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  1. I've been trying to lose weight....took me a month to lose 10 lbs and in FIVE FUCKING DAYS I gained half of it back? The worst thing is....I'm not doing it for me. I'm trying to lose weight to please my mother who loves to comment on my weight. I just feel like giving up. There's just no time between TRYING to have a social life, work, and just wanting to have fun. There's no way I'll ever have a love life so I've given up on those dreams but why do I have to choose between being fit/healthy weight and having a fucking social life?
  2. Hello there! I just happened to take a peak onto the forum and stumbled on your predicament.

    After reading it it seems to be that you've gotten caught into a spiral of life obligations mixed with oppressive comments made by your mother, which have then lead you to a downward slope of negativity. The fact you've lost that weight in the first place is admirable, regardless of whether you've put it back on or not because the fact you were able to even motivate yourself in the first place shows a greater strength of will than what many people have, since most people will often struggle to become motivated when it comes to bettering oneself physically.

    While that is an achievement, It's a shame it's come from a feeling of inadequacy due to the comments made from your mother, rather than actually making the choice for yourself. You should never change yourself in body or mind for the sake of someone else, even if that person is family. You're your own person and ultimately the only person who has the right to question what you do and don't do in 'your' life. Also who is to say you wont find love? there are so many people in the world, all from different backgrounds and histories with preferences of their own. There's no governing body or force that dictates a prerequisite for finding someone in your life, be it a friend or a romantic partner. So don't ever give up on that, especially when it is such a rich part of the human experience as a whole.

    You don't have to chose between a social life and being fit, in fact, you don't need to make any choices at all if you don't want too. Ultimately you are the architect of your world, and whatever happens within it is fully down to you. If you want to work out, do it. If you don't, who cares? what does it matter what anyone else thinks. Same with your social life, it's the exact same thing. If you want to go out, do it, if you don't... don't. It seems like you've put allot of pressure on yourself, where there doesn't have to be any. I'll cut this short here or else I'll end up ranting myself. But in any case I really hope this works out for you.

    Just try to remember that you are you, no one else. And very importantly, never give up on love.
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  3. So......Basically there's no point in running 8+ miles nearly every day. so I've been trying to work my ass off for NO FUCKING REASON. Thanks for the push towards giving up because "I'm a woman and the work I've put in doesn't mean jack shit". Instead of saying ANYTHING useful you're saying It doesn't matter that I gained FIVE POUNDS versus 2 (which I can stand because that happens, I drink shit tons of water) because what I have managed to lose means FUCK ALL. THANKS (heavy sarcasam)
  4. And yet that's not what I'm getting. I see a lot of. "Anything 10 lbs or less isn't a real loss of weight" just tell me, HOW DOES THAT MEAN "KEEP IT UP"?! I've already expressed that I'm on the verge of giving up. pointing out that the hard work I've put in doesn't mean anything just makes me feel MORE hopeless. I just don't see a point if what I've worked so hard for doesn't mean anything. What should I be doing? Barely eating anything and SOMEHOW manage to run 12+ miles? Clearly 8 isn't enough (which is more than MY OWN BROTHER runs daily and he runs marathons for fun and is in great fucking shape) so what more do I need? If my best isn't enough I should just give up. Because that's how your post makes me feel, that my best isn't enough. And considering I have a long way yet to go.....It just makes me feel there's no light at the end of this fucking tunnel and that I should just give up now.
  5. Apparently people don't read.THIS is why I don't ask for advice from anyone (and by the way, i wasnt looking for ways to lose weight fast. This is a fucling rant post). Fuck it I'm done. I'm never telling anyone how I feel not ranting to anyone or anything ever again because it only makes me feel worse.
  6. @Everyone

    I'd like for you all to respect the fact that this is a rant and not to post any more advice, alright? Post your agreement and sentiment towards @LunaValentine but no more advice.


    I'm sorry you're going what you're going through. Please don't bite off heads though, yeah? @Kaga-kun is trying the only way they can to be helpful. You're right though, this is your safe place to rant about the situation. So rant away, okay?

    That said, when or if you ever want to talk about this, let us know! Or drop me a line in my PM's. I've got a fair bit of knowledge about physical training and nutrition you might find useful. If not, that's okay too. Alright?

    I hope things get better for you or you find a happy medium for what you're dealing with. Be safe!
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    @LunaValentine I empathize with your situation, and wish you the best throughout your journey. <3
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