Son of the Dragonborn

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  1. Paedt dressed himself, it was time for him to head out. His robes were modeled after that of the Greybeards, colored black and the celtic knot stitched into the front replaced with a red rose, and white thorns in the stitching extending along the robes. He took cloth wrappings and wrapped his ankles and wrists to brace them. He put on some sturdy hobnailed leather boots, fine nordic steel in the toe, as well as soft leather gauntlets with nordic steel in the knuckles. The last piece of his ensemble, something his mother had insisted on, a circlet she claimed the head Imperial smith made. It was a thick strip of nordic steel, carved imagery of a hawk adorned it with inset moonstones as its eyes. He struggled to get it through his thick red braids comfortably, and once satisfied with the results, he looked in the mirror.

    He didn't see how the circlet was supposed to make him look like royalty, nonetheless he liked the look of it with the rest of his clothing. He smiled, admiring his reflection before grabbing his satchel and weapons. He placed his two dragonbone tomahawks at either hip, placing his dragonbone scimitar at his right hip and his bow across his back. He slung his satchel over his shoulder and left out the bedroom door, running down the halls of the White-Gold Tower.

    He made it past the guards, as stoic as ever, and burst out the doors leading out to the imperial city. He continued running until he made it to the Talos Plaza district and out of the gates of the city. He began walking as he caught his breath, walking along the bridge leading out into the Great Forest. He looked side to side in the road before deciding that plunging into the forest was the ideal option.

    He tromped through the underbrush, looking around at the scenery around him. He pulled his bow off his back, deciding to hunt and then set up camp for the day once he had his food. He climbed into a tree and found a good spot to be nestled before looking around. Soon, there was a large boar, his mouth watered at the thought of boar for dinner and he nocked an arrow.

    Lining up with his target, he let the arrow fly. The boar fell, dead, not even knowing what killed it. He whooped and climbed down from the tree, grabbing the boar by the tusks and carrying it while he looked for a campsite.

    He strained under the weight of the boar, the stink getting to him after a couple hours and he scowled. Finally he found a clearing that he determined large enough and dug a firepit before hacking off a couple branches from some nearby trees to make a fire and several spits. He piled a large amount of rocks in and around the pit. He pulled his knife out of his satchel and hurriedly skinned it, his stomach growling even as he did. He hung the skin on a nearby tree with his knife before tossing the pig on the rocks and hacking off its legs with one of his tomahawks. He set up the logs and sticks for the fire and took a breath, "Yol." He shouted silently, causing fire to spring from his maw and light up the logs. He set up four spits for the legs and propped them up around the flame, staring into it hungrily.
  2. Willow, having hiked all day to get to her current location, was very tired. Her light leather armor now felt heavy, as did her hunting bow and steel arrows that were attached to her back. She was right at the mouth of a spring, where the freshest and cleanest water was found. Pulling out her water-skins, as she had two of them, she began to fill them up. As she did so, she hummed quietly to herself, overall in a good mood.

    After filling her skins, Willow pulled out a small bucket from her pack and began to fill it. As she did this, she looked around, so as to make sure that there was no one around to see. Once she was sure she was alone, she began to strip, setting her armor, and then her clothes on a nearby rock. After the bucket was filled, she promptly dumped it over herself, slowly, so she could wash the sweat thoroughly from her body. Once it was empty, she filled it again, grateful for the summer heat to keep her warm.

    After it filled the second time, she washed her armor and clothes, so as to keep up on their maintenance. After hanging them on a nearby tree to dry, she ducked her head under the spring, drinking deeply to hydrate herself after a day of no water. Once she had her fill, she pulled out a bit of her rations, nibbling on a piece of bread as she waited for her clothes to dry.

    After a bit of time passed by, she began to notice the distinct smell of boar being cooked and her stomach growled. It had been some time since she had the pleasure of enjoying meat and her mouth began to water. Luckily, her clothes and armor were dry and she quickly dressed herself. Once she was sure she had everything, she set out in the direction of the smell, being sure to move quickly and quietly, in case it were a group of bandits. What she came upon though, was not bandits, but a lone man, who was staring at the boar he was cooking, as if he had never tasted food before.

    With a small laugh, and a non-threatening stance she spoke "I don't think it will run away from you, best to enjoy a taste of mead while you wait. I happen to have a bottle on me. I will share if you do."
  3. As Willow entered into his clearing, he stood, startled, "Fffffff-" He bit down on his lip to contain the shout, groaning as he did, his lungs struggling from the internal pressure as the power resolved to stay within him without much of a further struggle. He pulled his hood back to reveal the circlet his mother made him wear and cleared his throat, "A taste of mead would be nice." He said, his voice suddenly hoarse from the forces restraint of the power.

