Sometimes you don't always see what's in front of you. (Looking for a specific male character type!)

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  1. This is a rather unusual request, one that I made in the past and had answered. However, my partner quit the site, and now I'm looking for the same thing once again!

    I know on my search it says Douche, but that's because I'm looking for someone who believes that they can sweep me off my feet with their writing prowess.

    I'm not looking for a fast paced roleplay. I'm looking for a challenge! I want someone with complex vocabulary, skills with adjectives, and most of all, the ability to write a story that allows me (And anyone else reading, if there is anyone! XD) to become emotionally attached to the characters. I want a story that draws me, full of emotional twists and turns. I don't want things to be all sunshine and daisies! I want turmoil and angst, and every other tense emotion you can throw at me.

    The plot that I have in mind is on that I've done before, and one that I grew quite fond of, with a character that I absolutely love and adore. (She is one of my favorites, although she was recently knocked down from her number one spot. :( She's still in my top five!)

    This is my character. Most of the details you need to know about her are there.

    Sometimes you don't always see what's in front of you (open)
    The plot is basic, at least what I will layout, but the ideas that I have for the story give it much more depth.

    My character is in her senior year of high school, three months shy of graduating and her eighteenth birthday. Her future is promising, with an early acceptance into one of the top nursing schools in the world, and a charmed life that anyone would be envious of. But, her life comes to a halt when her older brother is seriously injured in a car accident. Naturally she's at his side in the hospital the moment she learns about it, but she's not alone. To her chagrin, his best friend is there as well.

    The best friend has a history that makes a girl like Emily cringe. He's lazy, brash, and above all else, he's a womanizer. What she doesn't know is that there's a reason behind his womanizing, one that she would never guess in a million years. For years he has harbored a fondness for her, her age and her attitude toward him holding him back from ever sharing how he feels. At first he only watched her, his feelings something akin to a guardian lurking in the shadows, keeping an eye on her, watching as she grew from a happy child to a normal, well adjusted teenager. It was when she first started dating that his feelings turned from brotherly to something more complex, but he knew deep down that she would never feel anything but resentment toward him.

    The accident gives him a chance to grow closer to her, taking up her older sibling's responsibilities to see that she is looked after. Naturally things are tense between the two. She resents his closeness to her brother, and believes that he's using her sibling's accident to use her the way he uses so many women. He takes her ridicule and abuse, never saying a word to her, only letting her speak her mind and say whatever she wants to hurt him. And it does hurt. He doesn't show it, but deep down inside every word that she spews against him is another blow to his heart. His feelings hold true though, believing that if she would take the time to get to know him she would see him differently.

    He gets his chance to show his true self to her when he catches her boyfriend abusing her, intervening before the damage can become too great. He saves her, and silently vows he will be there to protect her whether she wants it or not.

    For now, this is all I will put up, but that's the start of the roleplay.

    I am looking for something very specific for this plot, because honestly I'm absolutely smitten with it. Yes, my rules are strict, but it's only because I have so many ideas for the story and I want someone who is committed to it.

    • I'm on a 'limited smut' kick right now, but for this story it will be lifted as long as smut isn't the focus of the story. No dirty or explicit euphemisms though.
    • A decent post length, with excellent quality. No less than three paragraphs, but I would definitely like more!
    • The character that I have in mind for the best friend is literally the opposite of my character. Brooding is a choice word that I would use for him. Dark, but not in a psychological way.
    • No Anime pictures. No exceptions.

    Yes I know, I know. I'm demanding! I'm sorry!! But honestly, this plot is my baby and I only want people who are willing to stick through till the end responding. So if you are interested, feel free to leave a message on here or send me a PM.

    I should also add a warning! When a relationship develops between the two, it becomes sort of a...Fifty Shades of Grey-ish type of relationship. What I mean by this is not the BDSM, but the unhealthy type of jealous/possessive relationship portrayed in the books. Will go into details when discussing the plot, but I'll leave it at that for now.

    P.S I swear I'm not a bitch! I'm just really want someone who will put an effort into the story. :)
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  5. Is it really that bad? =/
  6. Apparently this is back open since the person I was doing it with quit the site without a word...../sigh
  7. Just my opinion, but I think the idea is good. Very good in fact. There are many interesting elements about it, such as suppressed feelings, emotional pain, and responsibility. I could go on, but let's keep moving.
    The problem (if it still exists) is that you expect too much of your future partners. Most people here are not used to live up to your expectations, and out of those who can keep up, few are interested. I'm not saying to completely abandon that, but maybe you could lower the requirements a little.

    And before you ask: I like the idea, but my opinion of character appearances is the opposite of yours. Don't like real, and love anime.
    But I still wish you luck. That idea deserves to be written and played out.
  8. There are people who can keep up. They usually aren't in the libertine section though. =/
  9. I like the basic story idea, but prefer to make my own characters rather than being told what to play.
  10. o.o I already found a partner.
  11. This is opened once again. :(
  12. Still opened, and looking for a partner.
  13. The link to your character leave to a non-existing page, my dear... :(
    That said, if you would care to tell me a bit of your character and give your input to the character concept I would like to make for her counterpart, I would truly give it my best shot.
  14. Thank you, I'll go read it right now!
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