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  1. Okay so this is sort of a free for all. I have a basic idea of a society that I want to try out. But I have several different plots that I'm interested in pursuing in this realm. :3 Feel free to ask questions if you have them.
    Background info:

    Witches and Wizards.
    Sorceresses and Sorcerers.
    Warlock and Hedgewitches.
    Inretha, land of the Technology, has few of these creatures, which give them protection from Alternith, land of Magic. Those Users that are born in Inretha are both treasured and feared for the power they possess, depending on whom the person goes to.
    There is no way to tell who will give birth to a User. Many have tried to breed User’s together to make more, but their children just as often come out barren of magic like normal people’s children do, though the children bred out of these matches do have higher abilities should they be born a User.
    A user can control one of the five elements. From most frequent to least (and most desired) these elements are water, earth, fire, wind and the Ethril-Spirit compound (that which gives those living their lives).

    a) She/He has lived in the apartment farthest from the main complex for two reasons. 1) they were a user and there were too many unpredictable people in the world these days. Some loved Users and praised them for their powers. Some hated them and called them unnatural. Some simply didn’t care one way or the other as long as they were left out of the User battles with Alternith. The second reason? They were both male and female at the same time—a double hit for those that thought they were unnatural and something most people didn’t accept. When another person moves in next door, will they be caught and hated? Or maybe there was a chance they would be revealed and loved?
    b) Enter gender here work for the Inretha government as a warrior User gather the land of Magic. Recently having lost their partner of 10 years in a magic fight against their rival nation, they are after Revenge. When they get caught by Alternith and put under the observant eyes of another User, will they be able to escape and kill the one that had killed their partner before they get to know their guard detail and never want to leave a place that fully accepts those that can control the elements?
    c) Enter gender here have lived peaceful for all their life, never being found out for the User they were. Now they are found out by a curious neighbor that has had bad experiences with users in the past. The Hidden one will stop at nothing, even offering their body, to get their neighbor to be silent. After all, unregistered users can be taken into the government for an award that would make the rich gasp in envy. But will the neighbor do it? Or will the desperate attempts of the Hidden keep them at bay for a time?
  2. I'm interested in the first plot, but would it be alright to leave sexual things out of it?
  3. Most certainly. When I wrote most of these I was focusing it more on the romance or the relationship and how it developed rather than anything sexual o^o I mean sure the second one says 'even offer their body' but I was thinking more along the lines of they offer but the other disagrees or something. :) More interested in seeing how they react and the like.
  4. No one? DDD: