might just let you.]
    2. Whoever seeks to play the Captain will need to go through some rigorous plotting with me.
    3. I just can't WAIT to see how this goes.

    An explanation for you non-AoBS fans.

    As time has passed, Earth's ever-declining environmental condition has caused some... problems. Melting polar ice caps have caused the oceans to swell in size, sinking whole cities along previous shores. Even in this rather dire situation, humanity continued on.... That is... until... IT happened.
    Seemingly out of nowhere, ships, naval ships. With strange markings and insanely powerful weapons began appearing. The human military didn't know how to combat this force, known as The Fleet of Fog. No conventional weapons seemed to work and soon every country was blockaded by sea. Satellites were shot down, waterways blockaded. Soon every country not connected by land was cut off entirely from the others.

    Now, here we are. Japan, 2054. Still cut off from the rest of the world... Wonderful...
    That's where YOU come in.

    There are many options spread before you. But first, we need to fill some roles.

    The Human CS:

    Job: [Your Job aboard the ship. Engine Room, Logistics, Weapon Coordination, Sonar, there's no end to the possibilities.]
    History: [A little about your character. Were they on a trip to Japan when the Fog attacked? Do they live here? What is their story?

    The Mental Model CS:
    [Sorry kids! Not letting anyone play these till we have a decent number of humans!]

    What we need:

    Captain: Taken by TK (shlav)!
    Engine Room Head: [You manage the engines and power output]
    Sonar Monitor: [You listen for anomalies.]
    Weapon Coordinator: Taken by Gamer5!
    Logistics Head: Taken by Insomnant!

    What I need you to trust me to do:
    I ALWAYS have a plan for what's going on. Me and whoever plays the Captain will be very close with contact, sharing ideas and generally keeping the rp moving. As such it is my request that you trust me and the plot. What I'm basically saying is, please don't try to go off on a tangent [unless it expands on your character, in which case shoot me a PM and we can discuss it's implementation. I want everyone to enjoy their time here, and getting others to know your character, to FEEL for them, is one of the best feelings as writer. I know.] So, character expansion aside, let's try to keep the roleplay on track.

    ALL RIGHT! With that aside, I can finally show you my character. I will be playing none other than the mental model who will be with our dear Captain [whoever that ends up being]

    Meet Sina
    Sina is a lot of things.
    Human? Sort of.
    Ship? Yes.
    A.I.? Yes.
    Sina is what's known as a Mental Model. A 'living' representation and autonomous life of a ship in The Fleet of Fog. Our dear Captain shall be...well... her Captain!
    Sina here is a heavy cruiser you see. Not something to be trifled with, that's for sure.
    Now as for Sina herself, well. As a mental model she will obey the Captain's orders. Simple and true. Her personality is rather dull... but perhaps we will see some character development, no?

    So, with all that out of the way...

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  2. I have been looking for an AoBS rp, and I finally found one! It looks interesting, and if you are okay with it, can I be the captain?
  3. Sure, just talk to me through PM and we can discuss.
  4. Umeji Ejiri (open)

    Umeji (梅治) Ejiri (江尻)




    Weapon Coordinator

    Umeji has a easy-going personality, one might even call him lazy due to his usual lack of seriousness in most situations. He is a easy guy to befriend if one doesn't mind his clearly shown love for all things erotic and smoking cigarettes. To put simple Umeji is a friendly person that likes to chat, smoke and occasionally tell a dirty joke or bring out a erotic theme out of seemingly nowhere.
    His favorite food is Yakitori of any kind and he likes to drink Sake or local copies of Cola (the real thing is to rare for his paycheck for him to afford).
    His favorite past time is ether reading erotic materials, checking Sina's weapons systems or practicing firing in simulations.

