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  1. (This came to me when I was really damn tired.... I also wrote this on the verge of passing out... so think on that while reading. ^^ ) So... I had the idea of a somewhat modern (Some future elements mixed in.) military RP.... BUT without any infantry being played by the RPers. Instead, only tank crews and pilots will be controlled by the players. Still following? The pilots will be air support to the tankers, while the crews on the ground will be handling most of the fighting.

    The pilots and tankers will control a number of GM/Co-GM created vehicles. Obviously a tank crew has to work as a team, depending on how many people it takes to control a vehicle, same goes for planes.

    Tank crews will consist of a captain, loader, gunner, driver. (And anything else that applies.)
    Planes/bombers will consist of gunners, pilots, engineers. (And anything else that applies.)

    (The below is for secondary ideas, tell me which ones you like!)

    Idea #1 (open)

    There will be two teams, red and blue.

    Damage on player VS player vehicles will be determined by dice rolls. ONCE AGAIN only applies if this is liked by the people that take interest. If disliked, the GM will decide on how much damage is done and if any is done.

    Both teams are fighting for territory using only armored vehicles and planes. (Maybe a bit of GM controlled infantry!)
    When a team dies off, both teams are placed in another area where there is a bit of IC chat between characters before another battle begins.

    The GM and Co-GM will control how much time is between battles for IC chat and will deploy forces.

    Idea #2 (open)
    Battlefields will be decided by the players in a OOC thread. From snowy arenas to full on wastelands.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.