    He smiled at the joke she said, "This is my first day away from home for real. I've been hunting here before, but I would always go back to the palace after I finished hunting, give my food to the cook, and then just eat something they already made..." He frowned at the meat, "I kinda know how to cook... But..." He hemmed and hawed, "Maybe I'm just too used to palace life for this..."

    He held out his hand, "I think I'm ready for some of that mead..." He said softly.
  4. "Is that a royal Circlet? I have never seen one before." Willow said before handing him the bottle she had. "As for the boar, you're in luck. I happen to be a great cook and have some spices on me." with that, she pulled her hair back and up and set about finishing up the boar. Adding a few spices, and even pouring a tad bit of wine over it to improve the taste. Her blue eyes were happy, content even as she did so. Once she was satisfied with what she added, she sat down beside Paedt.

    "I'm Willow by the way, It's a pleasure to meet you. Though I am curious as to why someone of your stature decided to come out and rough it all by his lonesome." she said, then held out her hand for the mead. While she didn't mind sharing, she wasn't about to let him have it all.
  5. "Kinda." He said, he sipped on the mead, grateful for the touch of alcohol, it burned his injured throat, but soon he didn't care, "I'm the Empress' bastard." He said softly, "Mom's a war hero, with a huge amount of pull since she took the Empire back from the Thalmor, so I'm still able to be basically royalty even though I'm not in the line of succession." He explained. He had always been a lightweight, so he knew the effects of alcohol would kick in soon. He didn't have the liver that his siblings and mother shared.

    "I'm Paedt, it's short for something in the dragon language." He said, "I can't say it without sending some trees flying." He explained, "I decided to come out here to try adventuring like my mother once did. I can't become Emperor like she became empress, so I figured I'd try adventuring like her... I don't have much of a taste for politics anyways. Boring." He shook his head, remembering his brothers poring over paperwork. He handed the mead back to her.
  6. "I see." Willow started "I myself didn't find my life at home to be suitable. It was much too boring, and well, I didn't fit in." She looked down at this statement, a bit of sadness in her light blue eyes. She took a drink of the mead and handed it back to him. Taking a whiff of the meat, she smiled. "Anyway, enough of that. It seems as if our meal is done. What we don't eat, I can salt and prepare for you to take with you on your journey. No need to waste a perfectly good batch of boar."
  7. He chuckled when she said the words, "What we don't eat." Taking another drink of mead he took a leg of boar off the fire and began digging into it, hurriedly finishing it before moving on to the next one, chowing down on it.

    "Are you from Valenwood?" He asked, "Or were you born here in Cyrodiil?" He asked, standing up and reaching into the fire to tear off some boar meat, his mouth watering even as he did. The flesh was dripping with fat, the grisle hanging off of the meat, it was soon devoured he sat down, "Eating like that isn't as fun when I'm not doing it in front of my siblings who have to observe etiquette at all times." He said with a chuckle.
  8. Willow cut a bit off of the side and began to slowly nibble at it. She liked conversing with this fellow, and she wanted it to last. Taking another swig of mead, she replied to his question with a laugh first. "Actually, I was born in Skyrim. My parents were merchants, and had traveled there for a bit before returning to Valenwood. So I guess you could say, I really came from Skyrim." she was starting to feel a light buzz as she down the rest of the bottle and pulled out a fresh one.
  9. Paedt began to sway as he moved around the fire, laughing with her, not knowing why. He didn't care, he was having a good time. He stumbled and fell next to the fire, lying down on the forest floor, "My mother came from skyrim too, but I guess you knew that. War hero, Empress of skyrim, and all that." He held a hand to the stars, "Say, what do you think the gods have in store for you?" He asked.

    "I'm not sure for myself but...." He sighed, pausing but not continuing.
  10. Willow waved her hand in an uncaring manor. The mead was starting to affect her finally and she was feeling a bit giggly. "I don't know and I don't care. I'm just living my life how I want. It's my own life after all. They aren't living it." she giggled after this and leaned back on her elbows to look up at the sky. "It could be that they don't have a plan for me. After all, I didn't fit in at home, and adventuring has been a bit hard, but worth it. There are many beautiful sites that I have yet to see." she smiled and looked at him then, "What about you? Do you think they have a plan for you?
  11. Paedt shook his head at her question. "Are you kidding? I'm a bastard son of royalty, from when my mother was unroyal. I'm not supposed to exist. She may be in charge of the crown now, but that hardly matters, I am illegitimate, and unless I kill all my siblings, which I doubt they planned for, and I don't want anyways, there's nothing really for me..." Paedt paused and thought for a moment, "Well, my stepfather might have wanted to marry me off to some Hammerfell Royalty to strengthen the alliance, but I think he knows that's not going to happen."