    Umeji is a soon of a former JMSDF officer in charge of a 5 inch gun on an "Atago" class guided missile destroyer during the first years of the arrival of the "Fleet of Fog". The ship participated in the "Great Naval Battle" and survived trough a large part of the ship's bridge was destroyed by a hit from a cannon of a "Fog" vessel, leading to the destroyer being decommissioned and broken down during the time after the battle. It was around this time that Umeji was finishing elementary school in a Japan that suddenly isolated from the rest of the world and under a strong influence from by his father's stories and will, Umeji decided to pursuit a carrier in military. For that reason Umeji dedicated himself to the art of naval gunfire and studied hard about the various naval weapons and firepower of humankind, while making his way trough a electronics-related high school. He went to Japan's only naval academy with the goal of becoming a Weapons Officer which he managed to achieve easily.
    But the blockade around Japan by the "Fleet of Fog" made any possibility of him doing actual service aboard a navy vessel and in combat, real or simulated, next to impossible. It was then that a old friend and crew-mate of his father, now a important politician, passed the information about Sina and the ship that she commanded. Using all the connections that the family possessed to make it possible Umeji was put into the selection for the Weapon Coordinator on the CA and after scoring first on a series of tests he was put up for Sina to decide to accept him or not. Being accepted in the crew he proceeded to board the cruiser.

    DD Shimakaze (open)

    Shimakaze (島風)

    Avatar (in alternative clothing):


    Shimakaze Class (Large) Destroyer
    (Based on how it was as sunk)

    129.5 m (424 feet & 10 inch)

    11.2 m (36 feet & 9 inch)

    4.15 m (13 feet & 7 inch)

    ~2900 (+/- 400) t

    Mental Model:

    Graviton Engine/ Type S X 100
    25 Unique Graviton Engines carried only by the Shimakaze

    Maximum Speed:
    More then 125 knot (Surface)
    More then 40 knot (Submerged)

    Wave Motion Compulsory Conversion Armor Device Armor

    15 Torpedo Tubes in Three 5X Launchers
    6 127mm (5 inch) Photon Cannons
    4 High-Angle Lasers
    16 Missile Launchers
    Close-Combat System
    58/60 Type S Corrosive Torpedoes (see bellow)
    56/60 Corrosive Torpedoes
    60/60 Non-Corrosive Torpedoes of Various Types

    The Shimakaze is a destroyer, and primary relies on it's extreme mobility to avoid attacks while utilizing it's Photon Cannons for less-durable targets and having torpedoes to engage in hit-and-run attacks against better armored targets.

    Through equipped with a Klein Field/Wave-Force Armor the Shimakaze's armor is not meant to take hits, at best it will survive a hit form a Corrosive Torpedo, as long as the hit doesn't hit the Shimakaze dead-on.
    Rather then armor the Shimakaze prides itself in it's extreme mobility and speed due to being one of the fastest Fog Vessels, outdone only by a few other destroyers, as it can easily go over 125 knots.

    Trough lightly armed and without the Super-Graviton Cannon of larger "Fog" vessels the Shimakaze possesses 15 Torpedo Tubes which make it deadly against any vessel. This is supplemented with 6 Photon Cannons in dual mounts, 4 High-Angle Lasers in single mounts, 16 Missile Launchers and a Close-Combat System.
    Furthermore Shimakaze has access to 60 (-2 spent) Corrosive Torpedoes of more advanced design then standard "Fog" ones that are also larger then the standard ones (diameter 610 mm rather then 500 mm, and 9 m long instead of 8 m). Those special torpedoes pack a greater punch then standards due to the larger warhead and are also equipped with a Wave-Force Armor that can take one or two hits from a Photon Cannon, making it not extremely effective against human ships but also more resistant to countermeasures of other "Fog" vessels. The torpedoes also posses more advanced navigation, improved targeting and extended fuel capacity, making them more accurate, deadly and able to reach further or go faster. Dubbed Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes Type S, Shimakaze has no way to resupply due to lack of an facility or vessel that can do that, due to the fact that only a flagship grade "Fog" ship is able to access the torpedo data and have enough processing power to crate one. Note that there is also a compliment of 60 (-4 spent) standard Corrosive Torpedoes and 60 mixed torpedoes of various kinds (like Anti-Masker, Passive Decoys and Anit-Sub Missiles) aboard the Shimakaze.

