sucks to be a PC

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  1. So this is more of a warning to all my RP buddies than a rant but it has rantish qualities so I shall put it here. Anyway, Monday night my personal computer had issues starting up, so doing as the computer said, I ran the fixer with would restore the computer back to it's last working state and then it restarted...and then the internet didn't work.

    And it wasn't my connection, it was my computer. My Skype worked fine and I could Ping IP addresses but it just wouldn't let me use the general internet. After much fiddling with myself and my father, we had not choice but to send my baby to the Geek Squad at best buy...she will be gone for about a week.

    What sucks more is that I now am computer less for school, though my father says I can use his personal computer for things, I have to use my mother's for typing assignments. Which stinks because I have one coming up. Though luckily that isn't for a couple weeks and my problem should be fixed by then. Anyway, I'm mostly irritated by it, since now I'm dependent upon my father's computer and it really limits what I want to do, mostly Rping in some of my more mature RP's. Don't want the parents to see that now! XD But alas, I'd rather have a working computer than a broken one, so I'm sucking it up and dealing. As for those who I RP with, I want to apologize in advance but I won't be posting to much this week, probably just one or twice that night or if I'm lucky I'll be on the computer all night long. I might have ton be selective on my posts as well, depending on if the RP's are mature and if the parents are around.

    Talk about bad timing for the computer to go down! least I have Skyrim! XD