Somewhere Up Above (MxF looking for F, See Inside for details!)

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Request Filled, no longer taking replies (for now)

This is the story of two souls that, despite their physical differences, found love with one another.

Almost a year ago, a young man was sailing towards a port close to the Caribbean from England to claim the inheritance his recently deceased uncle had left him. A large lighthouse-home overlooking the sea and nearly twenty thousand in English Crownes; it was more then enough reason to move away from dreary old London Town, especially since his mother's passing nearly three months prior. Without any family to keep him in England, the young man set sail for the Caribbean.

But, the day he was supposed to arrive at port, there was a massive hurricane. It destroyed the boat and killed almost everyone on board except for the captain and those who managed to cling to the tipped-over lifeboat. But the young man did make make it to the boat in time and nearly drowned, had it not been for a young mermaid who was swimming nearby.

She dragged the boy to land and helped revive him, escaping to the sea shelter after before he could find out she was a mermaid. And though her people were well aware that contact with humans was forbidden, she couldn't help but stay in contact with this young man. He was so helpless when she found him and it drew her towards him ((think about it as the nurse-patient syndrome)). So, the Mermaid began leaving messages in a bottle for him to read in a grotto underneath the cliff, creating a sort of pen-pal system with the young man while keeping her identity a secret.

But, it's been a year now and the relationship between the two has developed to a level that the mermaid fears: they've fallen in love with the thought of each other. Although the Mermaid desperately desires to be with him, she can't due to her obvious 'anatomy'. But the young man is still in the dark about her species, believing her to be a resident of the port town. So, in an attempt to tear her heart away from the boy (to save him from discovering the truth about her being a mermaid and saving herself from a love she can never have), the mermaid organizes a meeting at the grotto under the cover of moonlight. But will that meeting mark the end of the relationship, or will things get serious?

Obviously this is kind of a Little Mermaid based RP, but it's always a fun thing to role with. Anyways, I wanted to have this RP be kind of a bitter-sweet journey where we explore the relationship between these two young people trying to overcome their differences and being happy together while also dealing with outside factors (a medical condition the boy has which renders his left eye blind, the disapproval of the mermaid's family when they discover she's in love with a human, and maybe even a Ursula-esque character who forces the boy to sign a contract so the mermaid can be with him/be free from her love, etc.)

I'd like to play the boy while you play the role of the mermaid.

Anyways, send me a PM or post below and we can talk shop about this RP and go more into detail with the plot and whatnot!
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I would love to do this RP with you, if it's still available. ^_^ please send me a pm if it is.
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