    After the "Great Naval Battle" Shimakaze was grouped with several other "Fog" vessels under the command of Sina, but after Sina joined the humans she was reassigned to another group of ships. She refused to comply to the orders, insisting that until Sina ordered different she was under the command of the heavy cruiser, speeding to and trough the Inland Sea in search of any news or trace of the whereabouts of the now human-sided Sina. After a futile and fruitless search along the coast of the Inland Sea Shimakaze decided to head straight for Yokosuka and it's naval base.
    On the way there she run into a "Fog" light cruiser and a destroyer, which demanded her to change heading towards the local "Fog" flagship to receive a punishment, which Shimakaze refused with a threat to fire off it's torpedoes if the two ships tried to stop her. Naturally a battle emerged, but Shimakaze fired a two of it's launchers, each loaded with 2 Corrosive Torpedoes and 1 Type S Torpedoes, each of the launcher aimed at one of the two ships. Trough both ships managed to evade the ordinary Corrosive Torpedoes both Type S found their target, sinking the destroyer and heavily damaging the light cruiser which the Shimakaze finished off with it's cannons.
    Finally Shimakaze, confusing the humans and creating quite a bit of chaos, showed up in front of Yokosuka, and after a long talk, finally convincing that it was not hostile and only wanted to confirm things with it's commanding vessel, Sina. After being lead to Sina, Shimakaze shared a long conversation with the heavy cruiser and decided to stay with Sina for the time being, to assist it with it's abilities, while growing trough the probable battles that the heavy cruiser would need to face. Shimakaze hopes to gain a crew sometime in the future but feels no rush to do so.

    Shimakaze's personality might be described as a battle freak, always seeking a way to prove and improve herself as a warship. She is quite a military history nut and is always on look out for data about past human warfare, especially naval. Otherwise she is not someone that holds to authority and rank to much outside of a battle, but respects Sina for taking a bold and risky step, joining the humans and gaining a crew which might lead to new futures for Sina, Shimakaze and the "Fleet of Fog"...
    In order to communicate with humans Shimakaze constructed speakers of different strengths trough her whole upper structure, allowing her to transmit her voice trough the ship and in close proximity of it. She also developed an avatar, a silver-haired girl of small stature with a red IJN uniform and black eyes, which can be displayed trough screens. The avatar can usually be seen when she is communicating to Sina's crew.

    My sheets are here!​
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Shinobu Okitsu

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Job: Captain

    Personality: Shinobu prefers to take his friends and anyone else with him into consideration when it comes to moves he makes. He will act on his own interest when it comes down to it. Though he does not prefer to. He is dependable and strong willed. He would likely go and do something stupid if someone was at stake. Or perhaps he would just rush in with a half-thought up plan that would likely change as the situation did.

    History: Shinobu grew up in a farming village that was steadily growing smaller. By the time the fog had shown up, his family's house was already gone, all they had left was their boat, which he used to sail along the coast to get further inland, his parents were destroyed. By the fog, along with their other boat while they were coming back from a run.

    My history now looks way dwarfed compared to gamer's......
  6. Approved

  7. Arpeggio of Blue Steel... Sounds familiar, but it eludes me as to what it was about... I think I may have seen a couple episodes but not the entirety of it. Care for a reminder? I may or may not be interested in this actually, depends.

    If not, it'd be a good one to read I'm sure :P
  8. @Detective Zero There was an xplanation of the plot right below the section saying "Now an explanation for you non-AoBS fans" XD but I can answer any questions you have after reading that.
  9. Is it possible for me to be a stowaway?
  10. Oh, woops guess I missed that.. Either way I believe I do remember it, just haven't continued/seen it in moooonths.

    I'll debate an answer soon enough.
  11. Far all those still deciding, checking out the thread or wanting more information about the RP's setting : here is the (probably) best source of data on the setting of the RP, the wikia dedicated to the manga/anime from where the setting comes:

    Here is also the Wikipedia link of Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio article for a more compact overview:

    @Abyssal Knight I suggest you add those two to the first article. Not that you have to...
  12. With some time to spare and shitz I made this quickly - a possible insignia for the Black Iron RP and ships/crew.

    What do you say?
  13. Gamer, that looks pretty cool!
  14. I like it! I approve!
  15. Hm ... considering the lack of new arrivals want me to make a banner using some Arpeggio pic, the Black Iron insignia and some recruitment text?
  16. Sounds great to me! Approved!
  17. So.... who's still down for this?
  18. I am here!
  19. Also as promised I made a banner. I also reworked the insignia to make it more epic. Here are both:

    Insignia of the Black Iron:

  20. Your captain is still here, and way excited!
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