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    Legend claims that it’s located at the end of space and time where reality blurs and clarity is never present. But the truth is, no one really knows its true location, and no one is ever quite sure how they got here, either . . .

    Welcome to Somnium Fracta, the city of broken dreams and mysterious abominations. This strange place is a large, eccentric metropolis where deceased hopes and dreams come to be tested and those that were chosen never arrive willingly.

    You are a new student at The Opfernacht Symposium, and you have been Enrolled. The Symposium is rumored to be the oldest school in the universe, but no one really knows if that’s true. However, destiny told us you were to come, so here you are. We specialize in the gifted, and we only accept the best and the brightest among even those, so you should feel lucky.

    Oh, and one more thing. Your name has been entered in the Lottery. You see, we have this small problem in our fair Somnium Fracta. You see that building in the distance, there? The one with the impossibly twisted architecture? That is the Labyrinth.

    No one is quite sure where the Labyrinth came from or what its purpose is. But the one thing we do know is that it creates—well—problems. You see, it spawns Eldritchs. They’re these huge monsters that are quite the pestilence. So each night, we use the Lottery to randomly select three students to enter the Labyrinth and proceed through the fortress, hopefully to unravel its mystery, though none have succeeded, yet. But you are all gifted, after all . . .

    Inspired by the beloved game Persona 3, Lovecraft, and classical works of fantasy, Somnium Fracta: The Opfernacht Symposium is a dark fantasy roleplay where your characters will struggle to survive. Your characters can and will experience death and resurrection as they take on the challenges of the Symposium, fight against teachers, and try to defeat the beings of the dark that lurk in the mysterious city of Somnium Fracta.

    For where there is darkness, the light will always find a way to shine . . .​

    o Created by CassieDrey.
    o Your gamemasters are CassieDrey and hadespyre. Feel free to PM them with any questions or concerns, or simply shoot here.
    o Applications are OPEN. Accepting 10 players with up to 2 characters per player, all genders, all ages. No slots have been filled.
    o Make sure to review all the information and rules at the sign-up thread before submitting your application.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.