Somewhere I Belong (Walking Dead OC MxM)

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  1. Theron Hawes was living, peacefully, with the woman of his dreams. But suddenly she was called away on business, and it happened to be the day before everything went to shit. As he discovers what is going on, he urgently tries to go and search for her. But, running into some problems, he is left to do it the old fashioned way. It is then he meets his traveling companion who over time awakens a side of himself he had long since denied. Could it grow into something much more? Or is that woman truly the love of his life?

    ((One x One/ MxM OC/ Dia Thames and Blip))

    Name pronunciation:

    {td=left|top}th-EH-r-ah- n{/td}
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  2. The man blinked, his vision blurred as he blinked the sleep out of his eyes. In the background of his dark bedroom his alarm sounded, blaring in his ear. He groaned, trying to block it out. But the more he tried to block it out, the louder it became. Sighing , he relented and sat up, groggily making his way in the dark of the room to his alarm on the other side of the room. Katherine had insisted he put it there after he had been late for work several times. The snooze button being much too close to his bedside didn't exactly promote early morning starts.

    Pressing the button hard enough to silence it, he sighed and flipped the light switch. The lights blared on, momentarily blinding him as his sleepy eyes adjusted to the blinding, unnatural lights. As they did, he turned around and settled his steel blue eyes on the empty side of the king sized mattress. It was slightly depressing to see it in such a fashion. Normally, it would have been occupied by his girlfriend of three years, Katherine Vincent. But she had suddenly been called away to a business meeting several states away. She had been reluctant to go, but he had no choice but to usher her out the door. His business wasn't quite as lucrative as hers was. They lived in a farm house outside of the city.

    She worked in an office while he slaved away at a farming and supply wearhouse. His build gave it away too. He was tall, but it was his musclar, athletic build that gave it away. All the heavy lifting at work did quite a bit to help his figure as well. Theron made his way into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He bore a strong jaw and a five o'clock shadow of a shade that matched the cropped, rich earthy brown color of his hair. Running his fingers through his hair, he fixed his bed head and went out to the kitchen. Glancing at the clock, he realized he didn't leave time for himself to eat breakfast. It seemed to be like this every morning, but he was growing used to it. He would just grab something from the vending machine at work. Turning, he went to grab his keys to his SUV, only to find they were missing. Sighing he frowned deeply.

    "Katherine..." He shook his head and went in search of them.She frequently used them and didn't put them back in the same spot every time. Finally he located them in the living room, along with his wallet before slipping out the front door. Locking it behind him, he walked across the gravel driveway and pushed the key into the lock in the large vehicle. It clicked open as it was turned and he climbed into drivers seat. Sticking his key into the ignition, it roared to life and the man backed out of his driveway and pulled onto the main road towards town. Driving, he looked around. It was particularly cloudy and chilly this morning. This kind of weather was typical for this time of the year, so he didn't think to much of it despite the strange feeling that hung in the air.

    Even more so as he made it into town. It seemed oddly busy for six o'clock in the morning. It was then he saw what the choas was about. Police cars were gathered around a specific area ahead. Pulling to the side of the road, he parked his car and pushed open the door before climbing out. There were screams and groaning. Walking closer, he could see several officers on the ground and in a gruesome turn of events, bullet riddled citizens, pale and dead in their eyes, were feasting on the remains of the once living. Everything inside of him screamed at him to run, but he couldn't stop staring, his body frozen as his mind tried to process the information it was currently taking in. His eyes had to be fooling him, this seemed to be something straight out of a horror movie.

    His attention was drawn from the scene as it was directed to another. Someone else was running and had tripped, falling into a section of the side walk covered with glass from a shattered store window. Not far behind him was one of the creatures. The citizen had raised a gun and pulled the trigger, unloading three bullets into the chest of man who was following him. They didn't phase him in the least and as he got closer, it tripped and fell on top of him, burying it's teeth into the strangers neck. He screamed and as he did, a sick feeling stuck in the pit of Theron's stomach. It was then, he voiced the words that ran through his mind.

    "What the hell..." said, a tone of shock in his baritone voice. "What the hell is going on?"
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