    He grabbed another piece of meat and began chowing down on the charred flesh.
  12. "But, wouldn't that make you think there really is a plan for you? If you are not supposed to exist, and yet you do. There has to be a plan, right?" Willow replied before sitting up and eating another piece of meat herself chasing it down with even more mead. "And as for marriage, I think it's a nice notion, but I'm not sure I could give up adventuring, and any kids of mine are sure to be very rebellious. It's best I stay lonely in the long run."
  13. Paedt shook his head at the idea that there might be a plan for him, "No, there definitely isn't a plan for me. My mother wanted me to be a free spirit like her, and she, very clearly, wears the pants. Wears the pants in the relationship, wears the pants as a parent, wears the pants for Cyrodiil, and wears the pants for the whole empire." He chuckled at the last couple of statements, "Do you got any water? I'm already really drunk, but I'm still thirsty." He said rolling over to the fire and reaching into it to pull off another chunk of meat.

    He forgot what he was doing even while the meat was in his hand and went back to talking, "Oh yeah, and you know the new branch of the Imperial Military, the Dawnguard? I heard she has them hunting down some sort of secretive daedric relics. The Elder Counsel are very concerned." He explained before realizing he probably shouldn't be giving out information that he gained from eavesdropping on the Elder Counsel.
  14. Willow went into thought for a moment, she didn't know what to do with the info that had been laid in her lap. It didn't help that she was very drunk herself. But she had just gotten water and she pulled out the waterskin she had filled and handed it to him after taking a drink herself "Yer out here with no water? That's not very smart." she said before laughing heartily and taking another piece of meat for herself.
  15. He took the waterskin from her and took a large drink, stuffing the meat into his mouth and eating it while taking another drink, "Well, I don't know how to survive out here." He explained, "This is the first time I'm going to be leaving the city for more than a day. I'm usually only out here a couple hours, coming back home when I'm hungry, or thirsty." He explained, "I don't know what other survival skills or knowledge I'm lacking." He sat back up and handed her watersking back to her, "I can survive animals though, obviously." He said, pointing to the boar and standing up.

    He wobbled as he stood and fell into the fire, "Crap." He said, rolling out of it and looking into it, "Dammit, I ruined the fire." He said, his robes undamaged due to the enchantments he had put on them.
  16. Willow sat there in shock for a moment before she realized what was going on. He must have enchanted his robes to be fire proof. Soon, she found herself bursting with laughter. "Y-you're right, Y-you have no clue!" she laughed, finding herself rolling about before being able to stand. She was absolutely drunk now as she stumbled over to him "I will teach you! Don't you worry." she then giggled and reached down to try and help him up. Instead of helping him though, she fell on top of him. A blush sprang to her cheeks instantly, but she didn't move. "Well hello there!" another giggle.
  17. He laughed as she fell on top of him while failing to help him up. When she blushed, he blushed back, slowly reaching up to touch her hair, running his fingers through her hair. He looked into her eyes, not knowing whether it was the mead or something else, "Are there other things you'll teach me besides how to survive out here?" He asked, tilting his head up to catch her lips with his own. He pulled her in close as she did, keeping his grip lose, doing what came natural.
  18. Willow couldn't help it, she kissed him back. Not only was she drunk, this man was also quite handsome and she liked him. Her arms found his shoulder as she pressed closer to him still. Maybe this would be for one night, or maybe it will last. All she knew at that drunken moment, was life was to short as an adventurer to never know the arms of another. She giggled a little into the kiss. It was nice. Warm and fuzzy, seemingly natural. It was also her first, so it was a little awkward as well. But she let him take the lead on things. He was obviously more experienced than she.
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    Paedt pulled up on her shirt, pulling it off over her head. He was moving a bit slow because she seemed to be waiting for him to move, with her following, not something he was used to, being often invited to the House of Dibella. The priestesses of Dibella tended to guide him.

    He put his fingers back in her hair, kissing from her cheek down to her breasts, lingering in her cleavage to watch for her reactions. His hands moved from her hair to the buckle on the front of his robe. He unclasped it and began pulling the top of. Once his arms came free, he wrapped them around her, kissing back up to her lips.
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    Willow gasped softly, his hands felt like fire, awakening feelings and sensations she had never felt before. She found herself pressing against him, wanting him to touch more, kiss more. She let out a small groan as he kissed her again.
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